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@ziggymackjohnson   you have now been influenced 👨🏽‍💻 quay management / @strongworldwide lead stylist us / creator @buffalolondon @alex_preu

1 day ago

did a shoot on “brotherly love” and how you can still be heterosexual while still brewing gender norms and being comfortable within yourself with my two fave male models 🥰 - swipe.... & no, these aren’t trades so eat up tradets! 😅

2 days ago

with being a bad bitch trade, you have to take care of your skin in every way possible. so, ofc i come by @beauty_strike for my monthly 24k gold face mask. keeps me tight and glowing 💪🏽🥰🤪

3 days ago

have you ever thought, “damn, i chose the wrong friend.” ?

4 days ago

hey trades and tradets, spring time is here so I have two excited offers. i will be taking on clients to help get prom ready, I have a very special deal for you goals and guys :), dm if interested and also, I am open to spring time collaborations, esp if we didn’t get to work together during the winter! the time has come create great magic. lmk if you are down 🥰💪🏽

4 days ago

can only get ready to binz now, so here’s a vid I put together with my different moods of fits for my different night hosting gigs with some of my fav brands. which one is your mood? - thanks @saintrecords for this tune, it makes me feel cunt, trade, gay, straight and healthy all at once 🤪

5 days ago

working on a lot of exciting things coming out this year. just want to remind those that the best way to work is in silence, don’t worry about showing people every update. perfect your craft, happy Sunday ❤️

1 week ago

step your bussy up. -thanks, management

1 week ago

instagram is back and running so imma need all my influencers and bad bitches to come have a drink with me and celebrate bc we almost lost our jobs bitch 🤪😅🥰

1 week ago

bags r so important to being a complete bad bitch trade. click the link in my bio to check out some of my favs :)

1 week ago

everyone got a lil gay in them, except for my dad, he not with that gay shit.

1 week ago

hey trades and tradets, did a quick #3waystowear to show you that you can fit the new @suprafootwear into any type of mood/aesthetic. which mood r u?

2 weeks ago

have u ever fell in luv with someone based off their outfit? me, everyday.

3 weeks ago

are you into grunge trade?

3 weeks ago

got some snippets of how my dates go with the trades of nyc. to better explain, here’s a 3 ways to wear vid wearing my fav new jacket during my trade hunt. 🎶 “Confident” by @iamcarlosvara #howyousoconfident #ad by @wbr