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@zachnwhitbates  Whitney Bates • Jesus 🙏🏼 • Wife to Zach 💍 • Mommy to Bradley & Kaci Lynn 👦🏼👧🏼 • REALTOR® with @baileycorealestate 🏠 • Tennessee 🍊 • PSALM 18:2 ❤️

9 hours ago

Happy 5th Anniversary, babe! 🥰 I • LOVE • YOU 💋 A little over 5 years ago, I was just a college girl working her way through school. I was working at the local Sonic and became friends with your sister Alyssa, and through her, I met the best thing that ever happened to me.❤️ (thanks, alyssa😜) I’ll never forget seeing your smile for the very first time and having that first conversation with you. I was speechless and felt so silly because I was so taken back by you that I felt like I couldn’t even breathe! When you left, I literally couldn’t quit smiling the rest of the day. 🙈 From then on you started showing up at my work all the time 🤣 I began looking for your car every day and would literally jump up and down like a little girl when I saw you pull up!! All my coworkers probably thought I was crazy but I didn’t care!😆 I’ll never forget all the phone calls we had and the many days we spent sitting at the picnic table at Sonic on my breaks talking about our future and dreams. To say that you came and swept me off my feet is totally an understatement!!!!❤️ Marrying you on this day 5 years ago was a complete fairytale and even when I’ve been in bad moods or had a bad day, you still spend all your time making me feel like I’m a princess. Every single day with you has been been a blessing to me and I’m still taken back by you like that very first day! You’re my dream come true, answer to my prayers, and my very best friend. I plan to spend every single moment and breath I have loving YOU! 😘 Oh, and you’re just as handsome as the day I first met you and saw those dimples and big blue eyes!🔥👌🏽😍 Here’s to many more anniversaries together, babe!!!!!🎉🎉🎉 #happyanniversary #iloveyou #5years

2 days ago

It’s literally the most wonderful time of the year, especially in NYC! 😍 🎄 🌃 This was a trip that will always hold a special place in my heart! ❤️ My sweet mama has always dreamed of seeing the city around the holidays, so getting to surprise her and walk the city streets to see all the sights was something we both will never forget! If ya ever get a chance to go to the big apple this time of year, it is 1000% worth it! Just dress warm! ☃️ ❄️ 🤪 #nyc #ilovechristmas #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear • Also, shoutout to my awesome mother-in-law for helping me get it all planned out! I couldn’t have pulled it off without you!😚🙌🏼 @thebatesfam

1 week ago

Baking cookies, being silly, listening to Christmas music, and eating too much icing! 😁❄️⛄️🎄 This time of year is my favorite!❤️ #winternights #jesusisthereason

1 week ago

When you try to tell a girl with a bad hair day that she still looks pretty... Kaci: “No way you love my hair!” 🙅🏼‍♀️🤣 . . . Posting for er’body who needs a good laugh this lovely Monday... 🤣🤣🤣

1 month ago

A beautiful wedding with the most handsome date!! 😘❤️ Congrats, John and Abbie! We couldn’t be happier for the two of you!🎊

1 month ago

These kids have been down the past couple days with bad allergies.. So getting to go to the home opener for Tennessee basketball to watch uncle Lawson sing the National Anthem with front row seats and hugs from Smokey, was definitely the highlight of their week!😎🐶🏀 We are so proud of you @lawbates !! You will always have these little guys (and the rest of the fam) as your biggest fans cheering you on!🤗🎤 #GBO 🍊 #tennesseebasketball #funnight

1 month ago

#fabfitfunpartner ❄️Spoiler Alert ❄️ We are already feeling all the winter vibes with our new @markandgraham throw blanket out of the @fabfitfun winter box! 😍 The kids love sitting and looking through books together, and with our new fireplace and cozy blankets, we are ready for the holidays and days full of story books!! 🎊 Use the my code “COZY” to get $10 off your first box of you don’t already subscribe! It is selling out fast, and just this blanket alone is worth more than what you pay for the box full of goodies it comes with! 🎁Treat yourself this winter! It’ll be worth it 😉👌🏼 #fabfitfun

1 month ago

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet boy!🎂🎉🎈🤗It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since the day you were born! That day was the beginning of the most beautiful, fulfilling, exciting journey your daddy and I would ever take! ✨ Your smile is literally contagious, you’re a huge ball of energy, and you have the absolute biggest, most tender heart. ❤️ I can’t count how many times I’ve heard you pray for the lord to keep your daddy and family and friends safe.🙏🏼You love with a kind of love that is so pure and sweet and rubs off on everyone around you! 😊 We love you Bradley, and couldn’t be more humbled and thankful that God chose us to be parents to such a special little boy! 😘 #happybirthday #ourlittleboy #turning4

1 month ago

THIS. MAN. 😍🤩👌🏼I promise I fall more in love with him and my heart still skips a beat when I see the way he loves our children. 😭 I love watching him be a daddy.... ❤️ I watch the calmness and self control in his responses if the kids act up or argue. I listen to them laugh as he throws them in the air or scream with excitement when he is playing hide and seek with all the best hiding spots.😁 They soak up EVERY ounce of attention he gives them as if he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them on this planet.🌎 They think it’s “cool” to help him fold laundry or sweep when he comes home from a long day of work and still tries to go out of his way to find a way to help mommy in the house. 😊 He teaches them that life is more than just toys and tv, but it’s about being thoughtful of others, spending quality time together, and learning how real God’s love is. ✨They follow him to the piano when he plays at church cause they want to do everything he does, just like he does.🎶 He puts 110% of his heart in his job when he is on duty and puts his life on the line for his people, but pours that love out even more to us when he gets home no matter how tired he is.💙 Being a dad can be a hard job, but his gentleness, patience, and strength never cease to amaze me.😭 He puts his family’s needs and wants above his own without even feeling obligated. Because that’s the kind of man he is. 😍You’re killing this daddy thing, Zach! 🙌🏼And watching Bradley grow up wanting to be just like his daddy makes me the proudest mommy in the world!❤️❤️❤️ #bestdaddy #love #myman

1 month ago

A cousin is a ready made friend for life.❤️ These sweet kids are growing way too fast but it’s a joy to watch them grow together. ☺️ #kaci #carson #bradley #brooklyn