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@zachnwhitbates See full size profile   Whitney Bates • Jesus 🙏🏼 • Wife to Zach 💍 • Mommy to Bradley & Kaci Lynn 👦🏼👧🏼 • REALTOR® with @baileycorealestate 🏠 • Tennessee 🍊 • PSALM 18:2 ❤️

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As a mama, I’m proud to be a partner with @kiwico_inc ! 🥰 For about a year now, my kiddos have always looked forward to “Kiwi Crate Day” at our house. 😁 Once a month, they each get their own crate in the mail that is packed with projects that are specific to their age with all the supplies they need. This month, Bradley learned about camping and made his own bear backpack and had a pretend campfire and did it all on his own with little help from me! Kaci Lynn learned about the ocean and went fishing for all different colors of fish and by the end of the day, she knew every color and had counted every fish 100 times 😁😁 For me, I love using things and sharing them with you that me and my family truly enjoy. And this is something that has helped my kids and sparked their creativity and allowed them to be super hands on! It’s always a fun day for us when we get our kiwi crates! The kids actually still have most of their projects that they’ve made over the past months and still continue to use and play with them. Today, if you use my code BATES, you’ll get your first month free (only pay $4.95 for shipping) and let your kids try them out! That’s exactly what I did. I tried out their first month free and we were hooked and enjoyed getting them every month since! #yeskiwi #kiwico

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Growing up, my cousins were my best friends. Seeing my babies feel the same way about their cousins make my heart smile.😌💞 #friends #cousins

2 days ago

Happy Fathers Day to the man that makes our world turn. 🌎 You’re Bradley’s hero and Kaci Lynn’s everything. On long work days like today, you still press on with no complaints and come home ready to play. You’re the fun parent that is never too tired for whatever the kids want to do. 😁 You choose spending time with family over anything. If you’re off work and it’s a church day, you’re there with us, sometimes holding the kids while you play the piano. 🥰 The life you live for the Lord and the love you have for these kids makes an impact in their little lives even if when you don’t see it. I could honestly spend all day writing a book, but I’ll just leave at you’re the BEST and I’m so thankful the kids have a man like you.❤️ . And to my sweet Daddy..😊 I’ve never met a more humble, loving, consistent, strong, God fearing man than you! You’re a one in a million dad and I was lucky enough to have you as mine!!!🥰 #fathersday

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Always love being a #fabfitfunpartner and sharing with you guys these awesome deals!🤩 The @fabfitfun Summer Box is nothing short of A W E S O M E!!! And now.... I’m excited to share they’re available in the U.K. 🥳 If you’ll use my code “WHITB10” you can get $10 off your first box and see why I’m obsessed!😍 Also, head over to my stories to see some of my favorite goodies! You’ll die over the 24k gold infused face mask just like it did 🤩🙌🏼 #fabfitfunpartner @fabfitfun

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Bradley’s big boy theme park dreams came true this week and he was finally tall enough to ride his first big roller coaster with Daddy!🎢😁💪🏼 Deep down I was secretly praying he would still be too little just so I could have one more year of him on the kiddie rides..😭 My baby boy is growing fast and my heart can barely take it.... but I’m soaking in every single second with every ounce of my soul as I get to watch this baby of mine grow in to a sweet, tender hearted, energetic little boy!❤️❤️❤️ #hewillalwaysbemybaby #iloveyou

3 weeks ago

I’m a couple days late posting, but still want to give the biggest congratulations possible to one of my dearest friends!💕🎉👰🏼💍 @carlinbates98 When you asked Erin & I to be there for you as Matrons of Honors for one of the biggest moments of your life, I was literally speechless and so honored! 😭 Getting to watch all your prayers answered and dreams come true on such a magical day was incredible!✨ We love you and Evan tons and can’t wait to watch this love grow and see what all the Lord has in store for you both! Cheers to this new chapter and to many more awesome years to come!!!!🎊

1 month ago

Graduation celebration!🥳💕 Congrats, @carlinbates98 We are so proud of you! 🌟From meeting you that first time years ago in your little homemade dress, to watching you graduate high school, now college, and then off to marriage! What a beautiful young woman you’ve become!😭😍 May you continue to always be the one who brightens the room with your contagious energy and encouraging personality!✨ #yourethebest #classof2019 📸 @lawbates

1 month ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing (and gorgeous) mama!😍💕 You’re strength and passion blows me away, your thoughtfulness for others is unbelievable and the relentless love you have for me and everyone around you is incredible! I literally love you so much!!🥰 You’re truly the BEST.. today and every day of the year! 🎉

1 month ago

Going in to this Mother’s Day weekend with a full heart and overwhelming gratefulness to the Lord for all the prayers answered and the sweet babies he has given me and allowed me to be their mama.❤️ Also, we thank each and every single one of you for your prayers, comments, calls, messages, and love over the past year!🥰 Y’all are truly amazing! 💕 #blessedmama #godisgood

1 month ago

Party of 5 coming this November!!🎉🎉👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♀️👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼🎉 🎉There’s no way to describe the excitement under our little roof as we are anxious to welcome our 3rd little baby!🤩 Last summer Zach and I experienced a miscarriage and our hearts were broken, although we knew we could trust God. It was a valley that has drawn us closer & it has melted our hearts to watch our children pray for another sibling! God has answered their tender prayers and we are all flooded with joy and gratefulness! The main topic around the house has been about the new baby coming and whose gets to hold it first! Oh and the tiebreaker.. whether it’s a boy💙 or girl 💕 ! Lol! Our hearts are SO full and we can’t thank all of our family, friends and followers for all of your love! ❤️. . . Click the link in bio for the full store @people 🥰. . 📸: @chad_erinpaine

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It’s a blast being a #fabfitfunpartner and having the chance to show y’all a spoiler item that YOU too can choose for your customized box!!! 🤩🎉This letter board by newly launched brand, @xosiennala is a sneak peek of one of the items you’ll be able to choose from in your FabFitFun Summer Box. ☀️☀️☀️ These letter boards are super cute and a sweet way to encourage yourself and others.❤️ I tag @lovedbyhannahandeli to share her best advice for her children. Use my code "XOSIENNA" to get $10 off your first box if you don’t already subscribe. 🙌🏼 This box is selling out fast. 🔥 @fabfitfun #summerbox

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Every single morning since we moved in to our house a little over a year ago, Bradley comes to my room, taps on my arm around 5/5:30 AM and says, “Mom, I want to sleep by you, can you scoot over?” And every time, I move over and get to cuddle with that sweet little face the rest of the morning.❤️ One day there will be a last time when I feel that little tap on my arm because he will be too big to want to come climb in mommy’s bed. Hopefully that won’t be for a looonnggg time. 😭 Until then I will keep moving over and looking forward to that tap on the arm.🥰 #mamasboy #lovethatface