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16 hours ago

Are the kids getting excited for Winter Break?  So are we! We have a full line-up of fun planned from January 17 – 28! Book your stay today at the Arlington hotel and start counting down the days with us! Book now: arlingtonnh.com 603-869-7777

1 day ago

We Extended the Dream Raffle! Here’s why: You’ve probably been hearing about #TheDreamRaffle for some time now – the record-breaking, first-time-ever, million-dollar-Jerusalem-apartment that can be yours for just one raffle ticket! Well, we’ve extended the Dream Raffle, and here’s why: For months, we’ve been talking about this unbelievable apartment and given you an incredible deal too – a luxury Jerusalem apartment for a simple $180 raffle ticket. Here’s what we haven’t talked much about Am Yisroel Chai. It’s the organization behind The Dream Raffle, and it supports infrastructure all throughout Israel. The cause is more urgent than ever, and we need your support more than ever before. THAT’S WHY we’ve extended The Dream Raffle. Your last day to join will be Sunday, December 30th at 11:59pm, and the live raffle drawing will be held on Monday, December 31st at 6pm, Israel time. Your apartment’s waiting… Enter to WIN at TheDreamRaffle.com

2 days ago

From jails to hospitals around the country, Lecheires is the Jewish family for those without family of their own, 36 hour campaign has started! Do your part, @lecheiris https://www.duvys.com/match/lecheiris

4 days ago

Please Help! Shabbos night, Dec 8 18', 9 PM a fire broke out in the home of this family in Tosh, Canada. This family lost everything they owned clothing, money, silver, everything that was in that house got burned, nothing is left. Please help with whatever donation you can, and Hashem will surely repay you for helping his kids. bit.ly/HelpFamilyLostEverything - Link In Bio!

1 week ago

It’s your LAST DAY to enter! Win a $1,000,000 luxury Jerusalem apartment – what are you waiting for? Imagine seeing Har Habayis from your own porch. But the time is NOW and ONLY NOW! Enter to win at TheDreamRaffle.com PS – buy one ticket, get one ticket FREE! That’s double your order. Act fast!