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1 week ago

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What’d you do? I went to the Olympia convention on Saturday. It was fun walking around and enjoying a convention for once instead of working it 🤗 Plus I got to see pros and fitness influencers that I admire. No, I didn’t meet them nor did I say hello. When I say “see”, I literally mean just looked at them 😂 HEY, I can be a fangirl too, okay! Plus I’m way too shy to go up to someone and say hello. . My new YouTube video is up! In this video, I try drugstore products that were @allure Best of Beauty 2018 winners. Some of the products I ended up liking better than the mid/high end products that I wear on a daily basis. Please check it out, like, and comment on it. I’d really appreciate it! .
Photographer: @andrewthephotographer 📸 
Model: @xenakai 💃🏻 . #allure #allurebestofbeauty #bestofbeauty #beachphotoshoot #lasvegaslocal #lasvegasvlogger #makeupreview #drugstoremakeup #bestdrugstoremakeup

2 weeks ago

Hello, y’all! I just uploaded a new YouTube video so be sure to check it out. Link is in story highlights. Did a fashion clothing video where I buy affordable #KimKardashian ’s clothing for less. All bought on Amazon! This was surprisingly a LOT of fun to make. If you guys like it, I’ll make more fashion videos in the future 🤗 . Now, who is excited for the weekend?! This weekend, I’ll be taking care of Corey. He’s getting LASIK and I’ll be his eyes for the next couple of days. I plan on trolling him so hard 😂 Guiding him into walls, making him step on Legos, telling him I’m feeding him pizza but putting durian in his mouth instead 😂😂😂 See this is why I can’t be a nurse. . What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun plans? . #kimkardashianfashion #trolling #makeuplover 💄 #lasvegasvlogger #fashionismydrug #thesehashtagstho

2 weeks ago

Good morning, peeps! I know the week is just beginning but for me, it’s barely ending! Today is my Saturday. Actually, I guess everyday is Saturday for me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Is you haven’t checked out my Patreon yet, check it out now! Patreon is the ONLY way you could get signed prints from me. Plus for whatever reason, I love sending packages through the mail. . Photographer: @mqmlife 📸 . #victoriassecretpink #onlinecoach #fitnesslovers #lasvegasvlogger #mqm

3 weeks ago

Traveling with Bandai Namco and cosplaying Taki has been so fun! I love seeing peoples facial expressions when they see me. It’s like they’re so happy to see one of their favorite video game characters come into real life 🤗 . Today is the last day of Pax West 2018. If you’re here, be sure to stop by and take a picture with me. Tag me and I’ll share it on my story 😘 . #paxwest2018 #soulcalibur #soulcalibur6 #soulcaliburvi #cosplayfun

1 month ago

Went to see @crazyrichasiansasy night and LOVED it!!! I originally wanted to see it opening night but tickets were all sold out 😭 Have you seen it? What’s your favorite scene? And let’s all talk about the eye candy 🤤 . I am doing a Kim Kardashian inspired look YouTube video and this outfit is one of them 💃🏻💄💋👄