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1 week ago

I've learnt more from makeup tutorials on youtube than any photoshop course. The highlighting and contouring of the skin is an art that makeup artists use daily. Take a look at the diagram I've overlayed for the most pleasing, IMO, lighting scenario on a the human skin. I use a layer set to 50% grey and a soft light blend mode in Photoshop. I dodge with white and burn a black brush set to 5% opacity. Hit the save button on the post so you can come back to this post for future references! #igtakeover @danidiamondphotography

1 week ago

What's the best time to do a live edit here on the @wacom instagram tomorrow? Options are 10am, 1pm and 8pm all EST/NYC. Leave your preference in the comments and we will go with most popular option. #igtakeover @danidiamondphotography

1 week ago

"Why don't you just shoot with the correct exposure and better lighting?" This is a question I get asked daily and here's my reasoning. I shoot to edit so when I light my subjects and choose camera settings my intentions are to walk away with files I know I can get the best results from. The direction and quality of light always needs to be on point because that's not something I can fix later on. However I do underexposed by 1/3 to 1 1/3 stops. To understand why I do this we must first analyze the light on my subjects skin. Take note that even in my end results the skin is overall on the dark side. At the center of the forehead, arms, cheeks, chin and nose you see a highlight and that's what's giving my photo the illusion of the "right" exposure. This gives the skin great dimension and that 3d effect. Additionally when you have a nice gradual but deep contrast in the skin it helps you give the image better toning. You can apply one color to the shadows and the complimentary opposite color to the highlights. Hope you found that helpful. There's no right or wrong way, this is just my way and the end results is what's important.

1 week ago

***RAW DOWNLOAD*** Hey guys @danidiamondphotography here with an early IG takeover for the next 2 days! Here's a set I shot in Arizona a few weeks ago using natural light & reflector. Head over to our stories to download the raw files for these images. Feel free to edit, post and tag. I will share my top 10 edits on the @wacom page! Shot with a D850 85mm 1.4 & 35mm 1.4 Edited on the #MobileStudioPro #mps