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17 hours ago

Don’t miss out on this photoset going to my Patreon this month! It’s gunna be an amazing holiday for my Patrons! Photo by @Gaunted - LINK IN BIO #ahegao

3 days ago

Delete me again and I will delete YOU! 😈 I’m gunna be in a @batinthesun video on the 10th, check them out and make sure you’re subscribed!

4 days ago

Leeds and an update, HI! It’s a gloomy day in Los Angeles. I think this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed rain here. What is going on? All good though, I’ll be in a studio all evening with @saffelsphotography and @eccentricerick ♥️♥️ We all know I adore Erick, but this will be the first time I get to work with Saffels, so I’M CRAZY EXCITED!! I’ve respected his work for a long time, so please wish me luck. I just hope I can do a good job and everyone is happy with me today.

6 days ago

Posted these pics wearing my @fashionnova to my backup page, but I’m back, so I want them to live here. Praise da booty 🙏🏻 thank you. Check @verabambibeauty to see what you missed over here

6 days ago

I’m Back Baby! Oh, and this is a shot from my day at the beach with @batinthesun , so there’s also that 😉 ◾️photo by @rosemoontv

3 weeks ago

THIS MONTHS PATREON VIDEO IS READY!! Make sure you’re a November patron so you don’t miss out on the full length video! I’m sending this bad boy to my peeps TODAY! so... LINK IN BIO, go go go! - filmed and edited by @eccentricerick with special cameo from Lucifer 😻 and the most glorious @honeybirdette lingerie

3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for being such a meaningful cameo in my life and the lives of so many who I love. For providing me with a universe to escape to when my own feels so difficult. Thank you for showing me how far imagination and creativity can take you and that age is only a number that doesn’t effect that. You are forever a legend, an inspiration and an idol to me. Rest in Power Stan The Man Lee ♥️

4 weeks ago

Forever a camgirl at heart. This was an important chapter of my life. - photos by @gaunted

4 weeks ago

In such a pure happy place when he’s purring

4 weeks ago

Just a girl with an iPhone, a button and a ring light, searching for inspiration and making a living.

4 weeks ago

This image was up without censors for 3 minutes before it got reported. Whoever you are , LOL! Did my nipples hurt your feewings? Hate me but you watch my content that closely, BITCH YOU A FAN 😂 - uncensored on patreon. Link in bio