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2 days ago

Feelin’ Myself - make sure you’re following my twitter guys. Same username as here. Also in highlighted story

5 days ago

It’s all about angles. Extreme talent photography by @rosemoontv

5 days ago

Ok but can she cook though? ... umm... no, no I can’t I’m sorry. But my much cuter sister can and she’s my roommate. Is that ok? ... I can dance for you! That’s gotta count for sumthin yea? 😂 In my chatroom now, but the link is on twitter because IG no likey da NSFW things

2 weeks ago

She makes everything better, gotta give it to her.

2 weeks ago

I’m cold, can I borrow your sweater?

2 weeks ago

All in my blazer feelin myself and shit. I AM READY GUYS! Let the contest begin!!! Link on the tweetorrrr

2 weeks ago

This @technisport chair has been a lifesaver. I spend so much time in front of my computer working on content, a comfortable chair is a necessity.

2 weeks ago

Can’t sleep, let’s chat. Leave an unpopular opinion of yours below. I’ll respond with my thoughts

2 weeks ago

Last chance to get all the photos from this set over on my P4tr30.n-link in bio

2 weeks ago

Month is nearing an end. Come June 1st May’s big patreon content drop will no longer be available, the Dream Girl Sweater will leave my shop, and I’ll be signing onto MFC for every day of June. I’m going to be putting all of my time, energy and love into climbing to the top of Miss MFC. I’m nervous but also really excited. I would be afraid to put so much of myself in and fail, but you guys have given me so much support that I have no doubt our team will come out on top. Comment “🍆” down below if you plan to be in my chatroom as much as possible in June. Leave “🍆 💰” down below if you plan to tip on June 1st and help me grab that #1 spot

2 weeks ago

Enjoying the fresh air before I chain myself to my laptop and webcam for an entire month. I want top 5 Miss MFC for June! Going to do everything in my power to get it, I hope I have your support! I’m about to drive myself into insanity for the goal gahd dangzit. OH HEY, last chance to get all that Patreon content guys! Month is almost out, link in bio