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7 hours ago

The truth is I’m not doing great. My daddy is in the hospital getting chemo & a stem cell transplant and I feel incredibly guilty for not being there for him. I know he’s incredibly strong and will get through this but it sucks being geographically so far away from him during this, last time he went through this I could just drive to him and bring him whatever he needed and just be there. Half of me can’t wait to move to Denver to take care of him once he’s out of the hospital and the other half is dreading moving away from my life in Chicago. I know it’s only for a few months but I just love my friends and apartment and everything here so much - which again makes me feel guilty because I know it’s selfish to even think about what I’m missing here while I have the opportunity to take care of my Daddy. I know many people wouldn’t be able to just up and move and so I’m eternally grateful for my job being online so I can do it from anywhere in the world as long as I have WiFi. Thank you for everyone that’s a Patreon of mine and supports my art. If I haven’t gotten back to emails about shoots or videos etc. I’ll get back to them in the next few days, I just need a breather. Also if you aren’t already, sign up to @bethematch and literally save someone’s life by donating your stem cells. I donated mine to my daddy last year (I wasn’t a true match but it kept him alive long enough to find a real match) & now I’m still on the registry and will hopefully one day donate to save another life. How many people can say they’ve literally saved a life? Also they’ll have your exact DNA so that’s creepy and cool as hell so sign up - especially if you’re a minority because there is a huge need for minority donors!

3 days ago

How absolutely divine is @ilovesofiarose 🙌🏻 It was such a pleasure shooting her. Feel free to check out more of my fat positive photography work on my @goldframephoto profile. If you’re in Chicago you have the opportunity to book me as a photographer until mid October - then I’m moving to Denver to take care of my Daddy(recovering from a transplant & chemo round 2) until the end of the year. Of course you can book me in Denver once I’m there I’ll set up a studio. Email me at gframephoto @gmail.com to book a shoot (ps it’s suuuuper affordable) The robe is by @catherinedlish

4 days ago

Just out here casually normalizing sensual fat babes. Instagram is yet again tightening its guidelines on what they deem acceptable and of course visibly fat people are getting their accounts deactivated first, so if I’m next, I’m going out with this sultry set with @ilovesofiarose If you’d like to see the whole set once it’s on my Patreon go hit the link in my bio and sign up on the photo tier. Shot by @thedimpleduchess

5 days ago

You don’t see fat sensual bodies positively represented in the media so here is my fat positive playground where I get to put out sensual representation in the form of fake commercials like this one! Until one day we’ll actually get hired to be the star in a fancy perfume ad (low key one of my life goals) or the badass sexy super villain in a movie and so on. Until then enjoy this teaser with the magnificent @ilovesofiarose with gorgeous cuffs by @unboundbabes (The 4 1/2 min full video is on my video tier on Patreon- link in bio or you can msg me to purchase it via email) Shot by @thedimpleduchess & edited by me 💕

6 days ago

It warms my soul when I get to collaborate with amazing badass ladies and @ilovesofiarose is truly incredible. How lucky I am to live in my body positive and fat positive bubble where I get to create representation for fat folkx WITH a bunch of other fat folkx and don’t ever need to take anything away from my creative visions. We were shot by another powerhouse woman that I’m endlessly grateful for being able to create unapologetically fat and vainglorious art with @thedimpleduchess And last but certainly not least, our gold @unboundbabes cuffs were a gift from the phenomenal @babyfat.jpeg Of course this photo set will be on my Patreon on the photo tier! Click the link in my bio to pledge and get first access! 💎

1 week ago

FAT & FURIOUS pt. 3 Ok last pic from my little West Virginia trip! Friendly reminder that the rest of this photo set is available on my Patreon *link in bio* Also not so friendly reminder that I’m trigger happy to block people because I get to set the rules of engagement on my profile for my own mental health and that of others that read my comments. I’m not going to entertain any kind of body shaming - this is not a place for fatphobia but I’m also not going to allow negative comments about skinny people. All bodies are good bodies and comparing bodies or putting one type down to compliment another are NOT a compliment and won’t be tolerated here. I won’t allow fetishizing comments and if your comment is in a language I don’t speak it’s getting deleted as well since I don’t know if it’s something that will trigger someone that does speak that language & if you repeatedly comment I’ll block you too. Also, people, please use common sense - I’m on a motorcycle that’s parked, please stop commenting about me not wearing a helmet - it’s a fucking impromptu photo shoot the bike is PARKED. Whooosaaaaa it’s Monday and I’m sick as hell but I’m focusing on turning this shit show ship around today - let’s have an incredible week!

1 week ago

Fat & Furious pt. 2 Bikini @forever21plus The rest of this photo set is on my Patreon (link in bio).

1 week ago

Fat & Furious Monday evening I went to go help a friend pack for a road trip & spontaneously decided to come with her to West Virginia so here we are! Enjoy this very WV capture by @annedroidempress The rest of this photo set goes up on Patreon tonight! If you’d like to see it click the link in my bio and sign up on the photo set tier 🤗 Bikini from @forever21plus

2 weeks ago

This morning I was dreaming about riding a giraffe on the South Pole and I was woken up by the doorbell buzzing - in a sleep drunken stupor I tumbled over to open the door to a friend smiling at me informing me that she’d lost her keys and needed to use my phone, so naturally we climbed in my bed and pet my dog, ate snacks left over from a party I had at my house on the weekend while she figured out how to get back into her house. Then I got to hang with the one and only @ilovesofiarose & now I’m on my way to get some German food - So it’s safe to say I’m having THE best start to my week and I hope you are too! I wish I could sprinkle how happy I am on your timeline so we can all share this little moment of bliss. I hope these photos from the shoot for @apropertattoo tattoo references will brighten your day a little or a lottle 😉 Shot by the dreamy @_miss_meadows_ Rope work by the lovely @thetuttingtutor Harness by @gnat_glitter_kink 🌹

2 weeks ago

“Wanna do an artistic bondage shoot tomorrow?” - when @_miss_meadows_ asks, we come flocking. Throughout the years I’ve been asked many times to shoot bondage and always turned it down because the requests came from men and coming to a shoot in the first place is sometimes not safe but being tied up DEFINITELY isn’t safe. So when someone I trust entirely - @_miss_meadows_ asked me I was so happy because I’ve always wanted to create fat representation with Shibari art. It’s so rare that we get included and it was such a treat getting to be a part of this! Harness @gnat_glitter_kink Photo @_miss_meadows_ Rope work @thetuttingtutor