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@unskinnyshero  Transforming the way society perceives fat people Published model & founder of @TheFemmeFATalesBurlesque From🇩🇪->Chicago Black Lives Matter

18 hours ago

Sliiiiiiding into this week like... Shot by the magnificent @noirdoir_ she has more photos from this shoot on her page so please go show them some love! ❤️ Lingerie by @unluckylingerie because I just live in this set now.

1 day ago

One time for my Midnight Marauders. Only keeping this up until tomorrow because IG will probably delete it anyway... 🙄 See the 6min version of me being a fancy fat lady on my Patreon (link in bio) Lingerie is of course from @unluckylingerie Faux fur from the thrift store 🎵Alice Coltrane “Turiya and Ramakrishna”

1 day ago

Hope you’re having a cozy Sunday 💙 Been feeling a lil better about my face lately ☺️ Btw...This is the comfiest lingerie “Desire bralette” in Indigo by @unluckylingerie

2 days ago

Bestowing booty blessings upon you all today! May your weekend be as glorious as my booty ☺️ This whole set is now available on my photo tier on Patreon (link in bio) Lingerie set by @unluckylingerie Shot on self timer

3 days ago

Big fat, festive fupa energy. Lingerie by @unluckylingerie Faux fur wrap from an Arc thrift store Shot on self timer

4 days ago

Society will have you believe that you’re less worthy if you’ve got stretch marks, if your boobs are sagging and your belly isn’t flat - yet here I am looking like a dreamy plump princess so maybe they’ve got it all wrong. Also... Shoutout to that tiny gold clasp that’s holding on for dear life on this “Bohemian Bralette” by @unluckylingerie

6 days ago

I wish I could always look like this... buuut right now I’m wearing Harry Potter PJs & I’ve got raccoon eyes cause I’m watching The Holiday and am crying and eating my dads’ expensive cheese with German bread lol...

1 week ago

Someone resurrect Renoir and ask him to paint me... I’m real proud of this photo cause - I built the set, I sewed that Robe, I did my hair and makeup and I took the photo on self timer! Bralette that peaking through is from @unluckylingerie

1 week ago

I’m here for the rebels. For the fat girls that were told they couldn’t do it and did it anyway! 
That had to hear that they shouldn’t wear that and wore it anyway! I’m here for the memory of those that lost their lives to fat and body shaming. I’m here for you if you were ever told you aren’t worthy because of your size. 
The fat girls that were told that they would never have all the magical things and went out and got them anyway! 
I’m here for the big belly queens that were told to suck it in and didn’t and the thick thigh ladies that were told to cover up their cellulite and let those legs strut anyway! 
I’m here for the fat girls that don’t have the courage yet but dance at home in their bikini dreaming of one day confidently rocking it out public. I’m here for the fat woman that’s scared to flip the light on in the bedroom. 
I’m here for the fat girls that hide their body because society and the media tells them every day that they are flawed and not worthy, it’s a long road to self love and confidence but I’ll road trip with you any day my love. 
I’m here for the revolutionaries that already broke through societal norms and in a world that told them to hate themselves, rebelled and started loving themselves! I. AM. HERE. FOR. YOU. Photo by @noirdoir_

1 week ago

Reporting live from my cloud again... Got a (not so) sweet little notification from Instagram last night that yet another one of my photos was removed because it supposedly goes against community guidelines (it didn’t) buuuut as usual they tell me that the violent comments left on my photos/the vile ass messages I receive are not against their guidelines. So someone joking about shooting me, no problem. People sending me photos with a target on my head, or beheading videos, no problem - but ooooooh my slightly exposed fat body - IS A PROBLEM? I’m tired. Imma keep on keepin’ on tho like @missjillscott taught me. Today I’m thankful for the glorious women that inspired me growing up that paved the way for who and what I am today. It’s no coincidence that the women I looked up to are plus size power houses. I’m looking at you @missymisdemeanorelliott and @marshaambrosius Who inspired you growing up? This dreamy photo was shot by @noirdoir_

2 weeks ago

Just a happy fat babe floating around in her little cloud of body positivity - ready to sprinkle self love over a fat shaming person near you! Cloud and photo by the incredibly talented @noirdoir_ I had so much fun shooting with her and get ready because I have A TON more of these dreamy photos to share with you all! Thigh highs by @bigtights Panties by @lanebryant

2 weeks ago

So soft... I’m made of pillows ☺️ Fuck what society tries to dictate about bellies having to be flat - I love how round and comfy mine is! And hey guess what? It’s small business Saturday and I run a small business - you can support my work on Patreon (link in bio) where I share photo sets and videos and behind the scenes and playlists and so on AND I am now also operating a small plus size boudoir studio in Chicago and Denver @goldframephoto so you can book a shoot via gframephoto @gmail.com