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@unskinnyshero  Transforming the way society perceives fat bodies Inspiring body positivity/self❤️ Published model & founder of @thefemmefatalesburlesque 🇩🇪➡️Chicago

2 days ago

While I was in London I had the absolute pleasure of meeting @yazminthefox - she’s truly one of a kind, vibrant, badass and genuine person. I wish she lived in Chicago and could be a part of @thefemmefatalesburlesque ❤️ if you’re not familiar with Yazmin - you’ll find this real life superwoman with a parrot on her shoulder saving the lives of countless animals I could gush all day about the incredible things she’s done and is currently doing but a good start is following her wildlife sanctuary @kingfisherwildlifesanctuary I’m so inspired by the effortless nature goddess vibes she exudes through her images and I really wish we could have shot together outside but the universe decided to fuck every single plan I had for us to shoot (every Photographer I wanted to shoot us was in like Morocco and Australia or some other faraway land at the time & not a single airbnb with an outdoor space would allow a shoot and so on - so we ended up shooting in the worst lit airbnb in history lol) but hey! Someday in the future we’ll find a dreamy forest lagoon for us to shoot in! Until then, enjoy this set that will be up on my $4 Patreon tier (link in bio) later today. Shot by @iridessencephotography (I’m wearing a teddy that I’ve had for 6 years it’s from @fredericks_hollywood )

3 days ago

I created @themisfitsofig to highlight the rampant fat phobic treatment women of size face on @instagram Many of us have been on Instagram since it was created and have been a vital part of the body positive movement since before Instagram was even created on other platforms. Many of you knew me long before Instagram as Molotowcocktease on Tumblr. We’ve used IG as a means to expand our reach in the community, showcase what body positivity looks like in action, shared our journeys to self acceptance & inspired thousands to do the same along the way. We use IG to network, book shoots and get sponsors and direct traffic to mediums we use to be compensated for our work - be that books we’ve written, movies we’re in, workshop we lead, shows we create, sites we sell our photos and videos on and Etsy shops where we sell various art. When we constantly have to operate under the scrutiny of the unfair treatment of Instagrams’ censorship we lose traffic to the avenues we use to make a living by being shadow banned, have posts removed unjustly all the way up to having our accounts deactivated temporarily or permanently. Every morning when I go on IG I’m scared I’ll find my IG deactivated and be essentially jobless. This is my 7th account - yes, 7 times I’ve had to start from 0 and I’ve had this account temporarily deactivated several times. People tell me it’s impressive that I have 400K followers but I think about where I’d be if I wouldn’t have had to rebuild SEVEN times & being shadow banned for the last 11months has caused my engagement to be stagnant which severely impacts how I make a living. Why is it that you can find endless skinny women in bikinis and lingerie all the way to implied nude and topless men that aren’t being censored but as soon as you’re fat and you’re unapologetic about showing your body your posts are removed? If you read the community guidelines you’ll find that we are not violating them. We’re a vital part of the Instagram community and we deserve to be treated equally. Please sign the petition in my bio to have your voice heard and to let IG know that we’re not going anywhere no matter how much they try to silence and erase us.

6 days ago

Instagram has been silently terminating and shadow banning accounts that feature plus size and fat people that are unapologetic in showcasing their bodies in swimwear and lingerie that are breaking the stereotypes about larger bodies. This image depicts a group or fat and free babes in bikinis that all have had their Instagram accounts deleted/deactivated or shadow banned simply for existing (except @iridessence who is standing in solidarity). Were any of these women skinny they would not have to worry about images of them in swimwear being removed - let alone their entire account being removed. For many of us our Instagram accounts are a large and vital part of our job and our livelihood and having our accounts terminated or shadow banned is devastating. Let alone losing the community we've built around us. We are out to transform the way that society perceives fat people and the way that we view ourselves and Instagram is trying to censor our body positive revolution. Well we won't go down without a fight! We’re letting Instagram know that we are here to stay and that we all deserve to have verified accounts and not operate under the constant fear of being deleted again. Sign the petition in our bio (please don’t donate that doesn’t go to us it goes to change.org) if you want to support us sign up for our patreons that feature our art) - if you're a magical fat babe or to show your support for plus size people all around the world! If we don’t stop this now, you won’t be seeing ANY happy fat self expressed babes online at some point because Instagram will have deleted us all. Follow @themisfitsofig where we will share the stories of all the plus size people that have had their accounts shadow banned or deleted & this account will be used as a resource for those that are currently deleted. Shot by @_miss_meadows_ Models from left to right: @ilovesofiarose @xashleeo @crystal_mcbootay @unskinnyshero @griminator @iridessence

1 week ago

Meet Crystal. (Jk most of y’all know her already) @Instagram deleted her account @crystal_mcbooty which had over half a million followers (571K) last night. She did not violate community guidelines and this account deletion is yet another casualty in the fat phobic censorship @Instagram insists on perpetuating! @thecrystalmcbootay shared about having her account deleted: “I’m sick to my stomach. This has such a huge impact on myself and my family because this is a means for income. And now the community I created is gone. My account exists to showcase that size doesn’t measure beauty and to encourage people to be body positive and share that message with the world.” Crystal has been sharing her photos since the beginning of the body positive movement and is an icon to many. She has been an essential part of the plus size community and deserves to be verified by Instagram in recognition of the work she’s done and the huge community she has created on this platform. Please join our fight to end Instagrams’ censorship by sharing this project and signing the petition in my bio! To learn more about all the other plus size babes being deleted and shadow banned follow @themisfitsofig Photo by @thedimpleduchess

1 week ago

I almost never share anything personal or anything family related because ya know it’s the internet and there’s a lot of creepy assholes online & I’m also aware that many people don’t have a dad and this day can be really rough for them. I know because Mother’s Day is the roughest day of the year for me for several reasons. But this might be the last Father’s Day I get to celebrate. My daddy is THE most important person in my life. I grew up without a mom and my dad found a way to raise me by himself in a foreign country while being a professional musician and he somehow managed to provide the most amazing upbringing for me and he literally saved my life multiple times. He allowed me to grow up free as fuck and taught me how to be creative, self expressed, taught me how to play trombone, curse like a sailor, fix random shit on cars, grow plants, take no shit, be wild but never get caught - when I started being a graffiti writer at 13 in Germany instead of yelling at me about doing illegal shit he asked if he could come with and watch my friends and I and he was constantly taking care of things for my friends that didn’t have parents that really cared or were able to do certain things for their kids. When I created @thefemmefatalesburlesque My daddy flew in and sat front row to see my burlesque troupe perform and he supports everything I do no matter what. I owe every ounce of my being to my dad. Some of you know that I donated my stem cells to him last year but after the whole chemo and stem cell transplant dance (I say dance because my daddy was literally dancing the cha cha with his IV tree in his hospital room when they told him he was finally getting released) - the cancer is back and we need a new donor that has a higher match rate. My daddy is all I have left and I want him to be able to walk me down the aisle and see me open my own business and see me become a mom one day. Now I don’t expect anybody that’s reading this to end up being a match with my dad but you might match with someone else’s dad or daughter or loved one and literally save their life. So please register today and check out how easy it is to put yourself on the registry via @bethematch

1 week ago

Here’s a little snippet of @thefemmefatalesburlesque performing at @fireballmadison earlier this year hosted by @tamalerocks ! 🎼”Sexy Silk” by @jessiej ( we do not own the rights to this song and no copyright infringement is intended ) #plussizeburlesque #burlesque

1 week ago

Thank you @photosbyms.nacke for restoring my faith in Photographers and in my ability as a model. When I came to shoot with her I was on the verge of quitting - my Instagram account had been deactivated at 400K at that time and so many other plus size babes were deleted and I was exhausted from shooting with photographers and not getting images back that I liked and I was seriously questioning my ability as a model. Then we linked up last minute to shoot a little set in Vegas and she was such a warm and comforting presence. I could cry looking at the images she captured of me that are so dreamy and soft and truly capture everything I want to convey to the viewer and had been trying to create for years. @photosbyms.nacke wasn’t shy to capture every part of my body in all its glory but without being invasive or crude or careless like so many photographers have been in the past. I attribute this talent to her artistry as a model @ms.nacke - do yourself and your eyes a favor and follow her (her main account was deleted at almost 30K because IG loves censoring) and book her as a model or Photographer she’s currently traveling a ton so check out her travel schedule!

1 week ago

Looks like @Instagram might be deleting my account yet again simply for creating sensual representation for fat bodies. So here’s my big fat ass for everyone who keeps reporting my account and the @Instagram team that still won’t verify my account to kiss 💋 . You know me, if I’m going out I’m going out with a bang! My backup is @carina_shero if they don’t delete that too lol My tumblr is as always Molotowcocktease & my troupe page is @thefemmefatalesburlesque . Photo by @rubyimageschicago Makeup @julesfleming7 Robe @catherinedlish Lingerie @lanebryant Shoes @stevemadden

1 week ago

Remember this photo? In over 10 years of shooting with photographers I've found only a handful of photographers that have been willing and capable of shooting a fat woman and successfully portrayed the sensuality, softness, rawness and pure art our bodies can create. But outside of that handful of artists I'm so tired of being an experiment to photographers, a token fat girl in their portfolio and getting sent photos that dull my spirit because yet another guy with a camera had no idea how to shoot me and the photos look horrible or I only get sent two to three sub-par images after shooting for 3-5 hours. I know a lot of photographers that approach me to shoot just want me to post their image so they can get followers and new clients and they aren’t actually invested in creating beautiful images, they aren’t committed to learning how to shoot and artistically showcase a fat body. In the last couple month this has happened so often that I’ve really started questioning if I just suck as a model. I’ve thought long and hard about quitting altogether. So when I dreamt up the concept for this photo and actually executed it with @thedimpleduchess being my floating tripod (she’s a great photographer just in this case I handed her my camera and asked her to shoot this specific frame) I realized I needed to learn how to use my newly acquired camera (thanks to an incredibly generous follower) to shoot other fat femmes and give them the opportunity to also see themselves in an enchanting light that is so hard to find in the media. And so "The Silk Series" was born. If you’re a fat femme in or willing to come to Chicago email me ASAP (gframephoto@gmail.com)! Join me on the journey to creating art worthy of a gold frame at @goldframephoto Hair & Makeup by @beautybyweetzie

2 weeks ago

Nothing quite like you... 📸 @andrewthomasclifton

2 weeks ago

🇬🇧Rockin’ my comfy ass @fashionnovacurve in London🇬🇧 This two piece skirt/hoodie “Come through and chill” set is a 3X & you can get $ off on yours or anything else on the @fashionnova site by using my code UnskinnyShero 😉 📸 @iridessencephotography

2 weeks ago

Hobbies include: Routinely offending people that get offended that I’m not offended by their offensive opinions of my body 😂 Full set available now on my Patreon (link in bio) Self shot last week in London