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@tyler.rutland  •AIG Models snapchat-yourgirltyler i owe it all to Jesus if you don’t see beauty in the next person you meet, you arent looking hard enough YOUTUBE⬇️

2 days ago

it’s the little things that make me a little more happy

3 days ago


5 days ago

fact: i’m happy and Gods creation blows my mind

6 days ago

Proof I wasn’t wearing a harness for looks

1 week ago

You make beautiful things out of dust. Thank you for being the ultimate Father.

1 week ago

me being awkward in a harness... but hey, Jesus made me this way

2 weeks ago

God is still working on me. This week I went back to the camp that has been my favorite summer getaway for 6 years. Last year, though, it changed me. A year ago I re-dedicated my life to Jesus, spent time in the healing room, and truly gave up my addictions, pain, past, and my mental disorders. I made it a year clean from prescriptions, drugs, therapy, eating disorders, and self harm. It truly amazes me I went from such a scary person to the person I am today. The only reason is Jesus. This year at camp was a little different for me since I finally got to go pretty level headed. This week Jesus spoke to me in ways like never before. He spoke to me directly about my future and how I needed to let that go. He spoke to me through a young girl who called me a role model. He spoke to me through a speaker who told me I should use my writing talents to help people live without drugs and with Jesus. He spoke to me through a camp staffer and told me I was intelligent. He spoke to me through a female speaker who told me I went through things not only for me, but to help others after me. Jesus moved this week. I’m so eager to see where he takes me.

1 month ago

gets it from his mama

1 month ago

oh.. my first Mother’s Day. Thank you for my flowers haha. you have changed me. you make me want to be the best version of me possible. you make my days beautiful. you’re the reason i go on. you’re my angel and the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. before i met you, I could not figure out why i was empty.... what i was missing... well, it was you. you complete me. I’m thankful to not only be a mom, but your mom. it’s the best title. i promise to be your best friend always. I love you. Thank you for making me a mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in my life. Y’all rock

1 month ago

hubby (really posting to fix my feed ... but I mean it helps that he’s cute)

1 month ago

still dreamin’ about Posty

1 month ago

“ i saw your watch... it look fake to me. and that car.. look like a rental. and that house.. looked like the airbnb i stayed in last weekend. and yo girl look like post malone” Quote by Austin Post. I love you

1 month ago

suffered through Juicy J for Posty

2 months ago

I’ve been a little busy doing mom things, so I’m a little late... but my angel is 2 months...... I’m kinda sad

2 months ago

so today is April 12th. this time last year i was admitted into a hospital for self harm and into a rehab shortly after. this past year has changed my life. i am one year clean!!!!! a year ago i would have never imagined i could say i went a whole year without drugs. today i am more confident in who i am, my faith is strong, i was blessed with a beautiful angel that saved me, and i can actually say that im truly proud of myself. so... i just want to say, if i can turn my life around, anything is possible.

2 months ago


2 months ago

car selfies are lame, i know

2 months ago

watched my angelic momma get married last month.... im still crying. seeing you so happy is my favorite thing. you’re my bestfriend and my world. you are an inspiration and you definitely light up any room you enter. thank you for your support.