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@towers_weightjourney See full size profile   ⬇️My weight loss journey🙌🏻 ⬇️Over18 stone loss ⬇️34 stone -> 15 stone🙌🏻 ⬇️Code JACK20 for 20% off JD Seasonings 🔥 Do what makes you happy in life❤️

1 day ago

I woke up this morning getting ready to go for a shower and I saw myself and was so so happy! I’ve been trying to take lots of photos for the future, and to monitor to how my body is recovering, especially with the swelling I have! But today, was a happy day🙌🏻🙌🏻 swipe for a little comparison😎

1 day ago

Just over a week since surgery and I went back to London for my first follow up since having the surgery! And these are the results! My consultant is extremely happy with the results, how I’m healing, how I look and how these scars are healing🙌🏻 . Just cannot wait for the swelling to go down around my hips, however, if you swipe you’ll see how crazy the difference really is!😊🙌🏻 . What do you guys think?😎 apologises if it’s a bit graphic, but I want to share as much of this journey as possible with you all❤️

4 days ago

A little trip outside the house today, and it had to be the cinema! Nothing to hard, something I can just chill, but still get out! And obviously if you’re following slimming world you can’t not get a Tango Ice blast🙌🏻 3.5 syns of pure heaven😍 . . #sw #slimmingworld #cinema #iceblast #nightout

5 days ago

If you’re struggling that’s fine, if you’re finding this hard that’s fine, but if you’re smashing it and it’s working that’s fine too! These journeys are a marathon and not a sprint, an over that duration motivation can easily be lost, however, that doesn’t mean you’re failing! Imagine this scenario👀 . You’re out with your friends having a walk and you fall over, do you just sit there and moan about it it? Do you blame everyone else? Do you quit and just stay sat on the floor? Of course you don’t, you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep going!! And that’s exactly what you can do with your journey, keep going and never give up❤️ . . #weightloss #slimmingworld #sw #swuk #ldnm #ldnmfamily #gym #hardwork #gains #looseskin #op

6 days ago

I never knew so many of you would be so intrigued into how much skin was removed post surgery! But here it is, 7lbs! Half a stone of skin removed🙌🏻 . I’m super happy with how everything is going, and I cannot wait to see the full results when we remove the bandages on Thursday😆 my consultant is very happy with my legs/arms and no surgery is needed in these areas, but potentially another small op around the chest to reduce any skin that he wasn’t able to get during the first op. However, this will be a decision that will be made between myself and my consultant further down the line❤️ Time to keep resting, allowing my body to recover and I’m sure I’ll be back to my normal self in no time at all. But first, we listen to the body and allow it to fully recover🙌🏻

1 week ago

Discharged🙌🏻 On the road to recovery❤️ been given a list of things to do and not to do, loads of meds and most importantly a new lease of life gained❤️ . Thank you so much for all of the support, I will be trying to responding to as many of you as I can over the next couple of days. Love Jack❤️

1 week ago

Up and walking around with no aid! Feeling 100000x better than yesterday❤️ the drains from the wounds are in the bag for anyone wondering, which are draining excess fluid😎 . All the nurses and my surgeon are super happy with everything, ands we’re on the right track for a great recovery🙌🏻 . I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll keep you all as updated as possible❤️

1 week ago

I am absolutely speechless, this photo was taken this morning when my consultant came and checked in on me. The results will only get better with time and when my body rests! . I’ve struggled a lot today as its been really hard but I’ve managed to get up a couple of times with the aid of the nurses, but the pain is extremely high when doing so. I’d just like to thank everyone for your support and messages, it’s really made my day when I’ve been struggling, lots of love Jack❤️

1 week ago

I’m in lots of pain, but it’s over. The consultant is extremely happy. I’m still very high and going back to bed, but I just wanted to let you know it all went well❤️ I love you all so much, Jack❤️

1 week ago

Right that’s it, ready to go down. Thank you for all of the support, encouragement and love that you have all shown towards me❤️ . See you all on the other side. Love Jack❤️

1 week ago

Last gym session done before the big day tomorrow! I’m the fittest, happiest and in the best shape I have ever been in! I’ve really been putting lots of work in, a lot you guys all see on here, but not all of it!💪🏻 . I weighed in this morning at 16 stone 1lbs this morning, which I’m delighted with as I’m in “target range”! I’ll try my best to keep you all updated as much as I can over the next couple of days! Also a massive thank you for all the kind wishes, it means the world! Love Jack❤️