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@timferriss  Author of five #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers, including Tools of Titans and The 4-Hour Workweek. Host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast (300M+ downloads).

8 hours ago

Haven’t read the book, but I LOVE the title...

4 days ago

NEW podcast episode is up: "Hamilton Morris ( @hamiltonmorris ) on Better Living Through Chemistry: Psychedelics, Smart Drugs, and More" Please enjoy!

5 days ago

Blast from the past — Me and Alicia Monti competing in the 2005 Buenos Aires Tango Championships Semi-Finals. This is from a round at Salon la Argentina in downtown (Centro). The floors were like slick bathroom tiles.

1 week ago

My best Trinity impression. Grand Canyon side canyon, perfect photo by @julietstarrett

1 week ago

NEW podcast episode is up: "Scott Belsky ( @scottbelsky ) — Tactics from The Startup Whisperer" Please enjoy!

1 week ago

Little Timmy at Christmas roughly 1,000 years ago. I loved that elephant. #tbt

2 weeks ago

NEW podcast episode is up: "The Life Lessons and Success Habits of Four Presidents — Doris Kearns Goodwin ( @doriskgoodwin )" Please enjoy!

3 weeks ago

Blast from the past — Eating cochinillo in Segovia, Spain (September 2008).

3 weeks ago

Blast from the past — Wired magazine photoshoot, October 2010. All photos by Lucas Foglia ( @lucasfogliaphoto , LucasFoglia.com).

3 weeks ago

Blast from the past — Burning Man, 2008.

4 weeks ago

NEW podcast episode is up: "Drew Houston — The Billionaire Founder of Dropbox" Please enjoy!

4 weeks ago

It’s always been a dream to dive with these furry rascals! Gotta get on that... #Repost @cristinamittermeier ・・・ I hesitated before getting in the water with over 1000 southern fur seals in the Falkland Islands. Do they bite? Would they mob me? As soon as I slipped in, they came right up, inspecting my hood and taking curious nibbles on my fins. Several times, while I was concentrating on the scene through my viewfinder, this one seal would come over my head to taste my cameras. I thought it was all fun and games until, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him take off with my brand new Sony Action Cam!