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4 days ago

WET CORN DOGS! Check out the radar for 6 pm this Thursday. A cold front will fire storms Thursday afternoon and last into the evening. Some severe weather possible mainly wind and some hail. Localized flooding possible. State Fair starts Thursday so just stay weather aware and download our KWTV - NEWS 9 app. It’s free. #weatherman #okwx #weather #storms #oklahoma #oklahomacity

5 days ago

STATE FAIR! Yep, you know what that means! Cool from and storms. The action begins in NW Okla. thursday afternoon along the cool front. Storms will slide SE Thursday evening and night. Some some storms are possible with threats being wind and hail.KWTV - NEWS 9 #okwx #weatherman #september #statefair #oklahomastatefair #storms

1 week ago

BUSY TORNADO SEASON! New numbers in today just keep increasing from this past spring. Second most number of tornadoes this year so far. The most ever number of tornadoes in May at 105. We average about 56 tornadoes a year. This year? 140! We need a break for sure. Our second severe weather season usually arrives in October. KWTV - NEWS 9 #okwx #weatherman #tornadoes #oklahoma #oklahomacity #severeweather

2 weeks ago

ŚTORMS COMING PEOPLE! Severe storms developing now across Kansas and Nebraska are headed south. This system will produce widespread rain and thunder later tonight in the north and for the rest of us tomorrow morning. Gusts to 65 mph, some hail and heavy rain are possible. Most likely area for severe weather will be northern Oklahoma. KWTV - NEWS 9. Pass it on! #okwx #oklahoma #oklahomacity #weatherman #lightning #thunder #storms

3 weeks ago

Get fit Griffin is a health checkup at KWTV - NEWS 9 we do once a year. Before the test you must fast for 8 hours! No coffee until now! I’m waiting for a nurse to go over my results. #weatherman #okwx #oklahoma #healthy

3 weeks ago

Here’s the entire picture of Audrey!

3 weeks ago

IT HAS HAPPENED! Today starts a new chapter in the Payne house. Our daughter Audrey is a senior in high school. So excited for her senior year as she prepares for college. Proud mom and dad! #weatherman #daughter #senior #highschool

3 weeks ago

Severe storms, needed rain and not as hot temps. ahead! NW Okla. sees storms tomorrow near the front. Better chance of storms for the rest of us Thursday afternoon and evening. Threats will be wind and hail. Temps. by Friday will fall into the low 90s. KWTV - NEWS 9. #okwx #oklahoma #weatherman #storms #severeweather

1 month ago

RECORD HAIL in Colorado yesterday. Yesterday’s stone measured 4.83", which exceeds the long-standing state record of 4.5". #cowx #colorado #weatherman #hail