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10 hours ago

Blessings on a day of togetherness, a day of humans and plants making medicine here. 💚 Loving the work by this artist @realfunwow 🌿 #art #together

22 hours ago

When you set up your moment of zen, with a bath, good book & moontime tea.. but your witch cat beats you to it... Cosmos has good taste #moontime #nourishingherbs

1 day ago

May we all fall deeper and deeper in Love with the Earth this fall, as the grasses die back and she pulls us into her dreaming roots and fertile dark flesh soil. ♥️ How can you be the most exquisite Lover to the Earth? ♥️ My intention this Fall, for my great Love Affair with Her & the Great Mystery is to woe her with beautiful new offerings. I was inspired by a dear friend’s offerings and realized I have been making the same offerings of herbs, plucked hair and love songs for years. They are beautiful and part of the fabric of our mutual language, and also .. Im gonna step it up a bit. Surprise Her & Spirit with something that takes me a long time to make. Something no human will see. Just for Her, Mother Earth, healer, teacher, beloved. 🍁.. I took this photo this morning to help me remember the humor behind the season of Fall in Southern California.. I jump out into the back hills for a little hike this morning before diving into a busy week of magick, medicine making, teaching & weaving with community.. and I start my walk in a sweater and end topless :) Not a soul in sight.. just me and the golden oats. Bliss. 🍁Greetings sweet season of Fall. We prayed for mists and rains last night, heart thumbing with song and cacao. And woke up this morning to cool water air and desires for fall time cuddles. Yum. With this bliss, it is time to make immunity blends and herbal bone broths for the season ahead. Open hearted ripples moving through into all directions. Blessings dear ones! #fallinlove #fall #fallequinox #musings #earthaslover #greenwitch #herbalism #thegaiaschoolofhealing #witch #plantmagick #topanga @wildloveapothecary

1 day ago

Super greatful to this magickal soul brother @hanumanproject for coming to LA & sharing sacred song & prayers from open hearts to the land we love! ♥️🙏🏽♥️ The Hanuman project will be playing at @bhaktiyogashala Oct 7th in Santa Monica! If you missed tonights magickal & epic “most witchy Goddess Kirtan we’ve ever done” (said Paul at @corazontopanga & @wildloveapothecary 😁 ) then make sure to go to the Bhakti Yoga Shala before these traveling musicians leave town! #jaima #haribol #thehanumanproject #kirtan #la #topanga #wildloveapothecary #thegaiaschoolofhealing

2 days ago

Come SING, play, celebrate, drink cacao & cast some magick into the Fall season ahead with @thegaiaschoolofhealingca @hanumanproject and @wildloveapothecary at @corazontopanga 5-8pm! $15 tickets in advance via or $17 cash at the door. Bring a cushion and a mug! Yay! We love you! ♥️🙌🏽♥️ Fall Equinox blessings! #thegaiaschoolofhealing #fallequinox #jam #play #music #community #hanumanproject #medicinesong #sacredsong #singing #wildloveapothecary #topanga

5 days ago

We are bringing freshly harvested veggies to you Topanga! Our amazing farmer Matt will be harvesting produce & herbs with the Gaia green witches on Friday morning & delivering the freshest, organic, Malibu grown goodies to Wild Love Apothecary in town! Come by Friday 5-7pm to pick up the best heirloom produce! First come, first serve. We may have some to share on Saturday at @wildloveapothecary Fall Equinox ritual! So excited to be sharing the abundance as the seasons change! ♥️ #topanga #wildloveapothecary #veggiebox #produce #organicfarm #malibu #thegaiaschoolofhealing #greenwitch #plantmagick #earth

1 week ago

Kinda being a mega nerd in this shot but if we can get past that, there is an epic shout out in this moment today that does want to be shouted out! 🙌🏽 TO THE SISTER QUEENS IN MY LIFE! 🙌🏽 Holy Mother! On my trail run it hit me- I just spent a weekend with revolutionary Queens dropping into the portals where pleasure and purpose collide.. I was running with my beloved mountains before going to my Land Council meeting on the farms with epic Queens @weareendpain and @erincastellino who I get to weave some serious Gaia School Farm magick with. I swing by @wildloveapothecary to drop into the collaborative intuitive flow of magick by my incredible apothecary co owner Queen @jessemeids .. @u_megan_me_crazy who is supporting me epically jn the weaving of farm to apothecary to school.. I could go on.. I will in more posts in other times.. but then I look at whats on my body and EVERY SINGLE thing I am wearing was a gift from a Queen sister! The @balancedrockorg hat- from an organization doing epic work, taking people into the wilderness of yosemite- teaching yoga in the back country- from my sister Queen @wildawakewellness who helps run said organization and called me just hours before with the full download from Joanna Macy’s and @aylanereo epic sharings on grief, earth activism & consciousness (QUEENS!). Shirt gifted by a sister who is no longer earth side, held in the arms of the Goddess, reads “only Goddess Can Judge Me”, pants plant died and designed by sister plant witch & activist of conscious cloth Queen @victoriakeendesign and my bling from @alkemiejewelry who makes nature inspired jewelry from reclaimed metal so as not to hurt The Earth by mining more. Not planned. So yes. In the sheer joy and awe of all the Queens I have in my life I struck a pose to fit in all the magick and radiate my love and gratitude to all the epic Queens in my life. The craziest thing? These are just the ones that touched my day today! I could write a novel of odes to the epic women I am blessed to know and weave magick with. I am SO grateful! To all the Queens in my life- you know who you are, I love you & celebrate you! #queens #love #iknowsomeepicwomen #goddess #goddessbless

1 week ago

I read tantric poetry to Queens in mineral baths this weekend in the desert @theradiancesutras ♥️ Came home and was gifted a full “Earth-body & soul YES” book “Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology” last night and swung by the apothecary @wildloveapothecary this morning to work on an herbal blend and found our bookshelf full of new AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS READS, journals, herbal manuals & tarot decks thanks to my incredible sister witch @jessemeids who clearly, just knows. ♥️ #bookporn #radiancesutras #davidabram #animalspeak #bookshelf #bookstore #apothecary #bestreads