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3 months ago

👩🏼‍⚕️Never underestimate the power of a woman 👩🏼‍🔬 ▫️ ▫️ Today, as I reflect on my journey in honor of #internationalwomensday , I couldn’t help but to think of all the women in my life who, indirectly or directly, helped me get to where I am today. I had a mother who supported me.. a professor who believed in me.. and women whom I’ve never met pave the way for me. ▫️ ▫️ Before I began my academic journey, I was a homeless high school dropout with a not so bright future. But with a little grit and a lot of support from strong women along the way, I can proudly say I am shattering some serious glass ceilings. ▫️ ▫️ This post is to honor all the women in my life who encouraged me and believed in me. Here’s to the strong women. Empowered women. Supportive women. We are so powerful when we support one another. Here’s to you, women 👩🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬👩🏽‍🔬👩🏾‍🔬👩🏿‍🔬 #womeninstem #powerfulwomen #womensday #internationalwomensday #allwomen #diversityinmedicine

3 months ago

🚨SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!🚨 I am leaving the country for spring break in just two weeks and I want YOUR help deciding where to go. Many of you expressed interest in learning more about traveling solo, how I travel on a budget, and what it’s like doing it all on my own. So, now it’s your chance to pick where I go and #sendbaeabroad ! I’ve narrowed it down to a few places based on my budget, and I need you to vote on one. You can either vote in the comments or on my story today 🙋🏼‍♀️ • • The first choice is CUBA! 🇨🇺 There’s something about this place that seems so alluring. From the architecture to the classic cars, cuisine, and history, it draws me in. It’s also warm and there are some beautiful beaches just a short distance from Havana. • • The second choice is EUROPE! If I went here I would do a bit of country hopping in order to see as much as possible. I would likely start in London, and then hit Italy, ending in Spain. I’ve always wanted to visit these counties and between the history and cuisine, I won’t be bored. • • Leave me a comment or go vote on my story! I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you. • • #travelblogger #traveldiary #femaletravelbloggers #femaletraveler #solotravel #solofemaletravel #solofemaletraveler #travelgirl