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@thecarlarossi   (Grand Ronde) Portland's premier drag clown. Ghoul behind @queerhorrorpdx + programmer at @hollywoodtheatr 👻 2019 Oregon Arts Commission Artist Fellow

3 days ago

TOMORROW NIGHT! My very favorite annual benefit of the last two years returns for the third @rocknrollcampforgirls Karaoke Contest! My fellow Paula Abdul @makegoodchoices and I are joined this year by guest judge @lululuscious AND DID I MENTION it’s catered by Taco Bell (it’s good to be queen)?! 21+, $5 - $10 sliding scale (nobody turned away for lack of funds) and $15 registration fee to compete. This is the most legit + lit karaoke you’ll ever see — like gold medal level! Afraid to sing? Come for fun and eat crunchwraps with me! 🌮🌮🌮 Poster by design angel @ladyjaneattack 🎤 #carlarossi #rocknrollcampforgirls #karaokecontest #pdx #drag #fundraiser #benefit #karaoke #contest

5 days ago

Started my day with a private viewing of a (personally annotated) 15th century edition of the MALLEUS MALEFICARUM. This book was used to hunt and torture women scapegoated as witches and the stains and handwritten notes in its pages only hint at its bloody history. Now this edition is kept and tended by the awesome, brilliant women of the @psulibarchives and used for Women’s Studies classes ✊ Thanks @queerforfear for making this happen today! 💀📚 #malleusmaleficarum #hammerofthewitches #medieval #book #tome #witchcraft #psulibrary

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1 week ago

I feel a little shameless saying this because I wrote it, but QUEER HORROR was really, really funny last night. Big love to @madamedumoore and @thevaleriedeville and the whole QH and @hollywoodtheatr crew (including @jasonedwarddavis who gave me the idea for this sequence), to @fingerbangportland and @doublemountain and Lincoln Memorial Park & Funeral Home, and to our killer audience who sold out the show! I loved it every minute of it. And yes I cried during (what might be my favorite movie at the moment?) THE STEPFORD WIVES and yes I STILL feel creatively inspired to do something (more) about it. Until then, QUEER HORROR returns next month when little Catherine Martin falls down a well 🐑 Video by @mattynewtonillustration 🛒

1 week ago

TONIGHT / QUEER HORROR: THE STEPFORD WIVES in 35mm / Doors at 7, show at 8 starring @madamedumoore & @thevaleriedeville / $10 tickets almost gone! 🛒 (And yes, I walked into my drag room yesterday where @jasonedwarddavis surprised me with this incredible painting of his as an early birthday present and I screamed and screamed again and am still screaming isn’t it amazing?!) 🛒

1 week ago

Not only did @yaaas_get_nailed give me the perfect French manicure for a Stepford Wife, he gave me a NAIL REVEAL for the ages and I’m endlessly tickled by it! 💅 See them in the flesh (or circuitry? RAM?) tomorrow night at @queerhorrorpdx ’s THE STEPFORD WIVES! 💅 It looks like tickets are going to sell out tomorrow so get yours before they’re gone at! 🛒 #carlarossi #fingerbang #apresnails #thestepfordwives #fingerbangportland #queerhorror #frenchmanicure #queerhorrorpdx #nailaet #pdx #nails #reveal

1 week ago

These two angels right here: I would die for Joanna Eberhart (Katharine Ross) and Bobbie Markowe (Paula Prentiss). Their life-giving, joyful, utterly of-itself friendship is so real and tangible that maybe I even cried for them when I read Ira Levin’s book in my little Caldera cabin this January. The film is rife with brilliant feminism and critique, but these two are the reason THE STEPFORD WIVES is my QUEER HORROR choice for @hollywoodtheatr ’s Feminist March. This Friday at 8 PM. Don’t miss it. Tickets at 👯‍♀️ @queerhorrorpdx #thestepfordwives #joannaeberhart #bobbiemarkowe #katharineross #paulaprentiss #queerhorror #hollywoodtheatre #feministmarch #pdx #film

3 weeks ago

Me heading to Canada (ok, Vancouver) to make my international debut, or: worm, but make it fashion

1 month ago

Last night’s LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY at @pacificu was a blast! I was so happy to see so much of my queer family and so many friends (from high school even!) at the show, and I couldn’t be more ready to premiere this in Canada at Talking Stick! Huge thanks to Martha Rampton and @pacu.cge — Pacific U’s Center for Gender Equity, whose women’s and gender and queer studies programs absolutely blow away most other colleges and universities I’ve worked with — for bringing me, for all the support, and for these wearable “What the fuck is a blue corn moon” buttons! 💙🌕💙 Photo by my bb @makegoodchoices 💕 #anthonyhudson #carlarossi #lookingfortigerlily #pacificuniversity #nativeartist #native #pdx #drag #theatre #storytelling #whatthefuckisabluecornmoon

1 month ago

Tonight’s my last free lecture at @portlandcenterstage before BUYER & CELLAR! Come for the hosted bar and stay for Professor Carla (Doctor of Camp Studies at the University of BS) and her PowerPoint all about camp culture and queer idols, A TO Z FROM BABS TO BEA! Show up by 6:45 and have a drink with me 🎓🤡🥂 BUYER & CELLAR plays through March 3rd — use code CARLA for $10 off tickets! 🎭 #carlarossi #camp #barbrastreisand #buyerandcellar #portlandcenterstage #free #powerpoint #happyhour #hostedbar #pdx #drag #lecture

1 month ago

LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY is TONIGHT at @pacificu ! See the reworked solo’s first (and only currently booked) performance in Oregon tonight at 7 PM in Forest Grove at the Taylor Meade Performing Arts Center — I’d love to see some familiar faces (Portland queers, queens, and zaddies I’m looking at you) in this 400-seat theatre and tickets are just $10 at the door, all going to the amazing work of the @pacu.cge ! 🎭💙 #anthonyhudson #carlarossi #lookingfortigerlily #pacificuniversity #nativeartist #native #pdx #drag #theatre #storytelling

1 month ago

Hi, I have reached unprecedented (unpresidented, even?) troll levels and am showing ALIEN RESURRECTION in 35mm for Mondo Trasho’s Feminist March screening on March 8. It’s definitively the ONLY film in which you’ll EVER see Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder fighting xenomorphs with Ron Perlman in a movie from the director of AMELIE. Weird as it is, between alien-human hybrid Ripley torching her failed clones (“killlll meeeee”) and making a hoop backwards, this movie has some truly iconic acid-blooded DNA in it and it’s better than ALIEN 3 and I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU GOTTA SAY ABOUT IT (also this photo is my utopia) 💚👽💚 Tickets at 👽 #alienresurrection #sigourneyweaver #winonaryder #ellenripley #cloneripley #annaleecall #jeanpierrejeunet #35mm #mondotrasho #hollywoodtheatre #feministmarch #femmetroll