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@the_queens_secrets See full size profile   Accepting Collaborators 2019 Dm for booking & rentals 😊 Muah, stylist, creator, model, planner @fredtoria_photography @kincavy .. Tucson, az

1 week ago

The serpant whispered knowledge into her ear The knowledge burned hot as fire at first Then She learned what to do with the knowledge to grow and better herself.. Knowledge can set you free The serpant provided a means to autonomy and self discovery To knowledge, change, and growth It is her choice what to do with that new found knowledge Do not fear the unknown . .. . PC @freddyrodrig @fredtoria_photography Makeup / in frame @the_queens_secrets . ..

1 week ago

I will squish you . .. We were talking with someone today and foot fetish got brought up. So here come the feet again 😂 nothing more fun than spending a day squishing little men . .. . PC @richardtywest Feet @the_queens_secrets

1 week ago

Play House . .. A cow died in the bottom floor of this abandoned building because of reckless party people ... . PC @kjcfilm Designer @wabisabicouture

2 weeks ago

There is an old #riddle. It goes something like this.... An old man on his death bed gives his 3 sons one last challenge to decide who gets the inheritance. Each received the same small amount of money. They were told to use only that money to purchase something that will fill the room. The first brother bought feathers, but there was not enough to fill the room. The second brother bought hay, but there was not enough to fill the room. The 3rd and youngest brother bought two things, and successfully filled the room. What did the 3rd brother use to fill the room? ... . .. I hope you find the answer And can fill yourself as the young man did with the room ... . .. PC @craigcolvinphoto In frame @the_queens_secrets #underwaterphotography #underwater #sunkentreasures

2 weeks ago

Oh the summer vibes are getting strong out here in AZ . .. . Model @nikki.aponte PC @freddyrodrig Designer @fsopdx Muah @the_queens_secrets ... . Just a shout out to our model: If yall are thinking of working with her, shes super easy going. Takes direction amazingly and naturally poses so beautifully. And most important of all, shes reliable. Also..... #legsfordays

4 weeks ago

Many times we ask people to shoot, the response is "I'm not the model type" - you're beautiful no matter your size Today I will be doing my first installment of a stretch mark series. I cannot wait till this projects takes off