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1 day ago

I love making fun of stupid young kids from now in the days... the ones showing off rental cars that are not even their cars or they haven’t even finish paying for IT 🤣 how about the ones that show off all their drug money and jewelry but don’t get tested or a check up lol they have a dirty dick and “pimples” in their dicks 🧐😂💀💯? How about the ones showing off all these hoes that all his friends fucked or hoes that ain’t shit or care for them or worry if they are sick or hungry lol at the end of the day they are lonely and pretending to be something they ain’ fucking pathetic 🤡🤡🤡 #clowns #payasos 💯🙏🏽

5 days ago

I don’t share much of my personal life on here but this is the real me being happy with my brother’s baby, can’t wait to see him on Christmas only 2 more weeks 🙂🎄

6 days ago

My boss @trinitystclair 😍❤️ love you mami... I ain’t shit without you 😍💋

6 days ago

Cuando un hombre habla mal de tí a sus amigos, es porque el té quiere para el 🤔💀 igual yo callada cumplimento mi promesa 🤐🤫 @mypasserella