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11 hours ago

What’s your peaceful gesture of the day? Mine is I bought my friend donuts and then ate them all. Oops. @peacefulgesture

5 days ago

My main 💫🐺

5 days ago

I want to thank my eyebrow girl for her consistency, Lauren @bronzed_humanity for the tan (because you & me both know I needed it), and the fact that this dress was only $10.

6 days ago

Comin’ round here will change your life.

6 days ago

How I’m introducing my next man to all you on the gram.

6 days ago

When he says “if you’re a bird I’m a bird” & really meant it.

1 week ago

Today marks 1 year since my surgery. I haven’t shared some of these pictures before but this shows me literally right after surgery. I’ll never forget sending my parents that text not realizing 6 hours later they’d be rushing through the back door of the hospital to see me get into an MRI machine. Don’t be fooled by that little smile either, I was hurtinnnnn’!! That tube was inside my brain helping me drain fluid. And then my doc had to pull it out the next day.. when I tell you the entire hospital heard me yell “holy shit” mannn. That night in the ICU was horrible, I didn’t have my family, I could barely talk, and I was having complications just crying because nurses weren’t helping. The next 4 days were the most painful days I’ve experienced. I had air pockets in my brain that didn’t go away after surgery & the only medication that reduced pain lasted for 45 minutes. I would literally cry for more until the iv hit my veins. I was bruised up and down my arms from needles, I was tired, and I was ready to go home. The 6 days post surgery I spent in the hospital really made me realize how serious my cyst was. How if I wouldn’t have caught it when I did I truly could have died. Those days made me sit back and love everything in my life so much more. I’m in love with life, and my future, and everything I get to continue to experience. I see the scar on my head, and can feel the metal plate underneath and it makes me so grateful every time because it’s the reason I’m here to enjoy the world. I’m thankful for my family, and my friends, and Dr. Singh, AND LIFE. ♥️

1 week ago

I miss my girls & I miss this place.

1 week ago

Before I start my day I want to take a second to process what happened a year ago today. After 3 days of a horrible headache I finally went to urgent care thinking I was experiencing my first migraine. After the doctor was adamant I got a CT scan it showed I had a colloid cyst. After 6 more hours in the emergency room, and a nurse who told me “you seem fine” because she did some neuro test on my hands and feet, I was told to expect emergency brain surgery the next day & that this could kill me. That if I got hit hard enough on the head I could have dropped dead. The example they used was playing a sport like basketball LOL. 5 days later I had brain surgery. Today, 365 days ago, is a day I will forever remember because girl if I didn’t go into that urgent care I could have missed out on all this life I have to live. And honestly living life is so damn cool. Like being alive is amazing people!!

2 weeks ago

back to it 💎

3 weeks ago

Perfect day.

3 weeks ago

Tahoe 📍

3 weeks ago

Hey girl. Happy birthday. Thanks for being the Ush to my Kellz. Swipe for some super hot pics of mads.

3 weeks ago

First of all, we KILLED our presentation!! So glad we were partners on this. I’ll never deter from you again LOL! Thankful that we formed a friendship from this & no doubt got an A. ♥️📚

3 weeks ago

Did you know that students who are suspended are three times more likely to be in the juvenile system the following year? Or that in Texas 83% of black male students receive at least one violation (such as suspension) each year compared to 59% of white male students? In LA County black youth make up for 26% of school suspensions but only make up 9% of the total enrollment? • Youth of color are subject to harsher punishment in our school systems leading to juvenile stays and further incarceration. • It all starts in the classrooms with compassionate teachers who understand students backgrounds. • Senior Seminar Poster Project ready 📚

3 weeks ago

Make up: me Hair: me Outfit: @williambassee Photo by: the two pillows I propped my phone on & self timer.

1 month ago

(it’s fake fur)