1 week ago

Shoutout to @jonathanmena heโ€™s from El Salvador and has 17 jobs and hit number 1 today for the @shorelinemafia podcast he produced and hosted because life is about progression #besafetho

1 week ago

From 14 year drug dealer to billionaire. Remember when jay was rapping def jam till I'm the 100 million man then he was at 500 milly he had a pound cake now its fuck a Billion streams I got a billion dollars ! Lifeโ€™s about progression #TheOG #BeSafeTho

1 month ago

โ€œNever wait for a mans death to tell em how official he isโ€ has been a quote of mine for a long time and also a quote I didnโ€™t follow in this instance #BeSafeTho #LegendsNeverDie

4 months ago

COโ€™s are threatening weapons charges and sending inmates to the box who are frustrated and are dealing with inhumane treatment. Specifically in Unit 53 at #BrooklynMDC