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3 days ago

#FBF ~ Beauty truly comes from how happy we feel on the inside. This was a very happy time in my life.....Alan & I enjoying married bliss, life was good. 💕 Important to work on yourself from the inside SO YOU can SHINE BRIGHT on the outside ☀️ So today, I’m getting that workout in, a healthy salad & reading my book ( The Four Agreements) I’m getting focused again 🙏🏻 #thankyougod #loveyourself #happiness #yougotthis

4 days ago

The widow club, is a club that none of us wants to join. When grief strikes, it’s incredible how women come together in a sisterhood to support, love , lift you up, and most importantly help in anyway possible. I’m incredibly grateful for all my lioness girlfriends that gave me the support I needed not just to survive , but to thrive! My dear friend @lauriegrad wrote this incredible book on becoming a widow and how to survive & cope with grief. Thx you to ALL the ladies that came and supported her book signing party. “THE JOKE IS OVER, YOU CAN COME BACK NOW”. You can buy it on #amazon The first 20 widows that DM me, I will happily send you a copy of Laurie’s book. 🙏🏻♥️💋

2 weeks ago

Last night.... Spoiled by Mama An! @crustaceanbh YOU have out done yourself , just when I thought it wouldn’t be possible to create a better menu , you have! So many #vegan options, beyond delicious. Elizabeth & Gordon thank you for an incredible night & especially the laughs 🤣 Place looks incredible 🙌🏻♥️!!!

3 weeks ago

Sometimes it’s hard to be a STRONG person in what we call “LIFE”.......All the challenges I’ve endured since losing my husband has only made me wiser & stronger. I will be patient with those that continue to challenge me, try to take away my light ~ all you’ve done is create an unbreakable WOMAN! So, I say .....THANK YOU 🙏🏻♥️💋

1 month ago

In honor of the VMA’s ....this ones for YOU @ddlovato YOU are so LOVED!!! 💋💋💋💋 Always a good morning waking up to #solo with breakfast especially made for me by these 2 angels. ~video was taken in July in Italy 🇮🇹

1 month ago

I once said to my dear friend @tylerhenrymedium I would never see the sunshine again. He reminded me that our love ones don’t want us to die with them, they want us to live life & honor their legacy by doing so. Here I am, with this beautiful sunset shining on me. Reminding me how precious LIFE is......I continue my journey working on both my physical & mental wellness. I have highs and lows, yet I refuse to let depression get the best of me! We ALL have our struggles. May God give us ALL the strength we need to live our BEST lives. #faith #godisgreat #livinglife #loveyourself

1 month ago

#FBF Summer is almost over, but some things are forever......Alan u will always have my ♥️

1 month ago

Ok little red riding hood.......it’s time to leave the beautiful forest & get back to work! It’s #monday This weekend was the most beautiful, magical wedding EVER! Thx you for including me & inspiring me @ellieburrows @simongluck LOVE is EVERYTHING. My goodness ......there was SO much love . ♥️🌹🦋 God bless! Xo

1 month ago

My mornings are not the same without these three..... children are magical, their love is so innocent & pure. I hope I get to be a mom one day...... only God knows what my future holds for me. But I will say, I love children & I loved being married. 🙏🏻 #beautifulpiazzababies they made me coffee every morning! Lucky me....

1 month ago

Some things in life are simply bigger than us! #god #family #love #milano Thank you @aliciapiazza1 my sister, my bestie, my ❤️. Beautiful Summer 🐠🌞🌸 La gente, le case, le cose 🇮🇹 Italy you breathed life back into my soul. I’m so happy I listened to my girlfriends, my therapist & doctor ~ everyone insisted I take a vacation. Feeling like a a new woman! 💋

1 month ago

Because I’m still in love with you... I want to see you dance again. #neilyoung Lucky me to have my bff @aliciapiazza1 share her incredible, loving children with me. It has filled my heart with much needed affection. We sometimes forget when we lose a love one & a family that once was........How a simple hug & love can really go a long way .......... ♥️🇮🇹 #godisgreat #lovemyfamily #grateful #Italy

2 months ago

On a #Monday with my mermaids 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🇮🇹 Beautiful Piazza babies!

2 months ago

Happy Birthday @kennycallau 🎊🎉🍾 Little brother thx u for bringing this little monkey into our world. You have such a big heart! An amazing father, brother & son. God is GREAT!!! He will always watch over us, along side our angel Alan ❤️ in heaven. #lovemyfamily

2 months ago

Always create your own sunshine ☀️ Be in control of your life, don’t let others take away the beautiful light that God has given to ALL of us! Self control , discipline & lots of love~ has really gotten me to a brighter place. More forgiving, more understanding. May you ALL shine SO bright- always & forever 🦋 #summertime