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1 week ago

Happy Father’s Day to ALL the incredible men who love unconditionally, work hard to provide for their children & families, enrich their children’s hearts & soul with love and respect. I share with you the 3 MOST important men in my life, that have blessed my life in so many ways. Happy Father’s Day to my angel in heaven. I loved spoiling u on this special day. Happy Father’s Day Papa P, u worked so hard your whole life to give my brother & me a great life. I thank you & I’m so grateful. Happy Father’s Day little brother. You amaze me with your effortless skills as a new Dad. So proud of you. Gold bless ALL the great Dads today & everyday!!! ❤️❤️❤️

2 weeks ago

Lately I’ve been dreaming of crystal blue waters...... #FBF I have had a difficult time adapting to my new life without my soulmate. After all the sad news of suicides, I’m so grateful I didn’t fall down that dark hole. I wanted to die, but I could never inflict that pain on my family & love ones. I’ve been in therapy, grief counseling & changed my diet and lifestyle. It has helped me tremendously! When I’m down I pick up the phone and call my girlfriends, that AWAYS helps. I’ve read SO many books on the meaning of life, just trying to find myself again. Everyone out there.... remember the gift of life is SO precious. Savor it! Make it YOUR BEST LIFE- like my husband did. He lived his best life. That always makes me smile. Wishing everyone a happy weekend 😎

2 weeks ago

When your bestie gets engaged 💍 Nothing makes me happier then seeing my love ones happy. Cio u have showered me with so much love & happiness, spending the last 2 Christmas eves with me meant the world to me. I will always love you & wish you all the happiness & love the world has to offer. #luckytom #bestfriends #love #iloveweddings 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

3 weeks ago

Happy 80th Birthday Papa P 🙏🏻🌸🌷 You have given me so much happiness, love & support in my life. I love you SO much!!! Here’s to many more birthdays....... Thank you Clay, Lynn & Inga for joining the BIG celebration ( my dad’s besties) and thanks to my brother @kennycallau for making the trip & your incredible help in creating the best birthday for our dad. 📸 cred ~ @jessikamariah #lovemyfamily #happy80thbirthday #loveyoudad #carpinteria #ranchlife

3 weeks ago

La Familia has arrived!! YAY!!!! Makes me so happy 😃 Just visited my husband & my sweet brother picked flowers from my garden just for his brother-in -law. We cried , we laugh & now we eat! #lovemyfamily ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago

My husband at #missuniverse with winner my beautiful bestie 💕 @bui.simon ~ he would be so thankful & grateful for the love YOU have shined on me during my darkest times. She has been an incredible blessing in my life, as she continues to guide me, fill my heart with love & positivity . Visits me , even though she’s SERIOUSLY allergic to my cats! True friendship 🙏🏻 I LOVE you Bui, and so does Alan! #TBT #friendsforever #sunshine #grateful #onlypositivevibes #godisgreat Last pic was New Years Eve 16’ - ❤️

1 month ago

WOW 😲Here’s my #mondaymotivation #jlo #dinero

1 month ago

When your bestie is at the royal wedding & u get the DL before everyone else. U look gorgeous! I ❤️you Debbie. Your heart is pure royalty, always helping others in need, showering those with love, compassion & positivity. I was ONE of them!!! #luckyme #friendsforever #love #gratitude

1 month ago

Summer is almost here..... Thank you @mattbarnesphoto for this photo , Alan & I had such fun with you & your family. Congratulations on your Toronto showing! May your success continue to soar #somuchtalent Your girl Goldie cutest “prop” ever!!!I’m ready for the sunshine ☀️ #FBF #newbeginnings

1 month ago

Safe to say, my cat Lola has a zero future in modeling! Really LOLA???? OK, u make up for it with your morning snuggles. The ONLY time she’s sweet. 💛 #rescuecat #homesweethome @hellocanadamag @arashmoallemi

1 month ago

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day- Even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I love you & we are forever bonded as mother & daughter. I found a beautiful card u gave me back in 08’ with a ballerina on it and u wrote..... P.S. What you are becoming is more important than what you are accomplishing. I was doubting myself and you wrote me this beautiful card. I LOVE YOU MOM ❤️ #happymothersday #paris #bolivia 📸 @yoshua_shelly

1 month ago

So grateful @hellocanadamag @arashmoallemi & Mike Killingsworth for the lovely story & spread. Focusing on the positive, to be included on the cover with these 2 remarkable women. What an honor. I will continue to walk the talk and live my life with honor and gratitude. As for my husband’s family, I will always wish them love & peace. I’m not asking for anything more then what my husband intended for me. Time to wrap it up, everyone move forward in a positive light. That’s what Alan would of wanted for all of us. So let’s pay him the respect he deserves, it’s time to end all this nonsense. Remember ~ we were once a family. Let’s act honorably.

1 month ago

Happy Anniversary my LOVE ❤️ I walk this journey called life without you by my side, yet I feel as though you are always with me. I love you and miss you so very much. Hope I make you proud..... love always, W @hellocanadamag issue out now.

1 month ago

Happy 1st Birthday to my yummy niece Ella Sophia! Tia loves you SO much......Nothing more pure then the innocence of a beautiful child. Our job to guide them, teach them & most importantly love them! So proud of my brother, u r an incredible father @kennycallau ❤️ #cincodemayo #baby #firstbirthday

1 month ago

Walking into May ❤️ ~ my favorite month of the year, with beautiful ideas of what I’ll mold my future to be like..... Only “YOU” are in control of your destiny, no matter what hurdles life throws on your path. Remember “YOU” r the most impactful person in your life. #lovelife #may #newbeginnings

1 month ago

I couldn’t resist- this pic is from 96? I remember being so insecure that day.... I didn’t like my makeup, the photographer was getting impatient with me. I can see it in my eyes. Confidence is everything! Glad to have grown from this girl. 🙏🏻❤️ #oldheadshot

1 month ago

Sometimes you just have to laugh........keep busy. Excited to share my HELLO Magazine project. Coming soon..... #happyfriday 💋

2 months ago

I always try to be strong , but it’s ok if i fall , as long as i get up again & move forward. Grief is a process that comes in waves...... but flowers always brighten my day! I’d be down 9 times get up 10 - @iamcardib