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@summermornings4010  Art adorned hedonist. Unapologetically myself. Delicious food, exotic flowers and intoxicating scents reign supreme. Come frolic in my secret garden.

1 day ago

Made a roast yesterday ,but felt too tired to eat. Chopped it up and reheated it with sautéed peppers and onions. Pencil thin asparagus and grits. Pro-tip Eat off a saucer. It really does give the illusion of a full plate with far less good, and I love food. #givemecarbs #realwomencook #foodporn #roast #grits #letseat

2 days ago

I’m frugal. I use .88 VO5 shampoo and conditioner mixed together on a loofah as body wash.Works far better than any of that overpriced watered down bullshit they try and sell ya, but I do make up for it with my expensive gardenia shampoo for my hair. Balanced #libra I am. #bath #frugal #legsfordays #getallthedeals

1 week ago

Ouch!!!!!! Stepped gingerly across what looked like a huge swath of water, turns out it was ice. My careful tip-toe move had me off balance and I fell face first. 😞 Luckily, my knees took the brunt of the force. I think I’ll sue the city, okay not really, but the new “energy efficient” streetlights they’ve replaced everything with are so dim, it’s nearly pitch black on my walk home. #ithurts #poorme