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3 hours ago

bb angel Neptune 💙💦✨ the final scout in the beat em up sailor scout series! a lot of you have been waiting for her, I hope I did her justice capturing her essence! 💖 this series was so much fun to complete, interacting with you all so much and seeing the love was really inspiring! 💫 prints & stickers of the outer scouts coming soon! #sailorneptune #sailormoon #sugarbones #illustration

3 days ago

steal yo girl 💙 sailor uranus! ✨ as someone who usually draws long flowing hair and big bows, drawing a more masculine energy character was a bit of a challenge for me, but I tried my best for y’all 😘💖 Neptune coming tomorrow! #sailoruranus #sailormoon #sugarbones #illustration

1 week ago

hot as hell 🔥❤️ the final of the 5 inner sailor scouts in my beat em up sailor moon series! 💖 I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and all the love during this past week with this series! All the hype was so motivating - I wasn’t even gonna go past moon, but seeing y’all enjoy them so much I kept going! 💖 all of your comments & shares did not go unnoticed! 💖 I am addicted to getting y’all stoked 💖✨⚡️ stickers & print preorders have been added to my shop, and as a special thank you I’ve also added each battle babe to my Patreon as a free wallpaper for everyone (just scroll to the most recent post and download from the attachments!) both links can be found in my bio! 💖 because you’re also enjoying this series so much, I’ll be doing the outer senshi too, so check back every day this week for those reveals! 💕 #sailormars #sugarbones #sailormoon #illustration

2 weeks ago

hey look at me ... i’m baby now 🔪😊💖 new enamel pin coming out this month ✨ #sugarbones #enamelpins