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@stepankaaa  Youtuber, author, and owner of @franklovespizza 🍕❤️ Aplastic Anemia fighter & advocate 📍Czech Republic

3 days ago

The DailyMail has released my story and I highly recommend you check it out! It is my birthday today and the best birthday gift would be if each of you clicked on the link in my bio and looked into joining the bone marrow registry. You can be mine, or someone’s hope for a cure ❤️ #bethematch #aamds #dailymail @dailymail @aamdsif @bethematch

5 days ago

Frankie found his new spot 😂🙌 #movingday

1 week ago

ASK ME ANYTHING!!!! Filming a Qn’A because 1. Its my birthday sooooon (September 21st) 2. I’m moving... AGAIN! 3. There are so many changes and I feel like we all need to sit down and have a chat 💋☺️🤷🏻‍♀️ #askstepanka

1 week ago

Thinkin’ about 🥞

2 weeks ago

My gorgeous baby boy sitting in his little car seat. Gosh, I could go on and on all day about how beautiful, smart, amazing, sweet, love-able, angelic, perfect, wonderful, awe-inspiring, and adorable @franklovespizza is. Almost 4 years ago he came into my life and made me the happiest I could ever be. He saved me ❤️ he showed me true love, friendship, and loyalty. He is the best dog anyone could ever ask for and not a day goes by that I dont consider myself lucky to be able to share life with him ☺️

3 weeks ago

IMPORTANT ☝️ It has been an intense few days. Life and circumstances keep on changing. I definitely didn’t see myself here a year ago. I feel like a part of my journey has ended, and now I am onto a new one. It can seem scary, and sometimes hopeless, but I am not on this road alone. It may be a long road ahead, but I am determined to get better. As always, thank you all for following my story. Please consider joining the bone marrow donor registry. I currently have NO matches, and my options for treatments are dwindling. I must note that bone marrow matches are based on HLA typing. It is very specific, and is not like donating blood, where people are matched by blood type. Many have messaged me personally offering their bone marrows to me, but it simply doesn’t work that way 😞 (I appreciate the kindness, and I wish it were easier)! However, while being added to the registry may not necessarily help me (and yes, there is a chance it could), you will also have the possibility of matching with the THOUSANDS still waiting for their life saving match. Click the link in my bio ☺️ #bethematch #aamds @bethematch @aamdsif

4 weeks ago

Sometimes you just want a chicken nugget.

1 month ago

Cauliflour crust pizza that ACTUALLY TASTES AMAZING!!! 😎😍👌🏻

1 month ago

The final stretch! Excited to be going home. I have so many new things to look forward to 🙌💙

1 month ago

Poland was beautiful! So glad I got to have a taste of it 🍃😎👌🏻

1 month ago

Not sure which one I like better! Help me decide!!

1 month ago

Lookin like a cup of ☕️

1 month ago

Reflecting on this reflection

1 month ago

What do you mean “you don’t want that in here????”

1 month ago

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This post is long, and a pretty sensitive topic! I am about to start talking more about my rare illness. Both on here and on my channel. Why? Because it needs awareness. Because I do not have a perfect bone marrow donor match. Because SO many others do not either. If you are new, or just out of the loop (no worries), about a year ago I was diagnosed with a rare disease that affects about 1 in every million people. I literally won the shit lottery. The disease is called Aplastic Anemia (NOT ANEMIA AND NOT DIET RELATED). It is systematic failure of the bone marrow. Your bone marrow produces blood: white cells which power your immune system, platelets which help your blood clot and prevent bruising, and red blood, which helps oxygen travel to your major organs. My bone marrow has a hard time producing these cells, and so without frequent transfusions (thanks to wonderful people who donate blood), I would not be alive. Shortly after diagnosis I received a therapy similar to chemotherapy, and about 5-6 months later entered into remission. Unfortunately relapse rate is high and this disease (without a bone marrow transplant) is incurable. It has been difficult to deal with the meds, the transfusions, and constant stress. Having a rare disease means being misunderstood. I have had the incredible opportunity of becoming a spokesperson for Be The Match foundation, where every day, new donors are being registered and added to the database. In return, lives are being saved. I STILL do not have my match, but I never lose hope for having a cure. In my bio is a link. All it takes is a cheek swab to be entered into the database. You could be someone’s match. Maybe mine, maybe a young child’s, maybe a teen. ANYONE! You can SAVE a life. Learn more by clicking that link in the bio. Everything is explained on the website, and once again, thank you every one for the endless love and support! You guys rock! 💋💋 #bethematch #aplasticanemia #aamds

1 month ago

No editing, no filter. Just me, my face, my imperfections, and a giant zit on my forehead (his name is Rudolph and I hate him)🙌😂 The moral is: although its “fun” to play perfect on social media, its not healthy. No one looks THAT perfect and airbrushed in real life, so don’t sweat it if you don’t look like these goons on IG.