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1 week ago

Sending you a beautiful butterfly morning

1 week ago

Feelin real Bosswomanlikeish . 賤儭

2 weeks ago

I really used to save up my little checks to buy myself one pair of True Religions and now I just designed my own collaborative line of basics with them. Wow... You cant tell me law of attraction aint real. Look at my 2019 goals board! I literally have been Affirming everything i want. Keep setting goals, put in the work and if its for you it will always be. Gratitude to the highest being 颳umbled beyond words. Shop the collection in my bio... if you want.歹

2 weeks ago

Raise your hand if youre excited for my True Religion collab 撾儭 #August9th

2 weeks ago

Tell me anything

2 weeks ago

When life is just happening for you元撾儭歹 GRATITUDE TO THE HIGHEST BEING 樹 s/o to @truereligion for the collaboration opportunity... Im just a little girl from Buffalo, NY tryna make sh*t shake 歹歹 last night was literally a dream come true 歹

3 weeks ago

For all the girls that say they wish they were thicker ... this is the type of shit we deal with ! We had to get 3 skirts to make me one ! I love clothes so much but i often feel so limited bc i cant fit things .. hence one of the reasons why i created @bodybyraventracy (be patient Im gonna make dope stuff that fits everyone) but yeah ... i just wanted to share this very real moment with you that ppl dont really talk about ... you just see the cute pic on the gram .. you never know , maybe it took 3 skirts to get there 丹撾儭拎

4 weeks ago

Too much ??

1 month ago

I feel like Im channeling my future wife life in this dress .. hair just blowin in the wind 拎

1 month ago

GO READ my interview with @essence magazine on self love , body positivity and business! This is literally such an honor. I remember my grandma used to take me to get my hair done and there would be all these essence magazines scattered on the table and i remember thinking how beautiful black women were.. idk mad random but Im soooo excited for this opportunity! Literally checked off my list of goals ! Thank you @essence @bodybyraventracy

1 month ago

Shoutout to @hypebae for the feature as I discuss my opinion on body positivity, inclusivity @bodybyraventracy and whats next !