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1 week ago

I started BodybyRavenTracy off a whim. I woke up one day and i felt like body image , self love and confidence was a discussion that we as a society needed to have. I know this because i know how it feels to not feel good about myself !! I get it!! You look around and there’s so much “perfection” due to so many set standards in the media and as such a diverse culture of women we may often look around and ask “where do i fit in?” That angers me! So, i created @bodybyraventracy to give women who come from all different backgrounds, from all over the world , different shapes, sizes and ethnicities a platform where they can just be themselves. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE BODIED. YOU ARE THATTTT BITCH!!!! We are embracing what society views as flaws and we are highlighting them. I hope that when you look at the brand you can see someone that REMINDS YOU OF YOURSELF , i hope that you feel a sense of belonging & i hope you feel safe to be who you are. SELF LOVE IS A JOURNEY, BUT I PROMISE, IM ON YOUR SIDE, I HEAR YOU & I GOT YOU. I’ve had a lot of my own personal stuff goin on the last few months so everything has been kinda slow and steady but I’m ready now. I have new stuff in production!!! I’m so excited to continue to see you all grow and become more in touch with yourselves. I LOVE YOU ALL ! YOU ARE NOT ALONE I PROMISE 🧡🧡🧡 #bodybyraventracy ISSA MOVEMENT

2 weeks ago

At my main Bitch house wearing my best bitch swimsuit design @bymelissasimone

1 month ago

On some real, you guys don’t even know how proud I am. I waited yearssss to start offering something of my own to the world. I wanted to be able to create something that allowed me to express myself while helping other women. And boom ! I let go and gave it to the universe and here I am. Thank you🧡😩 Stay with me and tell me what you want. This brand is literally for all women. I have so much in store and i can’t wait to share it with you .🧡🧡🧡 experiencing so much gratitudeeeeee!!