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3 hours ago

Lovely Camila having her first taste of our brand new tonic LEMON BALM! An enchanting nervine Lemon Balm is a wonderful choice to help ease stress, anxiety and insomnia. This delicious tonic is also a great digestive aid with strong anti-viral properties. Camila says “I think you should have this one forever.” Lemon Balm fast becoming a favorite. 🍃 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

5 days ago

BUY 1 GET 1 HAPPY HOUR💫🌿 Stop by the shop today between 3-5:30 for a special happy hour deal and sneak peak of our newest tonic on tap! 💛 Buy a 32oz tonic and receive an herbtail on us featuring this enchanting nervine...😏 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

2 weeks ago

Soak up the last rays of summer with the regal and majestic Rose Tonic. Calming and uplifting “The Elevator” is a supreme mood enhancer. Come in the shop for a bottle. #simplestonics #drinkthewild

3 weeks ago

HANDS-ON HERBTAILS 🌿🍸 Join us at the Simples shop for an evening where you will learn how to combine flower essences, bitters & CBD products with our tonics to create delicious, healing herbal cocktails. After tasting some of the non-alcoholic combinations, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own signature herbtail with the fresh material provided, tuning into the subtle mood shifts that take place when you participate in plant magic. Ticket is $40 & space is limited so book online now with link in bio! #simplestonics #drinkthewild

3 weeks ago

Can’t make it into into the Santa Monica shop for our game changing tonics? Visit our online store for a great selection of herbal nourishment 🍃We offer many herbal vinegars & tinctures that utilize the same plants as are in the Simples tonics. Using fresh plant material from our garden, these mineral rich offerings are a great way to incorporate herbal tonics into your daily life. Order online today with the link in our bio! 💚 #simplestonics #drinkthewild #foodasmedicine

1 month ago

Tart and refreshing Schisandra “The Superhero” is a great choice to beat the summer heat! A great overall health tonic, Schisandra helps us stay hydrated, energized, mentally clear and alert even on the most trying of summer days. Come by the shop for a bottle. #simplestonics #drinkthewild #beattheheat

1 month ago

THE EVER UNFURLING ROSE 🌹 Join devoted herbalist Hanna Denison for an evening honoring Rose, one of the world’s most revered plants. This Thursday, August 16 from 6-8pm, Hanna will lead a workshop at Simples to taste, smell, listen and discuss ways to incorporate Rose medicine into your life. Ticket is $35 & space is limited so book online now with link in bio! Can’t wait to see you all there ♥️🌹 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

1 month ago

Introducing our “on tap” tonic for August ....Raspberry Leaf Tonic! This incredibly nourishing plant is loaded with vitamins and minerals including magnesium,potassium, calcium, iron as well as vitamin C and B vitamins. A super toner, Raspberry Leaf 🍃 is a great daily tonic for anyone and everyone, but is the number one choice for pregnancy, PMS, and menstrual cramping due to its ability to relax and tone the uterus. And with a taste similar to black tea, without the caffeine, you will want to drink this beauty cold all month long! ✨Come in the shop to learn more and have a taste. #simplestonics #drinkthewild

1 month ago

AN EVENING WITH CACAO ✨ Join us for a magical Simples workshop where Anna will guide you through a journey with the sacred and heart-opening plant, cacao! This Thursday, July 26 from 6:00- 8:00pm, Anna will be preparing ceremonial grade cacao for each participant to welcome wisdom through song, gentle yin yoga and meditation. Don’t miss out on this intimate workshop, ticket is $40 & space is limited so register today with the link in our bio 💞 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

2 months ago

At Simples, sustainability is one of our core values. We are fortunate to have a dedicated garden where we can compost all of the leftover plant material from our brews, as well as our compostable sample cups and napkins. This nutrient rich compost is then returned to the soil, feeding the beds that grow the medicinal plants we use in our vinegars and tinctures. We are not only reducing waste, but allowing nature to alchemize it into something beautiful and useful. Thank you to all of you who support us in our mission to bring the wild plants to the mainstream, one tonic at a time 💚🌿 #simplesgarden #simplestonics #drinkthewild

2 months ago

The Simples version of the Red White and Blue! Holding the intention for freedom from oppression and tyranny this Independence Day. The shop opens at 10:30 come in and let us nourish you. ✨🌈🍃 #simplestonics #drinkthewild #resist

3 months ago

Join Madeline Giles at the Simples shop for a midsummer night’s dream with Schisandra! This Thursday, June 21 from 6 - 8 PM, Madeline will guide a plant meditation and Angelic Breath Healing to connect with the radiant essence of the Schisandra Berry. Ticket is $35, space is limited so register today with the link in our bio 💗🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

3 months ago

Feeling blue? Stop in for our special summer tonic! Introducing the butterfly blue pea flower for a limited time only. Loaded with antioxidants and extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, blue pea supports healthy skin as well as neurological health. These are just a few of this blue beauty’s properties, stop by the shop to learn more and try it out! 💙 #drinkthewild #simplestonics

3 months ago

Our team is seeking positive, outgoing, knowledgeable and detail oriented people to be a part of our herbal revolution! We’re looking for individuals with some prior knowledge or a passion to learn more about herbalism and experience in retail, food and beverage service to work part time at our magical shop. If you feel called, please send your resume to info 🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild