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6 days ago

At Simples, sustainability is one of our core values. We are fortunate to have a dedicated garden where we can compost all of the leftover plant material from our brews, as well as our compostable sample cups and napkins. This nutrient rich compost is then returned to the soil, feeding the beds that grow the medicinal plants we use in our vinegars and tinctures. We are not only reducing waste, but allowing nature to alchemize it into something beautiful and useful. Thank you to all of you who support us in our mission to bring the wild plants to the mainstream, one tonic at a time 💚🌿 #simplesgarden #simplestonics #drinkthewild

2 weeks ago

The Simples version of the Red White and Blue! Holding the intention for freedom from oppression and tyranny this Independence Day. The shop opens at 10:30 come in and let us nourish you. ✨🌈🍃 #simplestonics #drinkthewild #resist

1 month ago

Join Madeline Giles at the Simples shop for a midsummer night’s dream with Schisandra! This Thursday, June 21 from 6 - 8 PM, Madeline will guide a plant meditation and Angelic Breath Healing to connect with the radiant essence of the Schisandra Berry. Ticket is $35, space is limited so register today with the link in our bio 💗🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

1 month ago

Feeling blue? Stop in for our special summer tonic! Introducing the butterfly blue pea flower for a limited time only. Loaded with antioxidants and extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, blue pea supports healthy skin as well as neurological health. These are just a few of this blue beauty’s properties, stop by the shop to learn more and try it out! 💙 #drinkthewild #simplestonics

1 month ago

Our team is seeking positive, outgoing, knowledgeable and detail oriented people to be a part of our herbal revolution! We’re looking for individuals with some prior knowledge or a passion to learn more about herbalism and experience in retail, food and beverage service to work part time at our magical shop. If you feel called, please send your resume to info 🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

1 month ago

Urgent call for help, beloved herbalist and teacher Jim McDonald suffered a heart attack while overseas. While his prognosis is good his family needs our financial support to help with travel and medical expenses. Please give what you can, no amount is too small. Let us join together to show Jim our gratitude for the many gifts he gives us and support him and his family in their time of need. Go fund me link in bio .Sending love and prayers to this beautiful family. ❤️🙏🌿

1 month ago

The final edition of Many Moons is now available at the shop and through our online store. These magical workbooks sell out quickly so get yours today..🌙✨ #simplestonics #drinkthewild #moonmagic

1 month ago

“When I am in good health and have ample energy reserves, I’m just happier and more positive. Tasks feel easier. The mountain doesn’t look so high. So my philosophy is to give the body the raw materials it needs to detoxify.” - Honored to share my thoughts with @goop on how I nourish my body and mind with our Simples Tonics. Check out the link to read more 🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

2 months ago

Just put on another 5 gallons of spring vinegars. Apple cider vinegar is a great way to extract the vitamins and minerals from the fresh nourishing herbs, creating a nutrient rich tonic that preserves Spring’s bounty. We harvested fresh Nettle, Chickweed, Cleavers, Calendula, and Borage from the Simples garden and now they will infuse for six weeks. We are offering a hands on herbal vinegar workshop at the Simples shop where you will learn more about these vinegar extractions and have a chance to make your own vinegar with fresh plants from our garden to take home. Thursday May 31st 6-7:30PM $35 Space is limited so register online or call the shop to save your space. #simplestonics #drinkthewild #simplesgarden #savingtheseason

2 months ago

MOON POTIONS HAVE ARRIVED! 🌚 These magical blends, lovingly co-created by @dorimidnight and @gottesss support and guide our work and intentions through three moon phases. 🌙 We are honored to carry them at the shop and in our online store.They are already flying off the shelf so get yours today! 🌝 #simplestonics #drinkthewild #moonmagic

3 months ago

🍃🍃NEW WORKSHOP🍃🍃 THE BENEFIT OF DIGESTIVE BITTERS With the abundance of information linking gut health to everything from immunity to mood, maintaining a healthy digestion and microbial balance is key to optimal health and wellbeing. Lacking in most modern diets, bitters play a critical role in healthy digestion. Bitters stimulate digestive secretions, which are essential in the proper digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients. Many of today’s digestive woes, including indigestion, reflux, and constipation can be traced back to a lack of bitter in the diet, and can help be remedied by utilizing these simple, common and powerful plants. 🌿Join Simples founder Traci Donat for an informative class and learn what digestive bitters are, how they work, and how to easily incorporate them into your daily regimen. Everyone will also have the opportunity to explore the bitter flavor sampling a variety of digestive bitters. Thursday, April 26th 6PM-7:30PM. 2724 Main Street. Santa Monica $25. Call the shop or register online to reserve your spot. 🍃. #simplestonics #drinkthewild #digestivehealth

3 months ago

NEW WORKSHOP! Madeline Giles will be back at Simples sharing a journey with our beloved Linden! We call Linden “The Hug” because of its immensely soothing, gentle and tender properties. Linden opens the heart and soothes the soul, and is a wonderful herbal ally for those experiencing anxiety, tension,sleep and digestive disturbances. Madeline will lead a plant meditation and Angelic Breath Healing (breath work) journey to connect to the energetic properties of Linden.🍃 Thursday, April 12th ~ 6 PM-8PM $35 *includes a 16 ounce Simples Linden Tonic. Call the shop to reserve your space! #simplestonics #drinkthewild #linden

3 months ago

TULSI, The Transformer has arrived! We are so excited to share the latest addition to the Simples family. A powerful adaptogen held sacred in India this aromatic plant is a wonderful ally for tension and overwhelm. Known to decrease stress hormones , this gentle warrior allows us to feel centered and balanced, supporting us through all kinds of stressors, emotional and physical. Tutsi’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties also makes it a powerful remedy for colds and flus. Come by the shop for a bottle! 🌿 #simplestonics #drinkthewild

3 months ago

As the seasons ebb and flow, at Simples so do we, our beloved Dandelion Tonic will be out of stock for the season. Wednesday is the last day to get yours until she returns in the fall. However we will be unveiling a new tonic later in the week so stay tuned for that. 🌿❤️✨ #simplestonics #drinkthewild

4 months ago

Pine Vinegar is back in stock! With a flavor similar to balsamic, Pine vinegar has high concentrations of both vitamin C and vitamin A, making it a great immune booster and anti-oxidant. A natural antiseptic, Pine can help ward off infections and pathogens and is a great go to for maintaining respiratory health and soothing coughs. But you will want to use it daily for its delicious flavor. Available now in the shop and our online store! #simplestonics #drinkthewild

4 months ago

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤️ Gratitude to the generations of women who helped us get where we are, to my sisters currently on the front lines, we got this, and to the next generation rising, may you carry the torch, and raise the bar even higher. ❤️❤️❤️ #simplestonics #drinkthewild #thefutureisfemale #internationalwomensday