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1 week ago

Just wish Instagram would be as good and fast as when he cut your pictures but instead with the insults and all the cyber bullying 😁🤷🏻‍♀️ my shoes : @egoofficial Photo: @igaraev

3 weeks ago

Half of my life all I did was waterski . I used to train the whole day . Never a holiday . Never a crazy night out . To be an athlete was very difficult , every competition was a huge stress , especially for someone like me super competitive ( If I didn’t win I would feel super bad ) . Everyone expected so much from me and I never wanted to disappoint them . I stopped because so many injuries to my left shoulder and because I wanted to live life the fullest (and if you compete professional you can’t , or at least me I couldn’t I was too focus) . But professional sport taught me so much: 1. never stop believing in yourself because what you can’t do today if you keep trying you can do it tomorrow . Believe in yourself always! 2. To accept the fact that you can lose . In life you lose and you win that’s normal . If we would always win it would be so boring ( accept also the bad time ,the bad day). 3. The importance of health . When I was in bed and I couldn’t move my shoulder after my second injure ( 3rd surgery)I understood that we are so lucky to have a healthy body and we should be super happy and appreciative this everyday . So many people don’t have this luck ( sorry if I did Any mistake. My English is not amazing , especially in writing 😅) #silvialicius #silviacaruso