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3 days ago

β™‘ Long hairstyles step by step β™‘ β € It's been a while since my last step by step post! I hope you like it 😌 I will try to make more soon! β € Steps: β € 1. Rough sketch: Sketch a rough guideline to indicate the shape of the hair + where some of the hair strands will fall. β €β € 2. Defined sketch: define your shapes, sketch in some more hair strands and darken your lines. β € 3. Shading: shade areas darker where shadows are cast. Leave areas bare for highlights (can also use an eraser or white gel pen). Continue to define your lines until you are happy! β € And that's it! I hope this was helpful, it's a little hard to explain the steps but I plan to make an in depth video soon! 😌 β € #art #drawing #sketch #kpop #tutorial #twice #redvelvet #blackpink #shookydoughstepbystep

1 week ago

Simple editing and posting from start to finish! Hope you enjoy ☺️ β € β € 🎼 : Middle child & S E S H - Euphoria