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@sfenvironment See full size profile   San Francisco's Environment Department: Our home. Our city. Our planet. #SFThingToDo 🌳💚♻️🚲💡

1 week ago

Summer’s for fun and sun—and for these high school students, an internship with us came in at number 1! 🥇🥇 These amazing young women just spent the past 7 weeks with us learning about everything we do— from zero waste, to energy, environmental education, and public policy... And all while still having fun. One of their biggest takeaways? Any job can be an environmentally-focused job, and really, the possibilities are endless. We’re going to need some sunglasses, because our future is looking bright! #FacesofSF 😎☀️

3 weeks ago

Summer’s for colors, exploration, and fun. Want to knock out all three in one go? Get your nails done at one of our certified Healthy Nail Salons. They use less toxic products, have safer practices, and better ventilation, so you can breathe easy knowing they’re healthier for you, their employees, and our planet. Who knew nails could say so much? #SFThingtoDo 💅✨

1 month ago

Say hi to Shoshana, our wood waste guru! 🧚‍♂️ Shoshana’s work centers around construction, demolition, and beyond. What does that mean exactly? When old buildings make way for new buildings, you get a lot of debris material like cement, brick, lumber, metal, and more. Shoshana helps out with San Francisco’s policy requiring this debris be recycled or reused— and also tackles it from the other end by looking at how to design buildings (from the beginning) to reduce their negative impact. And she still has time to do yoga. Shoshana’s heading to Yale to get her Master’s in Environmental Management, and we wish her the best of luck as she continues her environmental journey! 🌿 #FacesofSF

1 month ago

We like farmers markets. And we like reusable bags. Some Saturdays, you can even find us at farmers markets giving out reusable bags. If you aren’t too busy checking out all of the produce and goodies, stop by and say hi! 👋🏽 We’ll help answer questions on what items go in what bins (yes— coffee cups do go in the blue! ) and give you a tote bag if you forgot yours at home. #SFThingtoDo 🌎💚

1 month ago

Does your barista welcome you by name the second you walk through the door? If not, meet Zahra, a local business owner at Café International. ☕️✨ We met Zahra while visiting businesses about the new Plastic & Litter Reduction Ordinance. You know, the one we keep talking about. Zahra was well ahead of the game, offering her customers the choice of reusable mugs and plates— and paper straws only upon request. Zahra knows that using reusables reduces unnecessary waste, helps keep our streets and oceans clean, and can even save money in the long run. But on top of that, when combined with a warm personality and drink, it can also make us feel like we’re at home. Thanks, Zahra, for showing us the #SFThingtoDo. 🌏💚 #FacesofSF

1 month ago

#FacesOfSF : say 👋 to Ammon, one of @sfenvironment ’s talented data experts! Ammon works on our Green Building and Climate team, evaluating how we can get buildings to lower GHG emissions through things like switching to 💯% renewable energy or getting off natural gas. Ammon’s #PlasticFreeJuly tip is to carry a reusable utensils pouch to avoid single-use plastic. He keeps a reusable wooden cutlery set and reusable metal straw in his bag in the event that he is dining out and the only option is plastic. 🙌 #SFThingToDo

1 month ago

Happy #PlasticFreeJuly ! As of July 1, San Franciscans will see fewer plastic single-use items at their local cafes and restaurants. The new Plastic, Toxics, and Litter Reduction law will reduce plastic pollution by restricting the distribution of plastic straws and other foodware accessories commonly littered on our streets and beaches. Beverage cup lids, sleeves, condiment packets, plastic cutlery, and other single-use items are now available only upon customer request or at self service areas. Straws will only be available upon request. Help us cut down on single-use plastic. Remember to bring your own reusable bag, 💦 bottle, ☕️ mug, 🍴 utensils, and straws 🍹. Refuse the items you don’t need and choose reusable when you can! 💚♻️ #RefuseReuse #BreakFreeFromPlastic #SFThingToDo #GreenSF

1 month ago

Need help with what goes where? We’ve got you covered!!! Our team is going door-to-door in the Portola helping residents learn the rules of recycling. Have a question about ♻️? Let us know in the comments.

1 month ago

Wise words from @polly.barks on #zerowaste : . . “A zero waste lifestyle isn’t plastic-free. It’s using the plastic you have/get in thoughtful ways until it can’t be used anymore.” . . Everyone has different needs, access to resources and more — do zero waste can be different for everyone. Refuse the things you don’t need and reuse the things you do. #SFThingToDo #BreakFreeFromPlastic #PlasticFree #RefuseReuse

1 month ago

🌟 WELCOME 🌟 Say hi to our new Environment Now cohort! Look for these fun new faces out and about in San Francisco, speaking to our residents and businesses about #zerowaste and sustainability best practices. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! #SFThingToDo #FacesOfSF

2 months ago

Shining bright in black n yellow 🖤💛 to support our pollinators! 🐝🐛🦋 Happy #PollinatorWeek