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It’s nothing but all green-rated California seafood at the @montereybayaquarium ’s California Ocean Day reception in Sacramento. The Aquarium hosts this event every year to honor assemblymembers and senators who are Ocean Champions for conservation. A special thanks to our seafood purveyors for supporting this event: Fish. Hog Island Oyster Co. Pucci Foods Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar Tsar Nicoulai Caviar TwoXSea #oceandayca

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Don’t just wear green. Choose green 💚🐟🚦🍽💙☘️ SOME BEST CHOICES: Abalone (farmed) Arctic Char (farmed) Barramundi (US & Vietnam farmed) Bass (US hooks and lines, farmed) Catfish (US) Clams, Cockles, Mussels Cod: Pacific (AK) Crab: King, Snow & Tanner (AK) Lionfish (US) Lobster: Spiny (Mexico) Oysters (farmed & Canada) Prawn (Canada & US) Rockfish (AK, CA, OR & WA) Sablefish/Black Cod (AK) Salmon (New Zealand) Sanddab (CA, OR & WA) Scallops (farmed) Shrimp (US farmed) Tilapia (Canada, Ecuador, Peru & US) Trout: Rainbow (US farmed) Tuna: Albacore (trolls, pole and lines) Tuna: Skipjack (Pacific trolls, pole and lines) . View all 1,500+ science-based recommendations on our free app or #seafoodwatch #seafoodsmarter #stpatricksday #montereybayaquarium #mussels #bestchoice #green #greenlippedmussels #seafood

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Who else uses crab as a vessel to eat melted butter? 🙊 Most crab from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Norway is a green Best Choice or yellow Good Alternative. However, check our recommendations because some sources from these countries are on the Avoid list. Don’t buy imported crab from anywhere else unless it’s from a Best Choice or Good Alternative source. Download the SeafoodWatch app or visit for all our science-based recommendations for sustainable seafood. King crab visuals by @frankiefaded. #seafoodsmarter #seafoodwatch #sustainableseafood #montereybayaquarium #crab #kingcrab #seafood #seafoodlover

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How could you pass on this cockles and bass? . Cockles, US farmed bass and striped bass caught in the U.S. Atlantic with handlines is a green Best Choice. Striped bass caught with set gillnets or pound nets in the U.S. Atlantic is a yellow Good Alternative. . Dish by @chefrylo88 at @ardynnyc and photographed by @j.abbate_. Post via @chefsroll. #chefsroll #rollwithus #bass #cockles #seafoodsmarter #seafoodwatch #sustainableseafood #montereybayaquarium #seafood #seafoodlover #chef #cooking #sustainableliving

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Let’s taco bout halibut. When shopping for halibut, look for the blue @mscecolabel. Certified halibut fisheries include the US North Pacific, Canada Atlantic and British Colombia. . But buyers beware, US Atlantic halibut and Cortez halibut from Mexico is on the red Avoid list. . Pictured are beer battered halibut tacos with avocado, cabbage and chipotle cema from our California central coast partner @margaritavillecapitola #fishtacos #halibut #seafoodwatch #seafoodsmarter #montereybayaquarium #sustainableseafood #taco #tacos #bajatacos #fish #seafood #iloveseafood #seafoodlover

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Are you a sucker for Octopus? Take a pass on octopus from Mexico, Morocco, Philippines and Indonesia as there are concerns with either management, overfishing or bycatch. . Instead, if you choose to eat octopus, look for octopus from the US (Alaska is a green Best Choice and Hawaii is a yellow Good Alternative). Octopus from Canada is also yellow rated. . Octopus from Spain and Portugal can vary on sustainability depending on the fishing method. Pots and traps are recommended because they have little bycatch. However, octopus caught with bottom trawls is on our red Avoid list as the catch of threatened or endangered species is a serious concern. Photo from sustainable seafood advocate Chef @chefbillyd. Wood Grilled Octopus, harissa roasted bliss potatoes, benne seed hummus, salsa verde @market_place_avl . #keepcalmandoctopuson #suckerforseafood #octopus #seafoodwatch #sustainableseafood #seafoodsmarter #seafoodlover

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We are updating our standards! Want to have a say in the changes we are making? Our public consultation period is open until May 3. . We periodically review our standards to ensure we take into account developments in the scientific understanding of the impacts of fisheries and aquaculture operations, as well as in our understanding of what producers and managers can do to mitigate those impacts. . Scroll down to the 2019-2020 Standards Review Public Consultation section to access comment forms for our fisheries, aquaculture and salmonid fisheries standards (link in bio).

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Happy #WorldWildlifeDay ! This year the focus is on #LifeBelowWater. The ocean contains nearly 200,000 identified species, but actual numbers may be in the millions! Supporting better fishing and farming practices is one way you can help #marinespecies. Download the Seafood Watch app or visit us online (link in bio) to access all our science-based recommendations to make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. #SeafoodSmarter #SeafoodWatch #WWD2019 #DoOneThingToday #SDG #SDG14

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Going cray for crawfish?! 🤪 ✅Red swamp crayfish farmed in the U.S. in ponds is a green Best Choice because the environmental impacts are low. . 🔅Red swamp crayfish caught in Louisiana with traps is a yellow Good Alternative. The stock hasn't been assessed, and the limited management of this fishery is a concern. . 🚫Red swamp crayfish farmed in China in ponds is on the red Avoid list. Management and regulatory enforcement are weak to non-existent, leading to serious concerns about the impacts of effluent and escapes. Fertilizers and feeds are used, and it's unknown how much nitrogenous waste is being discharged when pond water is exchanged. Red swamp crayfish is an invasive species in China. If farmed crayfish escape and become established, they can cause significant ecosystem changes. They can also spread pathogens to native crayfish and farmed shrimp populations. . Photo by our LA restaurant partner @preuxandproper run by sustainable seafood advocate Chef @samuelmonsour ・・・ Fat Tuesday at Preux & Proper is just around the corner! Don't miss out on their Louisiana Crawfish Boil March 5th 4-10 pm. 🦞⚜️💚💜💛 • • • #seafoodsmarter #seafoodwatch #fattuesday #mardigras #mardigras2019 #nola #letthegoodtimesroll #laissezlesbontempsrouler #southernhospitality #yougottaeatthis #goodeats #fooddiary #eatstagram #dinnerisserved #foodphotographer #whatsfordinner #eatlocal #eaterla #infatuationla #latimesfood #eeeeeats #dinela

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A small school of blue rockfish swim beneath columns of giant kelp at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, surrounded by cold, jade blue-green waters. . Back in 2000, Rockfish populations off the west coast hit rock bottom and the fishery was declared a federal disaster. In response, better regulations and management were set. Thankfully our ocean is resilient and 14 years later our program upgraded 21 species of West Coast groundfish – including rockfish – from a red Avoid rating to either a green Best Choice or yellow Good Alternative. . Overfishing is one of the biggest issues facing the health of our ocean. Putting in place effective, science-based management protects species and preserves their role in the ecosystem. Management is one of the criteria our fisheries scientists consider when conducting assessments to create our sustainable seafood recommendations. Download our free app or visit to make more informed seafood choices. #seafoodwatch #seafoodsmarter ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #montereybayaquarium #pointlobos #californiastateparks #rockfish #kelpforest #sustainableseafood #ocean #kelp #sea #underwaterphotography #underwater

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I wish I looked this good up close...👀 Sea urchins are primarily caught for their roe, which is called "uni" when served in sushi. ✅When caught by divers, red sea urchin from Alaska, Oregon and Washington and green or red sea urchin from British Columbia, Canada is a green Best Choice. 🔅Then look for diver-caught red sea urchin from California and green sea urchin caught in Canada’s Atlantic, but know that there are some environmental concerns with these sources. 🚫Take a pass on green sea urchin caught by any method in Maine as the stocks are overfished. Also avoid green sea urchin caught with towed dredges in New Brunswick, Canada as the stock status is unknown and there are high discard rates of undersized or poor quality urchins, and it’s unknown if they survive. Urchin dredges (called “drags”) can also have considerable impacts on the seafloor, especially when towed over rocky ledges and boulder habitat. #seafoodwatch #seafoodsmarter #urchin #uni #seaurchin #redseaurchin #purpleseaurchin

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When forming a recommendation for wild-caught seafood, our fisheries scientists evaluate the impacts on the target species and how the fishery impacts other species like humpback whales. You can support better fishing practices by purchasing seafood from responsible fisheries. Download our free app or visit us online to see all our science-based seafood recommendations at Photo from our conservation partner in Monterey, CA. @discoverywhalewatch #seafoodwatch #seafoodsmarter #whale #humpback #savethewhales #saveouroceans #saveourocean

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Have you ever wondered how Seafood Watch sets the bar for sustainable seafood? Well, we’ve got a wide-ranging network of experts that we frequently engage to help us make sure our standards stay up-to-date with current scientific understanding, as well as the state of the seafood industry. One of the ways we keep in contact with these folks is through the annual meeting of our Multi-Stakeholder Group, or “MSG”. . The MSG is the decision-making body for approving Seafood Watch standards and includes experts from all corners of the seafood industry, including representatives from businesses, producers and suppliers. We also invite other stakeholders including academic professors, researchers, policy experts and other professionals who are seafood industry-savvy to share their feedback on our program and activities. . We are grateful to have some of the leading experts in the seafood industry offer their time to be a sounding board and guide our program in the most effective direction. #seafoodsmarter #seafoodwatch #montereybayaquarium

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Fighting climate change should "taste amazing," says @montereybayaquarium ’s Executive Chef @chefmatthewbeaudin , who recently transformed the Aquarium's restaurant to an almost entirely plant-based menu. “Like choosing sustainable seafood, choosing plant-based meals offers yet another fantastic opportunity to make a positive difference for our living world.” Pictured: 1&5) Bang Bang “Shrimp” made from algae and soy beans. It’s heavy on flavor and light on ocean impacts. The faux shrimp comes from @newwavefoods 2) Our vibrant new poke bowl features veggie “tuna” made from tomatoes. 3) Our Executive Chef @chefmatthewbeaudin 4) Crispy Brussels sprouts with pistachios and pomegranate 5) Impossible Burger with an entirely plant based patty. Read more at #SeafoodWatch #MontereyBayAquarium #vegetarian #fauxshrimp #food #oceanconservation #eatsustainably #sustainableliving #sustainableeating #seafoodsmarter #seafood #veggieworld #veggiefood

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Eat fish. Live Longer. Eat oysters. Love longer. 😘 Bivalves, like oysters, make a great sustainable seafood option and typically are rated as a green Best Choice or yellow Good Alternative. Download our free Seafood Watch app or visit to access all our science-based recommendations to make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. Photo from our restaurant partner @jaxlodo in Denver run by sustainable seafood advocate Chef @shelucero #SeafoodSmarter #SeafoodWatch #SustainableSeafood #oyster #oysters #seafood #heart #iloveseafood #oceanlove #oceanconservation #sustainableliving #sustainableeating

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💙 “If I’m going to be your Valentine, take me to a fabulous seafood dinner at a restaurant that only serves sustainable seafood.” Find a restaurant partner near you with the free Seafood Watch app or by clicking the link in our bio to access a list of partners (search by town, state or name). Already have reservations at a non-partner restaurant? Use our free science-based recommendations as a guide for any seafood purchases so you can make more informed decisions with the love of our ocean in mind. Photo by our SF partner @fogharbor #SeafoodSmarter #SeafoodWatch #SustainableSeafood #seafood #valentinesday2018 #valentines