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1 day ago

There's nothing like the peace you find when kayaking through a marsh. Once you're away from all the noise of town, nature fills your senses. The farm road at RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary leads you to a floating dock and will reward your paddle with a chorus of bird songs.

4 days ago

On Saturday of Fathers Day Weekend, come down to Malcolm X Park! We'll be painting new backers for the benches, or maybe you're in for a game of pickleball? Join us and @massdesigngroup for this fun and conversational event. Oh... and did we mention free ice cream?

6 days ago

If you've ever admired the Blue Flag Irises at Long Dock Park, we planted these native flowers since they thrive along stream beds and sedge meadows. Stop down this summer, its an ideal place for a picnic, riverside stroll, or to launch a kayak.

1 week ago

Summer got you looking for for a shady riverside trail? Maybe you haven't been up to our Falling Waters Preserve yet. 3 miles of green, leafy trails lead to some beautiful Hudson views. You can find this gem tucked away in Glasco, just south of Saugerties.

1 week ago

Gosling sighting: these may not be your favorite gosling, but they're awfully cute. Did you know they'll eventually mate for life and can live up to 24 years?

2 weeks ago

We love this photo of Ghost Pipe our field staff found last year at Shaupeneak Ridge. This ephemeral can grow quickly in the right conditions (rain after a dry period), and has been used medicinally to treat nerves since the 1800s. The conditions have seemed pretty good lately - has anyone spotted them hiding in the woods yet?

2 weeks ago

This verse by John Drinkwater seems apt while enjoying a sunset at Poets’ Walk Park: "I told the Sun that I was glad, I'm sure I don’t know why; Somehow the pleasant way he had Of shining in the sky, Just put a notion in my head That wouldn’t it be fun If, walking on the hill, I said “I’m happy” to the Sun."

2 weeks ago

We're so happy our conservation easement with farm helps bring you fresh flowers every Saturday at the @troymarket. Check out their chicken, veggies, beef and other goodies too!

3 weeks ago

PK-Clean up! About 50 volunteers from the @theculinaryinstituteofamerica spent their Saturday cleaning up Brookside Ave in Poughkeepsie. Over 20 full bags, roughly 1,000 lbs. of trash was removed. Invasive plants such as Ailanthus, Japanese knotweed, bittersweet vine, garlic mustard and Mugwort were removed and replaced with wild flowers and grasses to help create native habitat.

3 weeks ago

"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." —John Muir

3 weeks ago

Today is #OutdoorClassroomDay —a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. For years, Scenic Hudson educators have worked closely with area school districts to bring students to our parks for fun and inspiring #HudsonRiver field trips. #GetOutside

3 weeks ago

What type of fish do you think we found seining under the Walkway? This time of year, we usually find herring. They spend most of their lives in the ocean, but move into freshwater to spawn.

4 weeks ago

Your last stop doesn't have to be at the casino ruins for the best views. Just above the reservoir, take in a quiet moment along one of the rocky ridgelines atop Mt. Beacon. Race you to the firetower?

1 month ago

Pollution meter: Here's a close up of foliose lichen. Lichens are sensitive to air pollution. Sulphur dioxide causes a decrease in chlorophyll, eventually killing this food that many animals depend on.

1 month ago

All this rain is good for one thing - Hudson Valley waterfalls. Madam Brett's is raging right now. Where's your favorite waterfall spot in the valley?

1 month ago

Not all parks we create are just trails and views... SH Park at Irvington has trails and views AND basketball. Catch a pick-up game after your train ride home from work. You can walk over right from the station.

1 month ago

Bird's Nest fungi got it's name because it resembles tiny egg filled bird nests. Our @the_sca Preyah James discovered this one and caputured it with her macro lens. We love all of nature's surprises, don't you?

1 month ago

Watch your step! This little orange guy (known as a "red eft") is out looking for a new pond, where eventually he'll grow up to become an aquatic adult newt. His bright colors are a great example of aposematism - which is a complicated way to say 'don't eat me, predators'