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@savethereef See full size profile   New @karmagawa charity project, 100% of profits from SaveTheReef apparel is donated to charities working to save our oceans/marine life! #savethereef

10 hours ago

Which one of these pointless plastic packaging pictures pisses you off the most? Plastic packaging on lemons, pineapple, Nutella, or donuts? Thank you @pointless_packaging for all your posts, we MUST make everyone aware of this problem and end our reliance on single use plastic before it’s too late! Please share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities and and news media that need to see this as we MUST WORK TOGETHER to #endplasticpollution before it completely destroys our environment and wildlife in the next few years! #plasticsucks #singleuseplastic #saveouroceans #savethereef

4 days ago

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY MUST STOP NOW BEFORE WE LOSE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIKE TURTLES FOREVER! Please share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities and news media who need to see it to help us spread awareness of how endangered species like turtles are being mistreated! This poor turtle was stuck in a trap and had a large spear in its neck that spanned more than half of its body. Fortunately, thanks to some kind-hearted people, this turtle was saved with an emergency surgery and is now in stable condition, but too many other turtles and other endangered species cannot be saved in time so we must be a voice for them and speak up on their behalf — please share this video with your followers and tag people who need to see it and let’s work together to treat all animals better! #endanimalcruelty #savetheturtles #karmagawa #savethereef

6 days ago

REALITY CHECK - One early morning while inspecting the landings beach of a remote fishing port in SE Asia, we came upon this grizzly scene. My heart shattered and my mind raged….‘they are even hunting the dolphins!’ Over the past 2 decades, much of my work has focused on defending shark and ray populations that have been driven to the brink by commercial exploitation. But the truth is, with 90% of the large fish already taken from the oceans in the past 50 years, with the demand for seafood at and all time high, and with commercial fishing efforts greater than ever before in history, no species is safe from the nets, hooks and harpoons of the global fishing machine. I have always said that once the big fish, sharks and rays are largely exploited, they will take what is left - the whales and dolphins. Well, that is already happening today, with a recent study from @awionline estimating that at least 100,000 small cetaceans are hunted each year, putting many of these populations in serious jeopardy. Where do we draw the line? When has there been enough blood-shed, wanton destruction, barbaric cruelty, degradation of critical habits, and loss of keystone species before the global community finally wakes up to this hard fact - our reckless consumption is killing the oceans and we are the last generation to either turn it around, or stand by and watch it all slip away. I know my answer - and if each of us commits to a more responsible path, we can turn this around and create a brighter future - for nature and for us. 💙🙏🐬🔥🌏🌊Important post by @shawnheinrichs #savethedolphins #saveourseas #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

Reducing our use of plastic is key to saving our oceans, wildlife and planet in the future, but even when we’re successful in that endeavor (which we will be in time!), that still leaves a lot of existing plastic waste, the vast majority of which is not recycled. So, what can we do with all that waste? Here’s Dave Hakkens and his Precious Plastic recycling DIY project that gives plastic waste a second and useful life in the Netherlands. His plastic recycling machines shred the plastic waste and turn them into every day objects we can use. It’s not a perfect solution, but the problem is massive so this is at least a step in the right direction so please share this video with your followers, tag people who need to see it and also leave a comment below with your thoughts! We need to show everyone the many environmental projects that people are working on all over the world and hopefully videos like these can inspire new projects to help our planet too! Great video @gigadgets #plasticpollution #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

Here’s another interesting innovation in the fight to utilize more clean energy: harvesting wave power could become a source to generate sustainable and low-cost electricity. Meet Eco Wave Power, the company that converts wave power into green electricity! Back in 2012, this Swedish company started testing a wave energy harvesting system that could be installed on existing structures like breakwaters and piers. The company switched on its first grid-connected project in 2016, and has now announced the second – which will convert the rise and fall of waves at Jaffa Port in Israel into electricity. The new project has been co-funded by the Israeli Energy Ministry and will involve the construction and installation of floats along a 30 meter (100 ft) stretch of a pre-existing breakwater within the port. Each float has a surface area of 8.54 square meters (92 sq ft), and the expected capacity of the station will be 100 kW. They’ve also partnered with Siemens, which will provide the electrical and grid connection technology while also upgrading Eco Wave Power's components for improved system efficiency. What do you think of this idea, share this post, tag people who need to see it and let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below! Great video @gigadgets #newinvention #waveenergy #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

Could drinking beer help save our planet? Saving our oceans, reefs and marine life is our top priority, but we also must look to help surrounding areas like beaches that are lacking in sand due to overuse by local construction. A New Zealand brewery DB Export has designed a machine that crushes beer bottles into sand in seconds, which not only helps recycle the bottles, but also creates sand that can be used for construction to help with beach erosion control and coastal protection. Normally we don’t think about how important sand is to our ecosystem, but it plays a vital role in protecting our beaches, coastline and coastal developments from hazards such as erosion, flooding and storm damage so this machine could help and we have to admit…it’s a really cool idea! What do you think about this innovation? Please share this video with your followers, tag people who need to see it and leave a comment below with your thoughts! Good video @gigadgets #innovation #savethebeaches #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

Repost from @karmagawa We must all do what we can to help those in need so here are our co-founders @badboi and @timothysykes announcing $40,000 in donations from The Karmagawa Foundation to @earthalliance and @rainforestalliance to help curb deforestation and fight fires in the rainforest in South America and to @wckitchen and @teamrubicon that are already on the ground helping many individuals and families affected by Hurricane Dorian down in the Bahamas. Each charity will receive $10,000 from us to help further the incredible work they’re doing and we encourage you to check them out and donate to them too because while our planet is facing a great many challenges right now, we believe we can truly make the world a better place by working together and hard-working organizations like these do so much good so they deserve all the support they can get! Please keep sharing our videos/posts to help us spread awareness about these important issues to get more people involved and let’s use our social media platforms to change the world! #teamwork #newdonations #karmagawa

2 weeks ago

Our bestselling SaveTheReef charity hoodie is now back in stock in our online store so click the link in our bio and grab yours right away! After being sold out the past few weeks, these hoodies are once again selling fast again since they not only look great, but also 100% of the profits from their sales get donated to charities working to save our oceans and marine life like @gbrlegacy @coralgardeners @reef_restoration_foundation with more charities and donations to be announced soon thanks to you, our incredible community for whom we are SO grateful! And it’s not just about how much money we can raise for charity, we must each do our part to be more environmentally-friendly and spread awareness about this urgent issue before it’s too late in a few years! When you wear our charity merch, please take photos/videos and post them on social media and tag us so we can repost you...also talk about the fight to #savethereef #endplasticpollution to anyone who asks as these hoodies are great conversation starters! When someone asks you “why does it matter if we save the reef?”, that’s your opening to make them aware of how crucial it is for us all to work together to make our planet better! Any questions please feel free to DM too as our team is always standing by to help! #teamwork #karmagawa #savethereef

2 weeks ago

Repost from @karmagawa ⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Today is #laborday which celebrates workers, but also union affiliation in which people with a common interest work together to achieve a specific goal, usually for higher wages and better treatment from their employers, but in the case of this sad video exposing a barbaric practice happening in China, we ask you, our now 600,000+ person strong Karmagawa community, people with good hearts who desire to make this world better, to work together to alert everyone about this blatant animal cruelty so we can end this practice once and for all! Share it on Instagram, email it, text it, WhatsApp it, Tweet it, send this clip to EVERYONE you know and tell them to share it too! Many already know this issue and are disgusted like we are, but unlike trying to save #endangeredspecies like rhino, elephants and whales or to #endplasticpollution before it destroys our environment where there are no easy solutions, the fight to end the sale of these live animal keychains can be won quickly, but only when enough people are made aware of this and we all stand together to demand it be stopped RIGHT NOW! So, please share this video with your followers, tag people who need to see it like celebrities, news media and all your friends and family because if we this goes viral like the Amazon rainforest crisis, then media will cover it and inevitably political leaders will be forced to make legal changes banning this inhumane practice. This might not be a threat to our planet like the rainforests or climate change, but it is crucial that we humans not lose our humanity as that’s what makes us great. We must treat the animals that we share this planet with better so let’s start by demanding China ban the sale of live animals keychains! #savetheturtles #endanimalcruelty #karmagawa

2 weeks ago

BREAKING NEWS: The animal was just nine days old when it died during a show watched by a packed crowd at Varna Dolphinarium, according to local reports. The water park has dolphin shows 4 times per day during the during summer season and all of the dolphins are forced to perform throughout the day for the hordes of tourists who visit the popular park. Despite only being a few days old, the young dolphin was forced to perform alongside the older dolphins, it has been claimed. "There was a disturbance, the dolphins stopped playing and performing tricks", remembers one audience member who talked to the Bulgarian press. The show was then cut short, he says, and the visitors asked to leave. The body of the baby could be seen by visitors in the park's cafe, according to another distressing account. The water park has been criticized for its conditions by the animal protection organization Four Paws which points out that six animals - five dolphins and a seal - have died at the park over the past five years - a mortality rate that is much higher than in other marine parks. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS AND TAG CELEBRITIES, NEWSMEDIA AND PEOPLE WHO NEED TO SEE IT AS PARKS LIKE THIS MUST NOT BE SUPPORTED BY TOURISTS ANY LONGER! We at SaveTheReef are BIG believers in the #emptythetanks movement so we will continue to expose the terrible conditions these poor animals are forced to live in — and this latest tragedy is EXACTLY why dolphins should be free and we can help make that happen by spreading awareness about tragic incidents like this! We cannot allow newborn baby dolphins die like this anymore so please help us get the word out all over social media and let’s work together to put marine parks on notice! #endanimalcruelty #savethedolphins #karmagawa #savethereef

2 weeks ago

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! Repost from @karmagawa and @hugoclementk Yesterday, shooting for @francetvslash , I had one of the most difficult moments of my professional life. With @victor_peressetchensky and @seashepherdfrance we witnessed the killing of around 100 pilot whales in the Faroe Islands, the autonomous province of Denmark. These ultra-social and very gentle animals are protected by the Bern Convention on Wildlife. The Faroese eat dolphin meat and defend a tradition called "Grindadrap", which allowed their ancestors to survive in a hostile climate. Today, their supermarkets are full of food of all kinds, the population does not lack anything, but the dolphin hunting persists anyway. On average, 800 cetaceans are killed each year in the Faroe Islands. A few days ago, I plunged alongside @guillaumenery with pilot whales in the Mediterranean...They had been so curious, so welcoming. Complete report to follow in a few weeks — WE MUST END THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY NOW! Please share this important post and help the world see what’s happening here as once we spread enough awareness and there is enough public outcry then barbaric traditions like this will stop once and for all. Please share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities and news media that need to see it and let’s get the word out to stop this cruelty from happening in the future! #endanimalcruelty #savethewhales #savethedolphins #karmagawa

3 weeks ago

Share this post with your followers if you care about turtles and want them to be able to live safely in their natural habitat! Why do we continue to chose convenience over our wildlife and the environment? Single-use plastic water bottles are a relatively new phenomenon - they exploded onto the scene in the ‘90s, and have since become the norm - and now plastic is killing more than 1 million seabirds and animals EVERY year! Other forms of plastic packaging are no better, as you can see with these photos (1st: a Red-eared Slider caught in the plastic 6-pack rings, 📷: & 5 Gyres Institute, 2nd: baby sea turtle stuck in a plastic cup on their way to the ocean after hatching, 📷: Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program). We must do our part to alert EVERYONE we know, and all our social media followers too, in order to end our society’s reliance on single-use plastic and empower consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives instead! It’s not an easy change to make and we’ll need EVERYONE to work together to make this work, but when more people see the deadly consequences for our precious wildlife and our environment - and sadly at the current rate it’s going to get much worse before it can better - we have faith that people will recognize that it’s not even a choice but a necessity if we want our planet, and our own species, to survive in the future so spreading awareness is top priority...please share this pet and help us get the word out before any further innocent animals have to suffer or die! Thank you for the head’s up @turtleconservancy #savetheturtles #karmagawa #endplasticpollution #savethereef