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13 hours ago

We love this new art by @marcel_van_luit and its message that asks “How much longer can we hold our breath?” Because it’s our marine life that produces the majority of the world’s oxygen, so if you like breathing (and living), then you’d better join us to help #saveouroceans before it’s too late; at the current rate there’s going to be more plastic than fish in the ocean in just a few years from now! We can reverse this trend, but we MUST work together to #endplasticpollution ASAP and it starts with all of us spreading awareness about this problem as too few people know about how critical it is to our planet and also our survival! Please share this post, and look through our entire gallery and on @karmagawa too and share as many posts with your followers as possible...the situation is bad, but the fights is most definitely not over yet, it’s just beginning and together we can win! #teamwork #plasticfree #karmagawa #savethereef

1 day ago

We’re big believers in figuring out new ways to solve the world’s greatest environmental problems so we love that these students in Cameroon came up with an idea to turn wasted plastic bottles into boats! One of the biggest reasons our oceans, marine life and environment are suffering so badly is plastic pollution continues to grow at an astonishing rate all over the world and no matter what we do, it’s not going to go away overnight so we must get creative in figuring out potential solutions....and this one seems like a good idea, right? What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know and whether you like it or not, please share this video with your followers and tag people who need to see it in the comments below because by spreading awareness about this urgent issue, more people will come up with new ideas to try to help and we can #endplasticpollution once and for all by working TOGETHER! #teamwork #plasticsucks #saveourseas #karmagawa #savethereef

2 days ago

We love this video and its goal to spread awareness about such an urgent issue: Two synchronized swimmers have performed in a pool full of plastic to highlight the fast-growing problem of plastic pollution. Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe @kate.izzy_official carried out their World Championship routine doing their best to avoid drinking bottles, toiletries, carrier bags and containers as this is the kind of plastic waste being dumped into the world's oceans, causing serious issues for our environment and marine life. The swimmers added, “....thought we should share this, we are proud to be involved in this project & yes, all plastic was reused and recycled” so please share this video with your followers and tag people who need to see it in the comments below because when we work together we have the power to truly influence companies to use less plastic and we MUST act before it’s too late since it’s expected that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans in just a few years! #plasticsucks #endplasticpollution #karmagawa #saveourseas #savethereef

3 days ago

To anyone who thinks that our environmental problems are too big for any one person to do much good, get inspired by this 9-year-old entrepreneur who has been very busy doing what he can to help reduce plastic waste while also earning money for his college fund! Yes, we do have some very big and urgent problems that we must face head on, but if each one of us does what we can to help in our own way, we will solve this problem together and become more united as a result. So, instead of getting depressed thinking about how big the battle to #endplasticpollution is, think of ways that you can help and we’ll tell you the first step right now: please share this video with your followers and tag people who need to see it in the comments because if one young boy like Ryan can prevent 500,000 cans and bottles from reaching the ocean (so far), imagine what you, your friends and your family are capable of doing to help too! #teamwork #dailyinspiration #plasticrecycling #karmagawa #savethereef

4 days ago

This is a difficult video to watch, but everyone MUST be made aware of how urgent this problem is so please watch and share this important post with your followers. Roughly 50 years ago, only 5% of sea birds had a few pieces of plastic in their stomachs, but the percentage has risen to 90% and by 2050 it will reach 99%! Remember, these birds feed their young whatever they put in their mouths so they are literally feeding their chicks to death due to them consuming all these plastic pieces! From the BBC documentary “Drowning In Plastic” #endplasticpollution #savethebirds #karmagawa #savethereef

5 days ago

We really hate seeing videos like this, but this is the situation we’ve put ourselves in and we MUST not turn a blind eye...instead we must confront this problem head on before it’s too late! Repost from @rebekah_mermaid Just trying to surf here guys...Never before have I actually witnessed so much plastic in the ocean. 💔 With every stroke I took, plastic plastic plastic...PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO OCEAN FRIENDS! This was the worst surf session of my life. Plastic everywhere, with one glass bottle at the end. Never before have I witnessed so much plastic floating around in the ocean. Never before have I felt so disconnected #endplasticpollution #saveourseas #karmagawa #savethereef

6 days ago

This video is absolutely tragic and it’s difficult for us to even watch, let alone share, but people must be made aware of how our plastic debris is killing the environment and marine life like these turtles all over the world. The worst part is none of this plastic will break down anytime soon, so it will impact and kill generations of wildlife, on and on and on...we MUST ACT NOW to #endplasticpollution before we get to point where it’ll too late to fix this (we still have time to fix this right now)! Please share this post with your followers and tag people who need to see this in the comments below! #saveourseas #karmagawa #savetheturtles #savethereef

1 week ago

URGENT CRISIS, Please Share: Bottled Water Drinkers Could Consume Up to 640,000 Microplastics a Year! A new report is finding that our water bottles are not safe from microplastic pollution. The Plus Plastic report by @orbmedia reveals how much plastic is in our favorite water bottles. More specifically, these plastics are called microplastics. According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, microplastics are any type of plastic fragment that is less than five millimeters in length, and they are everywhere. Nestlé Pure Life was the brand with the most microplastics, about 10,390 particles per liter. Second worst was Indian bottled water provider Bisleri with 5,230 particles per liter. Thereafter, were Gerolsteiner (5,160), Aqua (4,713), Epura (2,267) and Aquafina (1,295). San Pellegrino was found to have the least amount of microplastics with a mere 74 per liter, followed by Evian (256), Dasani (335), Wahaha (731) and Minalba (863). So, Nestlé Pure Life drinkers could be consuming a staggering 640,024 microplastics a year. And the numbers aren't much better for other brands. Bisleri drinkers could be consuming up to 322,168 microplastics a year. Gerolsteiner (317,856), Aqua (290,321), Epura (139,647), Aquafina (79,772), Minalba (53,161), Wahaha (45,030), Dasani (20,636), Evian (15,770) and San Pellegrino (4,558). TRULY INSANE, WE MUST DO BETTER so please share this post with your followers and help us spread awareness about this URGENT issue before it gets even worse! #saveourseas #endplasticpollution #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

This video exemplifies why we’re so excited for the future because while @namib_naude was already a hero for saving seals caught entangled in fishing lines, it was a tricky process to grab a seal and hold it down while cutting away the fishing line because they don’t understand he’s actually trying to help them so they always put up a fight. But now thanks to his friends @blubberhunter and @rescuesbyslp the process just got A LOT more efficient thanks to this specially designed net and TEAMWORK! It’s definitely a sad sign of the times that these seals must be saved like this in the first place, but humanity did not just cause this problem, we’re also the solution and we can achieve miracles when we WORK TOGETHER! Please share this important video to help us spread awareness to even more people who can join our cause to #saveourseas and #savetheearth too! #teamwork #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

Don’t try this yourself as @namib_naude is a trained professional, but we love that his hobby is freeing seals that get tangled entangled in commercial fishing line that’s been discarded overboard. Many people talk about wanting to #endplasticpollution when it comes to straws and plastic bottles, but they forget about one of the most common forms of plastic, fishing line that wounds and kills too much of our marine life! Keep up the good work Naude and everyone else reading this please share this post to help more people understand this issue before this problem gets any worse! #fishingline #saveourseas #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Video reposted of @capt_buddy and his needless shark shooting // URGENT CALL TO ACTION By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the awful video of the bull shark being shot to death in Naples, Florida by an individual who publicly stated he shot the shark because he was angry that it took his fish. He shot and killed an apex predator that was doing what it has been instinctually been doing for 400 million years - and has been trying every way to justify this CRUEL and ILLEGAL act. PLEASE, for the love of sharks and the health of our oceans, I urge you to SHARE this video with your followers. PLEASE SHARE it so it may discourage other individuals from such egregious acts, SHARE it to make people aware that shark cruelty is real and happening and it’s ruining our fragile ocean ecosystems. I also urge you to contact FWC and let them know we can not allow these heinous acts to continue with little to no consequence! TOGETHER, we CAN make a difference. We MUST speak for those who can’t and we MUST stand up to protect our wildlife before it’s too late #savethesharks #saveoursharks #saveourseas #karmagawa #savethereef

1 week ago

How cool is this gigantic fish? Continuing with your education of the world’s most fascinating creatures that live in/around our oceans, this is the ocean sunfish or “mola mola”, one of the heaviest fish in the world with adults weighing between 500 and 2,200 pounds! In some countries they’re called “swimming heads” because they don’t have tails, they use their fins alone to move across the ocean. And when they’re not looking for food up to 500 feet deep in the ocean, they like to sunbathe on the ocean’s surface to warm themselves up, which is how they got their name. While mola mola are not an endangered species, they are listed as vulnerable because they are known to suffocate on plastic bags as the bags resemble their favorite food which is jellyfish…so we MUST #endplasticpollution to help this beautiful species survive! #saveouroceans #saveourplanet #karmagawa #savethereef