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@sashamade  📍 Toronto ɢ ʜ ᴇ ᴛ ᴛ ᴏ • ᴘ ᴏ ʟ ᴋ ᴀ ♠️ Booking JANUARY NO DMS // EMAIL ONLY 🌐 🐶 @davincidobermann 💛@thehalfdecent

3 days ago

♠️ Super lame non tattoo post ♠️ Sometimes, I like putting up photos of us because I enjoy showing off what a fucking babe @thehalfdecent is. Also, he looks at me the way he looks at chocolate and that’s literally all I could ever ask for.😘 #tfpisforever

5 days ago

♠️ PLEASE READ BELOW ♠️ 2018 has been quite the fucking whirlwind, in the most incredible ways ever! I’ve had the privilege of jet setting for guest spots all around the globe, learning from some of the best tattoo artists in the world, and, of course, tattooing some incredible and trusting individuals. I want to thank you guys by giving away a free tattoo as soon as I reach the 20k milestone!😊 Please make sure you read the following rules carefully, and follow ALL of them, otherwise your entry will not count. 1. Follow my account, if you aren’t already doing so. 2. Tag FIVE friends in this photo. 3. Repost your FAVE tattoo that I’ve done. 4. Include the hashtag #sashamade20k in the caption. 5. Tag me in the photo. 6. Make sure your account is PUBLIC!! 🎁 Winner will be announced January 2, if 20k is reached by then. If not, the draw will happen within 48 hours after 20k is reached. Winner must select from EXISTING flash for their free tattoo. Tattoo will be done in TORONTO. *You may post once a day until the draw* YOUR ACCOUNT CANNOT BE PRIVATE TO ENTER. GOOD LUCK💛

6 days ago

♠️ Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation. ♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

6 days ago

♠️ TORONTO - JANUARY ♠️ I am now booking dates in JANUARY. Please include size/ placement/ theme as well as references of my work with elements you like. ✉️Email: Sasha to book

1 week ago

♠️ TFP Forever by @mikekennytattoos ♠️ Thank you to the fucking rad @mikekennytattoos for branding @thehalfdecent and I forever!💛 If you aren’t familiar with him yet, you absolutely should be as he is the lettering KING. No, seriously... if you don’t already follow him you’re missing out. #tfpisforever

1 week ago

♠️ Emancipate ♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

1 week ago

To those who aren’t offended by everything: My flash depicting a nipple and a shadow in the crease of a man’s ass was reported by someone and deleted. I reposted a censored version a few minutes later so that the person who reported had time to grab themselves some tissues so they could cry about their sensitivity. Unfortunately, the tissues were poor quality and caused irritation- so the person reported me again. Anytime i post flash that alludes to sexuality, I will now post it on my website and let you guys know with a vanilla, safe space Instagram post, sending you into the direction of my raunchy and wild website. It’s truly depressing that this platform promotes a copious amount of narcissism, inflated egos, violence, ignorance and hate- but god forbid a tasteful (HA) rimjob gets posted. 2018, you are officially the most sissy year in existence. TO VIEW THE FLASH: Click the link in my bio.

1 week ago

♠️ Erotic // Erotic ♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

3 weeks ago

♠️ I’m eating all your kings and queens...♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.