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1 day ago

See what happens when a decorative gourd gets a flavor makeover. Meet the new seed on sale now. {Link in bio.} Stay tuned—more new releases coming soon. #centercutsquash #row7seeds

2 days ago

Kitchen discovery: koginuts bleed sugar. Regram @chefdanbarber There’s something crazy happening with the koginuts. Fully cured and stored for several months…now when roasted (with nothing added), they have started dripping in their own squash sugar. #row7ontheline #row7seeds #koginutsquash

1 week ago

Bitter CAN be better. Ages ago, bitterness helped us detect toxins in certain foods. The first, wild cukes were quite bitter and definitely not fit for consumption. Evolution—and human selection—took over from there, transforming the cucumber into something not just palatable, but delicious. These days, modern breeding has all but erased their inherent complexity in favor of slightly sweet (and mostly banal) fruit. Cue Zaid Kurdieh of @norwichmeadowsfarm , whose stories of cukes of yore that could fill a room with their fragrance set @mazlabseeds on the path to the 7082 Cucumber. Turns out a little bitterness goes a long way… creating an intriguing depth of flavor, a naturally insect-repellant plant and one very memorable cuke. #flavorintegratedpestmanagement #row7seeds #7082cucumber

3 weeks ago

It’s catalog season! Early 20th-century seed catalogs celebrated breeding and trials with photographs of growers and scientists at work. More of that, please. #row7seeds

3 weeks ago

Things to be thankful for: the human ingenuity that took these sea beets from wild, coastal shrubs to beetroots, Swiss chard and sugar beets. Imagine where flavor will take us next. #row7seeds #flavormutiny

1 month ago

Today, vote with more than your fork. 🗳

1 month ago

Squash = dropped. Koginut squash bowl — and roasted Koginut fries — @sweetgreen stores nationwide today! 💥 #sgxrow7

1 month ago

So delicious, it’s scary. Koginuts are lighting up @sweetgreen stores nationwide starting tomorrow. 🎃Link in profile. 📸 @sweetgreen #sgxrow7