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1 week ago

The new "vine-ripened"? Breeder Michael Mazourek color coded Robin’s Koginut Squash for your convenience. Fruit on the vine turn from green to bronze when ripe, so you know exactly when to pick for peak flavor and nutrition. 🚦 #row7seeds #ripenessindicator #flavormutiny

3 weeks ago

Ask farmer Zaid Kurdieh of @norwichmeadowsfarm to describe the cucumbers of his youth, and he’ll tell you stories of long-forgotten varieties that filled a room with their fragrance. Breeder Michael Mazourek took up the challenge of rediscovering them, marrying heirloom flavors with modern disease resistance in the field. The result? The 7082 cucumber, a stubbled green slicer that’s memorably delicious. #row7seeds

2 months ago

“I’m not here to defend that vegetables need to be expensive; I’m here to defend the high-end restaurant as a laboratory for ideas and as an atelier, which is what it always has been,” said @chefdanbarber. “Luckily in these last few years that atelier has changed from concentrating on what we can do with lobster to what we can do with beet. I see the vegetable taking as much prominence as caviar and foie gras did 20 years ago.” [link in profile]

2 months ago

Breeding challenge: how to make a purple pea purpler — and more delicious, too? Stained hands are the first sign of success. #row7seeds #row7trials

3 months ago

If this Row 7 seedling has a special glow, it’s because it's on sacred ground: the garden of the extraordinary Joan Gussow #row7seeds #joangussow

3 months ago

The first of the Badger Flame Beets are popping their shoulders through the soil, and they're probably thrilled to have made such a quaffable premiere in the "Bad Reputation" -- a beet-inspired riff on the French 75 debuting tonight at @bluehillfarm #badgerflamebeets #row7seeds

4 months ago

An icon of physical science, and the inspiration for the name “Row 7.” When scientists conceived the modern periodic table, they left blank spaces in the seventh row—placeholders for elements yet to be discovered. Here’s to many more discoveries in the rows, on the line and at the table. #row7seeds

4 months ago

A Habanada History Lesson — Part 5: . Semi-finalists in @mazlabseeds Habanada breeding trials . The judge's tasting notes: . Dark green ripening to orange (middle left): Nah, not as fragrant as light green . Light green ripening to red (top right): Not as fruity and bright tasting as peppers that ripen to orange . Light green ripening to orange (bottom right): That’s the one! . #habanada #habanadaweek #row7seeds

4 months ago

A Habanada History Lesson — Part 4: . A few generations into his heatless habanero experiments, Michael Mazourek @mazlabseeds realized he was losing some of the fruity habanero fragrance he loved… . Crossing his breeding lines back to a true habanero helped to boost their flavor — but also brought back their fire. . The good news? Now he had this DNA test to identify the peppers without spice at the seedling stage — data taken from analysis of a seedling leaf. Michael only transplanted the seedlings that would grow up to make non-spicy peppers, saving tons of time, space and labor — and of course, sparing his taste buds. #habanadaweek #habanada #row7seeds