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@roqlarue See full size profile   Est. 1998. Open Wens- Sun 12-6pm “Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds” group show opens 8/8!

17 minutes ago

LOVE this mix of old and new- in more than one way. John Brophy designs his paintings in a 3d modeling program- then once it’s to his liking he recreates it completely over again in oil paint- the mix of old an new techniques create imagery that has a bit of uncannyness. Of course- a classical still life rendered in oils on panel of a Star Trek phaser just adds to the delightful mix of old and new. This piece is on view at the gallery for “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Hearts” and we are excited to welcome John Brophy back to the gallery for a solo show this November! @jwbrophy

1 day ago

Frankly, just a bit giddy with excitement over the new work Josie Morway is creating for her October show with us! @josiemorway #wip

6 days ago

We just got two Ray Caesar pieces in our Backroom Inventory section. We have this stunner “The Guardian” circa 2004 - DM us for info and pricing or go to our site (link in bio) and check our Inventory section to see all the amazing things we have!

1 week ago

Coming up! This sketch is the basis for a new painting by Travis Louie for his upcoming Roq show opening September 12th! Be sure to DM us to get on his collectors email preview list! @travislouie @naughtybadger

1 week ago

We got two wonderful miniature pieces by Jean Labourdette for our current group show. These are sold but you can come admire them at the gallery through Sept 8th! We are open Wednesday-Sunday 12-6! “Perplexed Pigeon” oil and golf leaf on panel. “La Main Couronnée” oil, mixed media @jeanlabourdette

1 week ago

Peter Ferguson “Hedgerow Rebellion, 1962” oil on panel - this piece is in our latest show “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Diamonds” now up at the gallery! The frustrating part with posting art on IG is that so many artists we exhibit work with meticulous detail and that’s hard to show on a tiny screen! Definitely take a closer look! @ethicsgradient2000

1 week ago

Well, we really blew it... yesterday was #worldelephantday and what better time to show this incredibly wonderful new painting by Travis Louie in our current show “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Diamonds” up now at the gallery. Today will have to do- it’s always a good time for elephants. DM us if you want more info on this piece “Elephant Walk”! @travislouie

1 week ago

Congrats to Debra Baxter for her profile on Colossal! We actually have this incredible highlighted glass and crystal heart piece at the gallery, one of the few available pieces from her recent show...DM us for more info! @debrabaxterstudio @colossal

1 week ago

A detail shot of of a WIP by Josie Morway... known for her incredible, hyper realistic and mystical paintings of birds and mammals- Morway’s new pieces are exploring some new elements - like this dessert disaster caused by some naughty corvids! We’ll reveal the whole piece soon- Morway has a solo at the gallery this October! DM us to be placed on a preview list! @josiemorway

1 week ago

This beauty is on view at Roq La Rue- the latest trilobite (Paracerurus exsul- 440 million years old) painstakingly recreated from fossil evidence by D Allan Drummond. This bronze sculpture is removable from its custom made wall mount so you can inspect all the detail as well as use it to chase small unruly children around- what better way to install a love of science and natural history? This is an edition of only 5. @dadrummond #naturalhistory #trilobite #ancientarthropod

2 weeks ago

Brian Despain, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Casey Weldon, Isabel Samaras, and Bella Ormseth at the opening tonight for “Ace Of Spades, Queen of Diamonds” .

2 weeks ago

Casey Weldon showing some love next to his sold piece at the “Ace Of Spades, Queen of Diamonds” show opening tonight!

2 weeks ago

We just got in this new Casey Weldon painting “Brimming” for our group show opening TONIGHT! We love Casey’s candy colors, luminous lighting, and of course his crazy cats! What could be better for International Cat Day? @caseyweldon

2 weeks ago

After the “Heart of Gold” bronze and amethyst hinged hearts by Debra Baxter sold out at her recent Roq show- she was inspired to create a new version! This piece is hand carved by Debra and then cast in bronze and double silver plated. Quartz is hand inlaid after. “Silver Heart” is available at the gallery for the “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Diamonds” show opening Thursday August 8th! @debrabaxterstudio #crystal #ghostheart

2 weeks ago

Artist Jeff Jacobson and I had been talking about a mutual appreciation for the hummingbird paintings of 19th century painter Martin Johnson Heade- all featuring exotic orchids and birds set against a hazy distant tropical background. When I asked him to do our first mural in Roq’s current space- he took that concept and updated it- using birds, flowers, and a background all culled from our Pacific Northwest landscapes and species! @jefferytjacobson

2 weeks ago

Love this amazing new psychedelic piece by Camille Rose Garcia for our “Ace Of Spades, Queen of Diamonds” called “Guardians Of Venus 2” - show opens this Thursday! @crgstudios

2 weeks ago

Strange things are afoot at the Roq! It’s installation time at the gallery which is one part Christmas, one part cat circus, one part hair pulling out. But this place is going to look unbelievable come Thursday for the “Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds” show! Join us won’t you? Or DM us to get the email collectors preview... #gallerylife #popsurrealism #capitolhillartwalk

2 weeks ago

We met artist Isabel Samaras 20 years ago when we hosted a show curated by Lisa Petrucci called “Dangerous Dolls”- a survey of female artists working in the Lowbrow art movement. Bowled over by her naughtily humorous and kitschy takes on pop culture we’ve been pleased to work with Isabel over the years and that includes having this stunning piece in our upcoming show “Ace Of Spades, Queen Of Diamonds” opening this Thursday and celebrating being open and serving the good stuff for over two decades! @lil_lisa_petrucci