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21 hours ago

What you see here is the result of two afternoons of urban foraging. Less than eight hours yielded what would have cost over $700 to purchase organic at the grocery store. And I did it all on bicycle with a trailer! It is truly astounding what is growing free all around us. None of these fruit trees were watered or fertilized. Producing fruit is just something they do. This is just a tiny sampling of what I saw while exploring Southeast Florida over the last week. This wasn’t even peak mango season. So, how’d I do it? I rode a bicycle with a trailer around and searched out fruit that I believed nobody else was going to eat. Searching for trees where the ground was littered with spoiling mangos was the most obvious way of doing this. If the tree was on a residence I knocked on the door and said something like, “I see all these mangos on the ground. Is anyone eating the mangos from this tree or are they going to waste.” The typical response was, “Please take them! There’s too many and they are falling on my car.” At every tree I cleaned up a little bit and left the place in better condition than I found it. Many of the trees I foraged from were on public land and abandoned lots. I put my focus into the fruits that were far out of reach that few others would bother to harvest. A 20-foot picking pole made that possible. Down here people seem to know about the mangos. It’s hard to miss them. But I found about a dozen edible fruiting trees, most of which few people even knew were there or were edible, right in their own neighborhood. Starfruit, pond apple, tropical almond, coconut, avocado, Malay apple, longan, avocado, lychee, sapodilla and others. And that’s just some of the fruit trees. The list of edible foods growing for free around us could go on and on. All while corporations have convinced us that we need them and that only their food is safe. The reality is that their food is often the least safe and we don’t need them. I’ll be honest that the processing of this food was hard work. The foraging was only part of the work. But I’m more than willing to work for good health, a purposeful and meaningful life and a more just food system.

3 weeks ago

Meet Pastor Sarah Robinson @sunshinesrr ! When I moved to Orlando six months ago I didn’t know where I was going to live. My plan was to build a tiny house, but in the meantime, I needed a roof over my head. I had met Sarah about a year prior and although we only spent a few hours together, I knew that we were on a similar path. So, in December I decided to see if she would want to host Cheryl and I for a month. I proposed that I’d build her a big garden in her front yard! She said yes, and we ended up converting her ENTIRE front yard into a garden. Within a few months we were growing more food than we could eat and sharing with the community. One month turned into four months and those four months are just the beginning. In her personal life she is always working to live a little more sustainably and show her friends that it can be done. She shows EVERYONE the garden and invites everyone to eat from it. I would constantly hear her yelling to people walking by, “Hey! Want some cucumbers? We’ve got so many!” I’m very excited about her mission at the Audubon Park Church, which has been transforming for the last few years. It all started with a veggie garden from Fleet Farming that took over part of the yard to produce veggies for the community. Her church is a hub for the community and the doors are always open to help good initiatives and projects to flourish. Together we have planted nine Community Fruit Trees, which will be free for everyone in the church and the community to pick from. Imagine a church where fruit is growing for free at your reach! Sarah will be working with Orlando Permaculture to put in edible landscaping throughout the church yard. The goal is for the church to produce food for the community, produce their own solar energy, and to be a hub for action and service in the community. Even more, her mission is for this church to serve as an example of what can be done across the nation. If other Pastors followed Sarah’s lead, the sky would be the limit for the benefit it could bring to our nation! Thank you, Sarah, for all you do for the community and for all that you have done for me!

3 weeks ago

I promise never to be a millionaire. I bet you haven’t heard that before! If all goes as planned I will die with almost no money to my name. I’m dedicated to a true life of service, and being a millionaire is not a part of that equation. I will not be a millionaire by any financial standard, unless you re-think what it means to be a millionaire…. Perhaps when I die someone could add up all the value that I brought to the world, the vegetables grown from the gardens I built and the millions of seeds I gave freely, the fruit from all the Community Fruit Trees I planted, the community programs I helped to start, the money I raised for grassroots nonprofits, and so on. And perhaps it would add up to millions of dollars in value. De-centralized value that is spread out for the good of humanity. Now that’s my kind of millionaire. That’s something I could stand truly proud of. I refuse to measure my worth by what I have, but rather, what I have given to better the lives of others. It’s not about money. It’s about living a life of deep moral and ethical values and living for the benefit of the earth, our communities and ourselves. And typically, I haven’t seen huge sums of money to be a beneficial tool in living a life of that manner. Nope, instead I see it as a tool that leads to wanting more and more and more, typically at the burden to others and the earth. I see people with the best intentions lose sight of it all once they get their hands on too much money. Many would say I should wait to give until I invest and have a lot more money so that I can do more. But it doesn’t really seem to go that way once you’ve got it. More importantly I believe there isn’t time to keep all that money. Now is when it’s needed. Now is the time to give. There is no waiting years or decades. If we all gave ourselves and used our money wisely today, we’d be in a much better place as a global society. I’ll say it again, I promise never to be a millionaire. But I promise to spread the good and the love like few millionaires can. Photo credit: Live Wonderful Photography @danielle_werner Planting a Community Fruit Tree in Orlando, Florida

3 weeks ago

I love you. I really do. I’ve been practicing unconditional love for about decade now and I get better with most years. I have my setbacks, but I am always moving towards love and away from hate. When I’ve made “I love you” posts like this in the past, some people have made comments to the effects of, “You don’t know me. Don’t tell me you love me.” or “You don’t know everyone. You can’t love everyone." But the opposite, hate, is generally accepted. People generally accept that you can hate. That you can hate millions of people. That you can hate everyone that you come across on the streets. That you can hate, hate, hate. If hatred of this sort is possible, then I am certain the opposite is possible. In today’s society unconditional love is not taught to us. That means we have to practice it and learn it ourselves. We need to seek out those in our community who can help us, who can support us, and who we can work together with. It certainly won’t be easy. Nothing bigger than yourself ever is. I can say from experience, it’s worth the practice though. Love, not hatred, has set me free.

4 weeks ago

This page is vastly non-political, and I intend to keep it that way. However, I need to be completely clear that I do not condone Donald Trump. I do not accept his desires for the USA, the world or humanity. I stand strongly opposed to his views, his words, and his actions. I do not adhere to any political label. I am speaking simply as a human being and I am speaking for human life, the millions of species we share earth with, and our home. I am speaking for justice and equality. I am not politically or financially motivated and I’m not trying to win friends. I only want to do what is right. This is beyond politics. This is just life. If you have any level of respect for me, but you support this man, I ask you to please do some deep reflecting. I ask you to step far beyond politics, stubbornness, the desire to be right, beyond any bias from the media. I ask you to strip down to being just a human. Just look at the basics. Ask yourself if what this man is doing is right. Ask yourself if your beliefs really support what this man is doing. Even if you want some of things that he wants, ask if the means and the destruction justify the end result. I am not trying to be polarizing. I am not saying that if you support this man, that you are not welcome here. You are welcome here. I want you here. Objectively, this is not a polarizing page. But I must be clear that I do not stand with Trump and that I stand strongly against him. I stand for equality and justice for humanity regardless of what human-made borders and lines on a map they were born into. I stand for all the species we share the earth with. I stand for our collective home. I can’t control this man. I honestly feel overwhelmed at times. But I will never let this man get the best of me. I will feel down at times but I will shine brighter than before. I will work with my community to make it a happier, healthier, and more sustainable place. I will send ripples throughout the world. I give my support to everyone standing up right now. Stand strong. You are so needed. It’s ok to feel burned out at times. Continue to exist for a more peaceful world.

1 month ago

Today we planted nine Community Fruit Trees at @audubonparkchurch in my neighborhood. Mulberry, loquat, Suriname cherry, avocado, peach and pomegranate will soon be fruiting and feeding the community. All the trees are right along the sidewalk where any person strolling down the street can enjoy a snack, provided directly by Mother Nature herself. Imagine that! Together with @fleetfarming and @orlandopermaculture we are helping to transform the church yard to show how a church can transition to a more sustainable existence, while helping to bring more happiness and health into the community. These 9 fruit trees surround the outside of the church and will be free for all members of the church and everyone in the community to pick from. Fleet Farming has a garden plot on site where they produce fresh, organic veggies that feed the Orlando community. Orlando Permaculture is going to be installing edible landscaping this year. The transformation is fully underway! Many churches have an abundance of space, but most don’t utilize the space to feed their communities. Pastor Sarah Robinson @sunshinesrr is on a mission to shift her church to becoming much more sustainable, while adding a great value to her community. Her goal is to be an example of what churches across the nation can do with their space. I’m really happy to be a friend of Sarah’s and to help her on this mission. I think it’s a very worthy one!

1 month ago

Over the last month, I have helped to plant 100 Community Fruit Trees in Orlando. Much of the food that I personally plant, I can expect to share in the bounty in just a few months or less. Fruit trees on the other hand are a long-term investment. Most of them won’t produce fruit this year or next, and some won’t produce fruit for as much as five years. My plan is to be in Orlando for about two years, which means I might never personally see a fruit on any of these 100 trees. I’d love to share and eat some of this fruit, but that love doesn’t even compare to how much I’d love to see hundreds or even thousands of people enjoying fresh fruit from these trees over many years to come. I want to help people realize that food can grow free right where we walk every day. I want to create opportunities for people to see that the food on the shelf at the grocery store is barely scratching the surface of what real flavor and nutrition can be when we do some work in our own yards and neighborhoods. I want people to experience how rewarding and purposeful it can be to live in a manner that is more connected to our surroundings and the earth. In the busy and often demanding society that we live in, it is easy to focus on ourselves and our own needs. But we must remember to look after our communities. After all, if we don’t look after our communities, who will there be to look after ourselves? True independence is largely an illusion. Money may create the appearance of independence, but people are always behind that money, behind every transaction, and we are truly dependent on each other, as a human race, and as one race interdependent with millions of species on Earth. We must work together to live in the world we want to live in. What can you do to make your community a happier, healthier and more sustainable place? Photo Credit: Live Wonderful Photography

1 month ago

Over the last month my team and volunteers have planted 100 Community Fruit Trees in Orlando! A Community Fruit Tree is a publicly owned fruit tree that is easily accessible for anyone to pick from and enjoy. Each tree will have a sign inviting people to enjoy the fruit and will also be on an online map (coming soon). The 100 trees we planted are now at home in residential front yards and medians by the street, community gardens, public parks, community centers, schools and churches. These fruit trees are growing right where people walk every day with full accessibility. Through this program we are aiming to increase accessibility to fresh, locally grown food and help people take steps away from the industrial, globalized food system where most of us get our food today. But we also are taking it a step further and showing that food can be more than just locally purchased and grown- it can be abundantly growing for free all around us, simply by working with nature. My hopes is that these 100 Community Fruit Trees will serve as a foundation to creating 1,000’s of these trees across the nation. Learn more at: Thank you to Live Like Ally Foundation @thelivelikeallyfoundation for your partnership in providing the funds for Community Fruit Trees! Photo credit: Live Wonderful Photography @danielle_werner #CommunityFruitTrees #livelikeally

1 month ago

I’m officially a beekeeper! This is a goal that has been years in the making and I’m so excited to finally have achieved this dream. Since 2011 I have been traveling so much that keeping bees was not quite feasible, but now that I am stationary in Orlando, Florida, my dream is finally a reality. Today I went out with Dennis the Bee Guy, who is somewhat mentoring me, and we rescued a hive for me to take home to take care of. It was a mega-hive, likely 2 years old with 60,000+ bees and 30+ pounds of honey. It took about four hours to cut the hive out of a patio wall and remove the combs and bees. Behind me, one of the beekeepers, Mark, was sucking up bees from the entrance of the hive into a bee vacuum as I took this photo. I happened to catch the moment that a bee decided to sting me in the face. If you look closely you’ll see her just in front of my left ear. She stung my chin and I’ve spent the rest of the day feeling my really fat, puffy chin. Beekeeping is off to a fabulous start and I’m excited to share my journey with you on here over the years to come. I'm sure that there will be some successes and some failures and that it will be an extremely rewarding journey with the bees. Thank you to all the beekeepers who have inspired me and taught me over the last years to help prepare me for today. Especially Hilary Kearney of @girlnextdoorhoney and @JohnRife. Thank you to Dennis The Bee Guy at Orlando Bee Removal Expert LLC for sharing so much of your bee wisdom with me! Thank you to everyone out there who is being a steward to the bees whether it is through gardening and planting flowers, eating organic food, supporting local beekeepers through purchasing their honey or being a beekeeper!

1 month ago

Happy birthday to my love @cheryltdavies ! Today we went to an senior apartment complex and these fantastic ladies volunteered to help us put together seed packs to help our fellow citizens of Orlando to grow their own veggies! The women sang her happy birthday and we all chatted as we made the seed packs. The project helped to give these ladies purpose, helped us to give to others, and at the same time it was beneficial for us to spend some quality time with elders. I'm grateful to my partner for spending part of this day giving to others and creating abundance in the world. I have known Cheryl for seven birthdays now, and my life is so much better because of our paths crossing in 2011. Thank you love for all that you do for the world and for m. Here is to many years of growth and positive experiences together on this earth.

2 months ago

This is Anna Marie, one of my neighbors. She comes over to my garden a couple times per week and picks herself some veggies. It seems that it makes her really happy and improves her quality of life to walk over and spend a little time in the garden and go home with vibrant, fresh food. That in turn makes me really happy and improves my quality of life too. I find it nearly impossible to be purely altruistic, because there is so much to gain from giving to others and living in the service of community and Earth. Some people think the path to success is taking as much as you can get and not sharing. I've found the opposite. The more I share with others, the more my community appreciates me and supports me. The more I spread happiness, the happier I become. For all that I give, I receive in dozens of untold ways, a few of those being happiness, passion, and a sense of purpose. Growing food and sharing with others is one of my favorite ways to live in service of others while feeling a deep sense of purpose in life.

2 months ago

Today, about 40 people came out to my first ever free gardening for beginners workshop. It was very inspiring to see so many people excited to grow their own food right in their own yards. Some people actually think you can't grow your own food here in Florida. But that's so not true! Just look at this crew of neighbors out in the front yard together, learning how to make our community a happier, healthier and more sustainable place just by turning our yards into gardens. Besides a little knowledge and some inspiration I sent a bunch of people home with okra and collard seeds (perfect for summer growing in Florida) and a flower mix to attract beneficial insects into their gardens. Oh and some monster cucumbers too! I'm looking forward to the next three Saturday classes and many more to come in the future. Happiness, health and freedom to you all!

2 months ago

Today I delivered 1,000 free seed packs to the post office (by bike and trailer) to be shipped to people in all 50 states across the USA to grow their own healthy, organic food! This brings the total up to 2,000 seed packs sent, all to people who requested them. In their request, they committed to plant the seeds and share some of their harvest with their community. Our focus is on helping beginner gardeners or experienced gardeners who will use the seeds to help others grow their own food. The Free Seed Project is on a mission to strengthen the "grow your own" movement and expand the culture of sharing and caring for our communities. As well as give people the ability to take steps away from the industrial, globalized food system and take power back from Big Ag and put the power into their own hands and their communities. These 2,000 packs took over 500+ hours of work to put together through the help of 100+ volunteers. It truly would not have been possible without people coming together in the name of a better world. I am so grateful for all people taking action to improve themselves, their communities and the earth. It's now time to watch thousands of gardens grow across the nation. I'm confident that the 2.5 MILLION seeds that we sent out will spread positive ripples far and wide. Some will come back to us and bring us joy, but most of it, we will never see. But that's not what important. It's the thousands of home grown meals, the first ever bites of garden fresh veggies for people that only knew food to come from the store, the countless bees and butterflies that will feed off the nectar from the flowers, the diverse life that will replace monocrop lawns, the habitat created for our fellow species, the fossil fuels saved by growing locally, and all the happiness, health and sustainability that will come as a result of time well spent outdoors. That's what makes all this work well worth it! These seed packs are only the beginning of many beautiful journeys. Learn more at #freeseedproject #livelikeally The Free Seed Project is made possible through a grant from @thelivelikeallyfoundation

2 months ago

Less than five months ago I moved to Orlando, Florida. I had never grown any food in Florida, and in reality, had never grown much food at all. When I lived in San Diego I had a few small raised beds where I grew some veggies, but it wasn't much food, and I didn't put too much effort into it. I did however have a lot of knowledge and hands on experience from seven years of learning and visiting gardens and farms. I had also planted countless plants and a handful of gardens but because of seven years of largely being on the road, I had very little experience of seeing them from seed to plate. Now, just five months after settling down in Orlando I have an overflowing veggie garden, with more food than my friends and I can eat. I am truly amazed at what a handful of seeds can turn into. And when I say amazed, that is an understatement. It's a miracle. I love growing my own food, but my real passion comes from helping others to grow their own and live with more happiness, health and sustainability. So, it's time for me to start teaching classes in my garden! I'm still a beginner but I know enough to help my community get started and get people past the basic barriers and worries that hold most people back. That's exactly what I'll be doing in my free workshops for the next four Saturdays. The workshops will cover all of the basics of what to plant, where to get materials, how much to water, where to place your garden, and so on. Plus I'll have free seeds (and a hug) for everyone to take home. I'm extremely excited to offer these free workshops at the service to my community, the environment and humanity to help people grow their own food and share it with their communities! 9:00-10:30 AM at 1304 Tanager Dr. Orlando, Florida 32803 in the garden. Saturday's May 12th, 19th, 26th and June 2nd

2 months ago

It has been 4 months since I announced my "Food Freedom" project, where I will grow and forage 100% of my food for one year. Since that announcement I have been in the preparation stage- visiting farms and gardens, talking to food growers, reading and researching. I am substantially more knowledgeable on growing food today than I was four months ago. I have planted food in five different yards in the neighborhood. Just four months into the project, I am overwhelmed with having TOO MUCH food on many days. Many neighbors come to the garden to harvest food and I'm often sending guests home with armfuls of food. Originally, I planned to officially start the year in June. I have decided to push the start date back to October or November. I have dived pretty deep into the other aspect of Food Freedom, which is empowering and helping others to grow their own food. I have launched Gardens for Single Moms, Free Seed Project and Community Fruit Trees since arriving in Orlando. Because of these initiatives I have put less time into my personal quest to grow and forage 100% of my food. However, the whole purpose of this project is to help thousands of to gain independence from the industrial, globalized food system and to achieve greater levels of happiness, health, and sustainability. I'm more than on track there. This photo is of the first garden that I started. It was just a lawn in December, mostly void of life. Today it's bustling with butterflies, native bees, birds, lizards, toads, and other creatures. This little patch of land has come to life and it's a bright beacon in the community. It all came from some soil, water, seeds, and desire for a better world. I'm not a highly skilled gardener and I am really amazed at what I've accomplished in the last four months. If you have a dream similar to mine, I'm confident to say that you must start with where you are. You can't start anywhere else and you can't be anyone else. For you, that might just be one tomato or basil plant. With love, care, time and dedication you can reach your larger aspirations and goals. Read the full update here:

2 months ago

In under 3 minutes I picked up 100 pieces of trash from this lake. Imagine if each one us spent one hour each day in service to our communities and the earth. That would be 7 billion hours per day! That’s the equivalent of close to 1 million years of service done each day. It is unfathomable and astounding what the human race could do if we came together in the name of justice and equality for all humans and all species on earth. It really is worth taking the time to imagine this. And even better, it’s worth each one of us doing it, even if many of the other 7 billion aren’t going to. I picked up 2 pieces of trash for each of you: Cristina Terre, Ann Gray, Gilmar Arellano, Kremena Doust, Genevieve StGelais, Tamera Christensen, Donna Branstetter, Anna Bole, Richard Knight, Alyssa Cherry, Cat Brasil, Kathryn Aymar, Bruce Freeman, Cherry Vercher, Zac Roggin, Kristen Nielsen, Kelly Karger, Jon Wysoski, Gina Fenech, Takane Shimizu, Brett Rodgers, Devie Richards, Elizabeth Harrison, Jennifer Welborn, Lillian Lu, SV Northern Light, Dawn Hines, Cheryl Greenfield, Louise Russell, Arnaud, Tom North, Living Big in a Tiny House, Lucy Bradley, Eddie Yap, Si Giles, Zeb Peters, Tom Hearn, Paul E Godfrey, Colm Maguire, Othmane Moustaouda, Jason Padvorac. Thank you for supporting my work!

2 months ago

You know it was a good day under a mulberry tree when you come out from under the tree looking like this! But what this means is that huge amounts of mulberries went unpicked and were laying on the ground going uneaten. I bet if you explore your community and keep your eyes open you'll start to realize that food is growing all around you. And if you find a fruit tree, where the fruit is going to waste, I encourage you to enjoy the bounty and share it with your community. If it's on private property just go knock on the door and ask. Maybe it'll be someone who could use your help in harvesting the fruit and you can come back year after year. Leave some for them on their doorstep, take some for you, and share some with others. Free food is growing all around us. We just need to open our eyes, our sense of smell, and our taste buds! Enjoy my friends!

2 months ago

Today I heard a knock on the door and I came out to quite the surprise. Jean, a total stranger, was at the door. He was a little shy but explained that he had stopped because my garden caught his eye as he was driving by, and that he wants to learn how to grow food and teach his kids. So he just figured he'd knock and ask! I gave him a tour of the garden, taught him some of the basics, and sent him home with fresh greens for a salad. Next week he's going to come back and I'll teach him more and give him seeds and seedlings to get his garden started. One of my absolute top recommendations to people who want to start gardening is to ask people who are already successfully growing food nearby. That could mean going to a community garden, a garden club, or just knocking on the door of a house with a garden. I'm so elated that Jean came by. He may have made my day more than I made his!