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@robjgreenfield See full size profile   Adventurer, activist, humanitarian for a sustainable and just world. Current Project- growing and foraging 100% of my food for an entire year.

2 days ago

You've asked for it, and here it is! This blog documents, in photos and writing, my most common meals and staple foods and talks about the basics of my diet such as salt and oil. It also discusses basic how-to's on foods that I make including moringa powder and coconut milk. This blog is a great starting off point if you are brand new to following my year of growing and foraging 100% of my food. And if you've been following all along, this will answer a lot of the questions you might have and satiate some of general curiosity. Read at: (link in story) - Photos by @Sierrafordphotography #growyourownfood #growfoodnotlawns #homegrown #Eatlocal #localfood #locavore #organicgardening #urbangardening

3 days ago

It's here! The first meal in my 100% homegrown and foraged cooking series with my friend @GreenDreamsFL ! In this video I make cassava, pigeon pea, collard wraps garnished with sauerkraut and herbs. I take you through the process starting with harvesting the food from my garden, to cooking in my outdoor kitchen to sitting down and enjoying the meal. Every single ingredient is from my garden or foraged from Florida's urban and wild land. Join me in the kitchen for a true garden to table experience! Link in bio or watch at - #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #FarmtoTable #GardentoTable #Florida #Eatlocal #localfood #locavore #organicgardening #urbangardening

4 days ago

When I first made the shift to living more sustainably and living a healthier life there was so much to be excited about. I was learning how to make my own things, shop for healthier food and grow some of my own food, seeing how far I could bike, purging my life of junk and bringing in healthier options into my house and so much more. After eight years, there’s less that gets me excited when it comes to sustainable living. I’m still excited, but not like I was when I was just getting started, when it was something new every day. But these reusable beeswax wraps still get me excited! They are a really cool way to ditch the disposables like plastic wraps, tin foil and plastic bags. In this photo I’m wrapping a half of a pumpkin and you can do this with any fruits or veggies, including avocado. You can cover jars or containers. You can use it for bread, herbs, cheese… It works in so many ways. The heat of your hands warms up the beeswax to make it moldable. Once you have created the shape it becomes more solid and stays on well. I haven’t used them as much as I’d like to during this project because I try to just use the entire veggie from my garden at once, but when I’ve used them, they’ve worked fantastically. My favorite uses have been papaya and avocado. These beeswax wraps are from @Abeego and I got them through the awesome online store @LifeWithoutPlastic. You can also make your own! There are other companies out there that make them but Abeego is the original, started in 2008 by Toni Desrosiers. They last a long time, but when they wear out they can be composted in an at home compost bin. They help to reduce food waste by keeping food fresh for longer. They are made out of all natural materials. They smell fantastic too. All around they are just great! - (This is not a paid post. I support and believe in Abeego and Life Without Plastic and their mission is in line with mine. Read about my financial ethics and commitment to transparency at Photos by @sierrafordphotography #LessPlastic #UseLessPlastic #LessOceanPlastic #LifeWithoutPlastic #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeLiving #plasticpollution #plasticfreeoceans #zerowaste

5 days ago

I believe that diversity in our diets is one of the keys to being healthy. At the same time, I think many of the healthiest cultures depend on a much smaller number of foods as their staples that they may eat many times per week or even every day. For me personally the perfect diet is a small number of consistent staple foods and then a large diversity of seasonal fruits and veggies. That’s why my goal is to grow and forage 250 different foods this year. Today is day 213 and I am doing well on that front. I have some very consistent staples such as my yuca and sweet potato but I have also eaten over 180 different foods! My garden has produced over 100 edible plants and I have foraged over 80 species both in the city environment and out in more wild land. I have written down each food and tracked it on my website. You can read that here: (link in bio) Many of the foraged foods are linked to a page where you can learn more about them too. Health and happiness to you all! Rob - Photo: @sierrafordphotography 04/20/2019 #FoodFreedom #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #OrganicGardening #Foraging #UrbanForaging #GrowFoodNotLawns #FoodSovereignty #SustainableLiving

6 days ago

Most packaging today is made from plastic, which is destroying our earth. This ingenious packaging made in Germany by could shift the entire industry from styrofoam to straw. I visited them in I was in Europe in 2017 and am truly excited about this packaging. It’s already amazing and the potential shift it could create is massive. To answer about the plastic film layer... they have multiple options for the little film layer. One is plastic, however I still see this as a far better option than most of what is on the market. It’s 99% less plastic. That’s really good. However they also have options with zero plastic. They have a hemp liner, which is far better than even “biodegradable plastics” made of corn. So there you have it, options that are 100% truly biodegradable even in an at home compost bin. - Learn more at Video in partnership with Guerrilla Foundation #PlanetOrPlastic #BreakFreeFromPlastic #BeatPlasticPollution #LessPlastic #UseLessPlastic #LessOceanPlastic #LifeWithoutPlastic #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeLiving #plasticpollution #plasticfreeoceans #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #SustainableLiving.

6 days ago

So many of you have wanted to know what I’m eating each day. Well I’ve finally published it! Today is day 210 of growing and foraging all of my food and I have logged what I’ve eaten for each meal along with the snacks for every single day. It’s been a lot of work as it’s not always easy to remember what I eat. I’ve spent much of today putting it all into an online location where you can take a look. It's dumping down rain today and I'm sitting at my little desk watching the thunderstorms rumble on through. This has served as an important tool to keep me on track for success and I’m excited to share it with you all, for those of you who are curious. You can read the blog at: (link in bio) Coming soon I’ll have an updated blog that lists every food that I’ve grown and foraged to day as well as a blog with photos of my most frequent meals and staple foods. Health and happiness to you all! Rob Photo: @sierrafordphotography 04/20/2019 #FoodFreedom #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #OrganicGardening #Foraging #UrbanForaging #GrowFoodNotLawns #FoodSovereignty #sustainableliving #simpleliving

1 week ago

Update on my health: 2 weeks ago I wrote that I thought I was feeling deficient in something. Yesterday I met with a new friend in my neighborhood Pam Legowski, a registered Dietitian Nutritionist and her partner. We discussed my diet and lifestyle and we went over my labs that I had done at the beginning of this project and discussed what labs it would make sense to do now to check for a deficiency. Ultimately we agreed that I don’t likely have any major deficiency and if I do, we know what it most likely is and what I need to eat to bring my body into balance. I’ve decided not to do any labs. I’m interested in doing them but I’ve decided it’s not the best way to spend the little bit of money that I have. I will likely do them at the end of the year. When I started to feel really tired it was right as we launched into some very hot weather. It is most likely my body just needed to adjust. It was above 95 degrees for about 10 days straight without any rain. It was truly scorching. The great news is that it has gone back down to the normal upper 80’s to low 90’s. That is very comfortable for me. I love the heat and every time I walk out of a building with AC into this humid hot air I feel so ALIVE! Going into this year I was slightly low in Vitamin A, D3 and E, Omega-3, Manganese, Carnitine, EPA, DHA and BUN according to my labs. This is primarily due to my mostly plant-based diet. The simple solution to most of this is more fatty fish and other meat. I feel that my diet is low in fat, protein and possibly heme iron as well. But not majorly low as they did some visual checkups that looked good. I have been eating fish, including mullet, which is fatty but I feel that my body could use more. I also feel I could really benefit from some wild meat. I may hunt wild hog (which is invasive and destructive in Florida) or find roadkill deer (fresh and in good shape) during my visit to Wisconsin. I will also catch more fish. Unfortunately I don’t have a source of nuts, but will in the fall. I feel confident I can bring my body into balance. Today is day 210 of growing and foraging 100% of my food and I’m happy to report overall good health and great happiness.

1 week ago

One of my longterm goals has been to transition away from plastic clothes and switch to 100% natural fiber clothing. I love the idea of being able to lose my shirt in the woods and know it’ll become soil in a relatively short period of time. I love the idea of being able to compost my clothes once they are too worn out. I really love the idea of dying in my clothes in nature and to not be littering in the process. Some of you might be wondering what I talk about when I say “plastic clothes.” Well nylon and polyester, which make up a huge portion of clothing, are plastic and that means they are made of fossil fuels. The creation of plastic clothes pollutes our planet, but it doesn’t stop there. Every time I wear these plastic clothes micro-fibers shed off. I’m littering with pretty much every step I take on Earth! And when I’m done with the clothes they are eventually going to the landfill, whether I give them to a friend or donate them to a thrift shop. They’ll all end up littering the planet in one way or another. That’s why I want to switch to natural fiber clothing. That doesn’t solve all the problems though. Cotton can be one of the most destructive fibers on Earth, not by nature, but because of how humans are choosing to grow it. The water and the pesticide usage is unfathomable. And much of the natural fiber clothing are treated and processed with nasty chemicals. That’s why I don’t want to switch over to just any natural fibers, especially cotton that isn’t organic. The material I’m most excited about is hemp. It’s an amazing fiber and I’d love to wear all hemp clothes. But it’s been tough to make the switch. The markets aren’t huge, many of the companies are just green washing and a lot of it is extremely expensive. There’s also the privileged reality that I live an active life and really like my plastic active wear from pretty great companies like Patagonia. So far, I have not realized my dream of switching to all natural fibers. But I have at least switched out all my t-shirts and the company I found for this is ONNO @onnotshirts. I looked deeply into the company and am really impressed. Continued in comment.

1 week ago

I have reached the milestone of day 200 of growing and foraging 100% of my food and I thought it was time for a video update! This video summarizes some of the last three months, what I'm growing, what I'm foraging, what I'm eating and how I'm feeling. It also covers some of the challenges I’m dealing with so far, plans for this summer, my disgusting cockroach story and more! You can watch it on my YouTube channel at or click the link in my bio. - video by @JohnVonMutius #FoodFreedom #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #GrowYourFood #OrganicGardening #GrowFoodNotLawns #Permaculture #FoodSovereignty #Sustainableliving #Zerowastefood

1 week ago

Meet Melissa DeSa @southern_seed_queen , the seed saver for her community! She grows and saves the seeds that perform well in her region and supplies them to home, school and community gardens. Watch the full video tour on Melissa’s work by Pete Kanaris @GreenDreamsFL on his YouTube channel - #Seedsaving #GrowYourOwn #GrowYourOwnFood #OrganicGardening #OrganicGardener #GrowFood #GrowFoodNotLawns #FoodSovereignty #sustainableliving #simpleliving #Greenliving

1 week ago

I am doing a takeover of the @rootedgarden Instagram page today. Join me over there! I’ll be sharing some of my top tips for beginner gardeners! Rooted Garden is an awesome page for gardeners. Nicole Burke started Rooted Garden out of her own backyard garden in 2015 and now has a company that designs, installs and maintains kitchen gardens in her city. She also has a a digital course that helps people everywhere start growing their own food!

2 weeks ago

I’m so grateful to my friend Marabou Thomas @MarabouThomas for taking his many years of experience and experimentation in his food forest garden and putting much of it together into this toolkit. Marabou is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met in the Central Florida community and a truly interesting human being. I have his book sitting on my shelf and find myself referencing it often for how to use the bounty from my front yard gardens. I recommend it for those growing food in Central Florida and similar climates. It covers all the basics like calories, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals and goes into the cuisine and taste. This book gives an amazing glimpse at what is possible in our gardens and kitchens. "Homegarden Cuisine Toolkit: Ideas for Making Food in the Humid Subtropics- This book is intended as a jumping-off point for creating your own local cuisine based upon what you are growing in your humid subtropical multistory homegarden. It is designed not as a book of recipes, but as a book of tools to allow you to make delicious food using the staple crops and other vegetables you are growing. It will show you some possibilities of what you can make with various plant species, and from there you can start to formulate your own personal homegarden cuisine." I'd also recommend following his page where he posts his amazing art and food work! You can purchase the book here if you’d like (unfortunately Amazon is the only way to purchase it I believe): (Link in story too) - Photo by @sierrafordphotography #Orlandopermaculture #permaculture #FloridaGardening #Floridagarden #CentralFlorida #Growfoodnotlawns #GrowYourOwnFood