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@robjgreenfield  Current Project: Food Freedom- growing and foraging 100% of my food for an entire year. Read here:

2 hours ago

People often ask me about how I purify my rainwater and also come to me seeking advice on how they can purify their own water. So, here’s my answers! I simply collect the rainwater that falls onto the roof of my tiny house by having a gutter that directs the rainwater into food grade 55-gallon drums. Truly that simple. I then take the water from the 55-gallon drums and pour it into my Berkey filter @Berkey_filters. It comes out pure as can be! Again, simple as that. Rainwater is pure when it falls from the sky, but it collects bacteria from the surfaces that it falls on, such as the roof. That’s why I purify it. I specifically chose a metal roof for my house because there’s no toxins released from it, like an asphalt roof, and the smooth surface collects less debris and is easy to keep clean. I use a Berkey Filter because in my opinion they are one of the most sustainable, cost-effective, widely applicable and easy to use filters on the market. This filter can be used for both rainwater and tap water. It removes bacteria, parasites and viruses, which is important for drinking water directly from rain, lakes and rivers like I do. And it removes heavy metals (including lead), pesticides, BPA, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and many other toxic elements and contaminants. This is important, because many municipal tap water systems are contaminated with these elements. There’s also an additional filter for removing fluoride. The filters do not remove the beneficial minerals in the water. Reverse Osmosis for example removes all beneficial minerals. I vastly prefer the Berkey over RO. I used a Berkey Filter at my first tiny house in San Diego in 2016 and I’ve been recommending it to people and using it ever since. (Transparency: Berkey supplied me with a filter for my tiny house in Orlando in 2018 with the agreement that I’d tell people about them. I believe in this filter and am sharing it with you first and foremost for that reason. Read more on my full post at Read about my transparency with my relationships with companies: #BerkeyLove Photo by @sierrafordphotography

1 day ago

This Golden Milk almost brought me to tears with its delicious, nourishing, and medicinal qualities. The fact that I made it with 100% home grown and foraged food is deeply meaningful to me. Grown: turmeric, ginger, red pepper, honey Foraged: coconut, Brazilian pepper, rainwater (Swipe to see a photo of the ingredients.) We are in the middle of another cold spell here in Orlando and this Golden Milk is key to keeping me from possibly getting sick in this cold weather. For me, it’s all about preventative healthcare. Food is my medicine and this right here is one of my favorite mixes in my garden pharmacy. I can’t use words to explain just how special it is to me and how much joy it has brought me on this cold day. I give thanks to the earth for taking good care of me. In return I promise to take good care of the earth. Today is day 31 of growing and foraging 100% of my food for a year. Sending a warm hug to each of you. Love, Rob - - - Learn more: #FoodFreedom #Growyourown #urbanfarming #organicgardening #GrowYourOwnFood #Foraging #urbanforaging #GoldenMilk #Turmeric #zerowaste #zerowastefood

3 days ago

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

5 days ago

This year I was asked to join up with a few other Tiny House & small space Instagram accounts to create a holiday gift package for one lucky winner! The gift package includes a Tiny House t-shirt from @tinyhousegiantjourney , Bus Life Calendar from @navigationnowhere , hand drawn wood stickers from @elsarhae , $500 gift card from @glampinghub , and a signed copy of my book, Dude Making a Difference @robjgreenfield ! HOW TO WIN: All you have to do to be entered to win is follow ALL of the above accounts and tag someone in the comments that might also be interested. They are some pretty cool pages. On Monday, we’ll pick a winner! Happiness and health to you all! Rob Update: The winner is @aileen_the_bean94 !

1 week ago

Moringa! Also called “the vitamin tree” or “the tree of life” This week I harvested five pounds of this superfood from my gardens, which I’ll eat every day for the next few months. That’s why I don’t take a multi-vitamin that comes from a laboratory and then a factory, that is a part of the destructive globalized, industrialized food system. Instead, I grow my own vitamins, and I believe they are superior to whatever plastic wrapped pills they are pushing off their conveyer belts. Plus these vitamins didn't cost me a penny, which means instead of working for money, I can work for the change I want to see in the world. - - - Learn more about Food Freedom: #FoodFreedom #Growyourown #urbanfarming #organicgardening #zerowaste #zerowastefood #Moringa #vitamins

1 week ago

Today is day 24 of growing and foraging 100% of my food. All is well here, and I am on track for a successful year. I harvested about 75 pounds of honey last week from my bees, plenty for a year and for gifting to others. This process took the better part of two days, since it was my first time doing it. We are in the dry season now, but last night we got a heavy rain that topped off all of my rain barrels. This was quite a blessing as that is my supply of fresh drinking water. Last week, a cold front came through Orlando, dropping the night time lows down to the upper 30’s and lower 40’s for a few nights. That was a struggle in my uninsulated tiny house. I have subsisted largely off sweet potato and yuca for my staple crops from my gardens and wild yams that I harvest in a small patch of forest nearby. Currently, I eat large quantities of greens at most meals, fruits and coconuts every day and fish every other day. Eating has been quite simple for the last 24 days, but quite time consuming. I spend as much as three in the kitchen on many days. Plus, many hours in the garden, foraging and fishing. It is time well spent, but it does limit my ability to do other things that I’d like to do. I have been a little too busy to write as much as I’d like to or be as active online as I’d like to. Over the next few weeks I hope to do a lot of food preparation to free up my days from the kitchen. I must streamline my food if I want to make it through this year without struggling. This weekend I attended the Florida Permaculture Convergence and managed to cook all of my meals and fish in the river, while presenting both days, attending many classes, and socializing. I did lose about a pound over the weekend though, as I forgot my sweet potatoes at home and was a bit short on calories. I have lost a few pounds since beginning and hope that levels off and to gain the weight back as I settle more into this way of life. As I was leaving the event I came across a mother bobcat and her two kittens. I was able to observe them for about five minutes. This was one of my greatest moments in 2018. Overall, I am in great health and am looking forward to the weeks to come.

1 week ago

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned, or removed from production.” -Pete Seeger - - - Thanks to @brightvibesmedia for bringing this quote to my attention!

2 weeks ago

Two weeks of Food Freedom is complete! That’s two weeks of connecting with every bite of food I ate. Two weeks of harvesting everything I ate from the earth with my own two hands! Many emotions have streamed through my body. This morning I harvested turmeric that I’d grown for the first time in my life. When I pulled the root out of the ground, I observed that it was very dark brown and had some small holes in it. At first, I felt only eagerness and wonder, but as I scrubbed the dirt off in the sink I became a little worried that maybe it would be rotten and worse yet, that all my turmeric plants would be rotten. As the dirt continued to scrub off, I saw the orange of the turmeric peeking through the brown dirt. I smelled the familiar scent of fresh turmeric and my eyes started to tear up. Not because turmeric has any similar properties to the cutting of raw onions. No, after two weeks in this project, and planting this root nearly nine months ago, it was a great sense of relief, a feeling that I would be alright. It provided a comfort of familiarity in my food also. Turmeric is something that I normally eat every day and consider to be a central part of my health. Turmeric is my medicine and part of my plant medicine closet that keeps out of the doctor’s office. It holds a special place inside of me. I don’t know yet how much of an abundance of turmeric I will have. But I feel fairly certain that I will need to treasure every piece I harvest and will need to ration it for the comfort and bliss it brings to me and the medicine it provides. As I write these words I’m watching the honey bees through my window, coming and going from their colony, in an amazing superhighway of tiny intelligent creatures. The sun is shining off of them at just the right angle to brightly illuminate each one in my eyes. I see a nectar of life in my near future, thanks to them. The clarity of each bee reflects the clarity that I am feeling, after completing my second week of eating 100% food that I collected and grew straight from the earth. I feel a little high on the elements of the Earth and my existence within. I feel at least a little more connected than I did last week.

2 weeks ago

What if instead of holding bake sales to raise money, schools sold ‘Tree Cards’ and planted trees? Northwest Watershed Institute (NWI) started doing this in 2005 and now it is an annual tradition for five schools in Washington State. So far, more than 1,000 people have planted more than 46,000 trees! To start your own Plant-A-Thon, or buy Tree Cards, contact my friends at Northwest Watershed Institute #bakesale #planttrees #earthfriendly #gardeningwithkids #nativeplants

2 weeks ago

Today is Follow for Good Friday! Meet Jenna @tinyhousegiantjourney. Jenna built her own incredible tiny house to free up her finances so that she can travel the world! Her Instagram page is all about minimalism, tiny house living and travel. And for those who are looking to live simply, her YouTube channel is sure to be an inspiration where she features stories of people living tiny, whether in buses, vans, yurts, cabins or tiny houses! For every new follower to her page this weekend she will clean up a piece of litter. Follow her page, invite your friends to, and make her pick up a mountain of trash! She's doing the same for me on her page. We’ll both post a photo of what we cleanup! #FollowforGoodFriday #TinyHouse #TinyHouseLiving #TinyHouseLife #Travel #minimalism

3 weeks ago

Since beginning my year of growing and foraging 100% of my food ten days ago I have not spent a single dollar. That is until today, when I bought this wood chair at a garage sale for $15. What a blessing this will be after months of kneeling or standing by my desk. I knew that growing and foraging my food would result in me spending a lot less money, but I didn’t expect my life to be so money free. I haven’t hardly even thought about money over the last 10 days. How refreshing that is! I’ve been working hard to simplify my life for the last seven years and this is the longest I’ve ever gone without spending any money while living in my daily routine. I have done moneyless adventures, whether cycling across parts of the USA or hitching through Latin America, but never have I experienced such an organically moneyless life. Time is flying by. I can’t believe I am already ten days into Food Freedom. That’s nearly 3% of the way through my year, in what seemed like the blink of an eye! That’s a huge boost of encouragement to me. My digestion feels the best it has felt in my recent recollection and my body feels very healthy. I am tired though. It takes a lot of hours to do this, on top of all my other projects and work. After posting this I’m going to cook a healthy dinner and then go to yoga to rejuvenate. Tomorrow I am going hiking and swimming in natural springs. The simple life is treating me well. Sending my love to each of you reading this. Love, Rob

3 weeks ago

So many of our leaders and role models today are influenced deeply by money and corporations. So many of our politicians put corporate interests over what’s best for the people they are elected to serve. Celebrities are paid vast sums of money to sell their fans on stuff they don’t really need. Social media “influencers” have pages that are as much about products as they are about their life or what their page claims to be about. We live in a world where we are constantly inundated with ads to buy, buy, buy. We are told that we’ll be happier with more stuff. We’ll be happier with luxurious items. Love, sex, and success will come to us if we can attain a certain image through material items. This is all something I refuse to contribute to. I want to show people that happiness comes from within. That products won’t buy us happiness. That we are all complete, just as we are. I want to be a leader who is not swayed by corporations. I want to be a leader who does not make my decisions based on financial or material gain. I want to be a good leader who says and does everything because it is the right thing to do. I refuse to chip away at my ethics and morals for money. I won’t let companies gain access to the people who follow me simply because I want something they have. One of the greatest tools available to keep me accountable is a commitment to personal transparency. That is why I’ve made each financial relationship that I have with companies public. I also want to serve as an example to politicians, celebrities, CEOs and any people of power. I want to show how to practice financial transparency, and I hope to inspire others to do so as well. I simply want to live an honest, ethical and transparent life. In this blog, I list every company that I’ve had a financial relationship to since I started walking this path in 2013. From today on, I will add any company that I start a financial relationship with to this list. I’ve also outlined the basic set of ethics that I have when it comes to working with companies. I commit to work only with companies that I believe in and think the world could use more of. (link in bio)

3 weeks ago

I spent the last two days with my good friend @terry_meer at @sustainable_kashi. It was a wonder filled 48 hours of canoeing on the river, taking in all of the Earth’s elements, cooking garden fresh and wild caught meals around the fire and discussing sustainability, permaculture and existence in general. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated to head back to the city tonight! Kashi is a place I have been visiting since I arrived in Florida last December and Terry has been so influential and helpful in preparing me for this journey. I have spent many, many hours soaking in his food growing and foraging knowledge. I remember when I first arrived feeling somewhat helpless and asking him hundreds of questions. He provided me with the seeds for my staple Seminole pumpkins and the cuttings for my all-important cassava. I have Terry to thank for being one week into Food Freedom and feeling as healthy as can be. One week is officially complete! Last night I had dinner in the Kashi community and I brought my own 100% grown and foraged meal, while others ate what was served in the kitchen. It was smooth as can be. It’s great that I can be on this deep journey, yet still remain fully social and immersed in society as much as desired. Sending love to each and every one of you! Rob - - - Photo by @anouk.burel Learn more: #FoodFreedom #Growyourown #urbanfarming #organicgardening #foraging #urbanforaging #zerowaste #zerowastefood #sustainablekashi