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1 week ago

waiting for summer like... 🙄

1 month ago

p cool to see places i’ve dreamt of with some of the best ppl i’ve met 🖤✨ many more trips to come (and maybe more dramatic singalongs to alicia keys “if i ain’t got you” 😅)

1 month ago

postcards from sf 💌🌧

1 month ago

some new stories to tell

2 months ago


2 months ago

going to be cheeseball for a minute, buuut receiving an acceptance letter and witnessing a shooting star light up the night sky with a couple of my closest friends during a drunken night, pouring our hearts out—those are the best parts of 2018. this year presented unique challenges, beautiful memories, amazing people, and new opportunities. to say i’m fucking stoked about my future is an understatement. but for now i’m enjoying riding these waves. 🤙✨

3 months ago

west coast blues

3 months ago

and find me by the water. like the waves, i’m shifting, shaping, breaking, rising. great forces recognize even greater power. these aren’t the shallow, calm waters of times past, but deep, dark, all-consuming chaos. except this time i’m not lost in it. this is where you’ll find me.

5 months ago

My official study-break post... aaaand now back to writing. 😴

6 months ago

life’s been exciting, exhausting, and busy, but old beach photos will always be my constant 😂 // circa january 2017

7 months ago

time is of the essence ☁️

8 months ago

consider how contextual the meaning of the objects around you are. consider how your priorities one year ago have been pushed to the recesses of your mind. consider how acquaintances have evolved into meaningful relationships. things, goals, people, yourself—they all mold and are ever-changing. embrace that truth. stagnancy is futile. recognize that disappointments and hardships you’ve endured were only to redirect your focus on things that matter. the path has cleared for you to fiercely chase your passions sans distractions. you are a culmination of your surroundings. though you should be cognizant of the fact that you also take in what you put out. always maintain a positive mind set. don’t expend energy on trivial conflicts or people who have no place in your life. own your truth and attempt to put yourself in a position that will foster your growth and watch how quickly you’ll succeed. // letter to self & you //

8 months ago

from mundane to slightly less mundane 👽

9 months ago

smiiileee (you’re the greatest) // @sabapivot ⚡️

9 months ago

chamber of reflection . . sometime last year

10 months ago

enjoyed the warm weather for once ☀️

10 months ago