2 weeks ago

As a barber for 10 years now, I’m always looking for the latest grooming products to help make my clients look and feel their best. @Gillette has developed the amazing new SkinGuard Razor for men with irritation-prone skin. This two-bladed razor has a blue “guard bar” that gently flattens the skin and absorbs weight from the hand so the blades press less on sensitive skin. In fact, 4 out of 5 African American men with razor bumps felt that shaving with Gillette SkinGuard reduced their irritation from ingrown hair, making it MUCH easier for me to recommend this product to my clients. You should try it too! #GuardWhatMatters #GillettePartner #Ad

2 weeks ago

Officially 5 years here in LA 🙏🏼 Damn it’s been a journey!.. Dropped out of college and dropped my hoop dreams of playing pro in the Philippines.. Still haven’t looked back since. On another note, looking like another good summer up ahead 😎 #TMC

1 month ago

Good times in the desert ✌🏼

1 month ago

Dropped outta school, Ima teach myself.

1 month ago

Proud to announce my partnership with @Gillette to introduce their newest product – the SkinGuard razor! This razor is the first designed to stop irritation. Skin irritation, burning sensation, razor bumps, razor burn, dry skin, & discomfort are all very real problems my clients & I face. SkinGuard works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation. I highly recommend the SkinGuard razor for men who don’t have time to get back with their barber for a mid-week touch up visit #GuardWhatMatters #GillettePartner #sensitiveskin #ad

2 months ago

Nice lil run today 😅

3 months ago

In my own lane, minding my own bidness.

3 months ago