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@plouise_makeup_academy See full size profile   700k #plouise 🔥 Snapchat: plouise1 Facebook page: plouise takeover. P.Louise cosmetic brand 🍭🎨 World Famous BASE #Plouisebase

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Our P.Louise X Mmmmitchell paints are officially online now

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ACID REIGN COLLECTION IS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW🎨 Shop our new collection and get ready to get creative. You asked and we listened shop the single paints and brush set on💕 LIMELIGHT is available for preorder on💫 FULL COLLECTION - £111 SINGLE PAINTS - £14.50 BRUSH SET - £24 Trendsetting...Join the hype #PLPAINT

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ACID REIGN COLLECTION IS AVAILABLE NOW!!! 🎨 Shop our new collection NOW and receive FREE shipping on all orders over £80 on ✨ @damn.tee showing us the MOST with the ACID REIGN collection Trendsetting. Join the hype. #PLPAINT

3 days ago

Be the artist you always dreamt of being, Join the revolution .. mix your paints! 2 days to go. 🎨 RAVER ECSTASY IBIZA GLOW GIRL NITRO BLANK CANVAS 6 revolutionary shades that shake up the make up world. Our multi purpose eye paints will allow you to cut your lid with complete ease without the need to set. The matte formula will dry within 60 seconds, our unique combination of products will allow you to blend effortlessly. Now girl sharpen your liner, create art and paint your way to success be the first to purchase our set with our flat brush, angled and fine detail. Deadly combination. 16th August 2019 10am +1 UK don't say we didn't warn you🚨

4 days ago

BLANK CANVAS VS BASE SHADE 2 What’s the difference? BASE SHADE 2 is an eye base designed to help simplify blending by enhancing product buildup and intensifying any shadow to make them POP. Even your worst eyeshadow palette that you threw to the back of the drawer can be reintroduced! The formula remains tacky in order to grasp the shadow giving them the ultimate colour pay off and most seamless blend. BASE SHADE 2 can be used to prime the eye, carve the brow, cut the crease and conceal under the eyes. What makes BLANK CANVAS different? BLANK CANAS is a revolutionary product that is designed to ride solo. When applied the paint dries down completely matte in just 60 seconds. The thicker consistency formula allows for the ultimate full coverage giving you 99% pigmentation. There is no need to layer shadows on top of the paint as this would cause the paint to crumble, just simply paint onto the lid for the quickest and easiest results. BLANK CANVAS can be used to cut the crease, sharpen your liner, lip art and body art. ARE YOU READY? Launching 16th August 10am GMT +1

4 days ago

Our girl @abbyrobertsartistry killed it with this look 🔥 Our cosmetic paints are a revolutionary multi use product that are not only used to cut the sharpest crease.. they can also be used to create ART. Here @abbyrobertsartistry showcases this effortlessly with her creative flare and INSANE skill! @plouise_makeup_academy NITRO @plouise_makeup_academy ECSTASY @plouise_makeup_academy RAVER @plouise_makeup_academy GLOW GIRL Purchase exclusively from on 16th August ✨ Trendsetting. Join the hype. #PLPAINT

5 days ago

COMPETITION TIME 🎨 Want to win? Just listen up ... £500 CASH PRIZE All you need to do is the following: - Recreate this look - Tag us - follow @plouise_makeup_academy & @makeupbyjaack - Hashtag #Jaackacidreign - Get creative 1 winner will be announced Friday August 30th to win a whopping £500 💴 Ready, set, get creative 🎨 T&C’s Ensure your profile is open and not on private. Cash prize will be sent via payal, please ensure you have a Paypal account and winner will be chosen on our favourite look.

5 days ago

Just 5 days to go. The Acid Reign collection collaboration with @mmmmitchell 🎨 You ain’t ready, drops 16th August 10am GMT+1 🌍 Trendsetting. Join the hype.

6 days ago

ACID REIGN Not only used to cut the crease and blend effortlessly, our cosmetic paints can also be used to create the sharpest liner. Multi sure. Long wearing. Matte finish. Using @helenecosmetics neon pigments on the inner corner @plouise_makeup_academy RAVER, ECSTASY, IBIZA, BLANK CANVAS Launching August 16th Set your alarms 🚨

1 week ago

@petrovvvlad has used the Acid Reign Collection to create this masterpiece The paints can be used on the face, body and @petrovvvlad has shown us they can be used to create insane face charts. What will you be creating?🎨 Dropping 16th August Set your alarms 🚨

1 week ago

ACID R E I G N 🎨 Cosmetics Paints.. RAVER.ECSTASY.IBIZA.GLOW GIRL.NITRO.BLANK CANVAS We are giving the first 100 people who enter our website on the day of launch FREE SHIPPING Just use code WELOVEYOU at the checkout Launching 16th August 10am GMT+1 Set your alarms 🚨