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2 months ago

scale⚖️ . Well well well.. I got this one in balance 3 times or something yesterday and it collapsed before i was able to take a shot. Last one i got standing until i took it down my self but it was to late and dark to get any good pictures. - I went back today to try it again and first one collapsed when i moved around with the camera to get the right angle. Later it started to rain so went back to my car to wait for it to stop. - It stopped raining and i went back to try one last time before it get dark. At last i got this one standing in the last minutes of daylight but it started to rain again so i had to clean my lens all the time so the photo is not 100% flawless. My hands and feet was in tremendous pain also and i refuse to do it again! - I have so much to say about this session and balance but the post is getting to long😝. I hope i can go out and do more work soon, peace and have good day!✌️ . #zen #balance #meditation #installation #freshair