16 hours ago

Ran into @robingivens and we had a few words about her new show that @thegrio calls “deliciously devilish and your new guilty pleasure.” I thinks it’s pretty salacious myself. Opening scene 🔥🔥 Watch the premiere of @ambitionsown tonight at 10/9c on @owntv. Let me know what you think, I’ll be looking for your tweets. #Ambitions

1 day ago

Valerie Kamel uses the lessons she learned on the Oprah show to teach her classes at Collège Beaubois in Montreal. She also had a really big desire to meet me in person. Only problem? She’d never posted on social media or used a hashtag before. So her students helped her create an account @oprahtunity to help catch my attention...and it worked! I saw the post and surprised her on stage in Montréal. See the rest of what happened on my Instagram stories. And Ms. Kamel, thank you for living in service to your calling. #PathMadeClear

2 days ago

Everyone says Canadians are kind and that was proven especially true in Montréal tonight. Thank you for giving me your Sunday night, I loved being with you. Enjoy the Toronto @raptors parade tomorrow! #PathMadeClear 🇨🇦

3 days ago

@dr.editheger is 91 and still kicking 💃🏾 I recommend her book “The Choice: Embrace The Possible” to every human. She writes about surviving the Holocaust and how YOU can release yourself from the trauma of whatever is going on in your life. She stopped by my house with her family to discuss the book, have some tea, and show me her moves. Our @supersoul conversation airs this Sunday at 11a on @owntv.

4 days ago

O Canada! I’m excited to be coming back and making stops in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver for the “Your Path Made Clear” Tour. If you’re coming to the show, I want to hear where you are on your path. What is the dream you hold for yourself? Link in my bio for tickets. I’ll see you Sunday! We’ll be celebrating that Toronto @raptors win 🇨🇦 #PathMadeClear

6 days ago

If @stedmangraham thinks this piece of pie is too “big” wait until he sees what the Bordelons are up to on this season of #QueenSugar. He’s gonna be asking for more 🥧 See you tonight at 9p on @owntv , Sweeties!

1 week ago

I’ve spoken to @elizabeth_gilbert_writer many times before but this conversation is the best one we’ve ever had. Just profound! And on top of that she brought me the perfect gift for my library: The Household Book of Poetry. Our @supersoul conversation airs this Sunday at 11a on @owntv.

1 week ago

Starting #GlobalWellnessDay on the right foot! Morning hike with @gayleking and Sadie because no matter where you are on your wellness journey, kicking off your day with one small, healthy habit can go a long way. And if you need inspiration, @ww had a dance party with @dybrkr this morning with all the proceeds from the party going to WW Good. #WellnessThatWorks #OWandWW

2 weeks ago

Avocados anyone? @trevornoah ? Yes I always travel with at least 2 😂😂

2 weeks ago

And what about this scene? @niecynash1 you killed it with @msisisking. Still haunted by @whentheyseeus. If you haven’t seen yet...please do. And for everyone who says it’s “hard to watch,” think about the people who still find it “hard to live.” All those families impacted! So proud of my sister friend @ava !