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@oneofthejohns See full size profile   He/Him. Vietnamese American Ignatz-nominated cartoonist. I also teach comics in the illo dept at PNCA and serve on the board for Literary Arts.

1 month ago

I've been trying to be on social media less since I got back from Michigan, which has been nice, but also weird. I feel like a dancing monkey that always has to prove to the rest of the world I'm being productive. It's very exhausting. Anyhow, here's a cute drawing I did as proof I'm a dancing monkey. #readmorecomics #illustration #comics

2 months ago

Here's a illustration I did for the Inlander last month about the benefits of planting native plants. I hate drawing plants, but I was pretty happy with how this turned out! #illustration #nativeplants

3 months ago

My last two postcards.

3 months ago

Drawing postcards.

3 months ago

The Postscript Kickstarter is 63% funded with 4 1/2 days left! There are still so many wonderful rewards left including hand-embroidered patches, publishing grab bags, custom commissions, original pages, and much, much more! Help support new voices in comics and help us get this book funded! Link in bio! #comics #anthology #kickstarter #unversed #postscript

3 months ago

We added a slew of new reward tiers on the @unversedcomics Kickstarter to try to help us push through this mid-game slog. I want this Kickstarter funded so bad that I'm offering up THE Lizardman of Elberon page from Americus. This is probably my favorite page of comics that I've done and represents the highlight of my cartooning career. It comes framed and ready for display in any museum or bathroom. Link in my bio for more details. #comics #anthology #kickstarter #americus #lizardman

3 months ago

Kinda creepy when you draw it out.

4 months ago

I was drunk (as a present to everyone) so I was really chatty and didn't take a lot of pictures, but I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. Everyone that came out to @nucleusportland tonight was part of this community... Maybe not at the same time or the same place, but we got to get together under one roof tonight and it filled my heart with love. . . . Oh yeah. And thank you to everyone who contributed or spread the word to get the Kickstarter off to a great start!!!

4 months ago

Hey, everyone! We're launching the Kickstarter for our last book on Friday and to celebrate, we're having a Drink & Draw at Gallery Nucleus on Friday from 5:30-10:00! Get to meet the current Unversed crew, other contributing artists, and pick up some original art for $20 that we'll be drawing on the spot to help raise money for our funding goal!

4 months ago

I thought this was my ma holding me, but I saw the date on the back said 'August '78', so that means she's just holding some other Vietnamese baby. Happy Mother's Day anyway, Mom! ♥️♥️♥️