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Male RBF (Resting Bitch Face) In 1997, I learned I suffered from this dreadful disease when I first saw this photo from the set of Spawn with my director, Mark Dippe who I liked and never had a moment of adversity with, yet I look like I’m 2 seconds from ripping his freaking head off! By his expression, he’s clearly used to me looking like this which was a wake up call to me. I suddenly understood why I was never selected for pickup basketball games and why friends of friends always said; “Hey I saw your boy Mike Jai at a baby shower in Lithuania but I didn’t speak because he looked like he woulda F’d me up!” Please understand Male RBF is a disease that effects 8% of the population and just because there might be proof of possible danger with me (via head kicks etc.), it doesn’t mean that will be the outcome. It’s just the disease talking. I’m really a nice guy and please don’t tell me to “smile more?” Those who really know me also know that in this picture, I AM smiling!

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TBT: That time #Boyka & Black Dynamite went purse shopping in Bangkok.