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@officialkrissytaylor  I scrap book....I love Jane Goodall.... Ohio🏠

12 hours ago

Do I really need to say where this outfit is from? 😂 @fashionnova 💕

1 week ago

Island life for the past two days🌴

1 week ago

Made it out of the Amazon. It was a really great experience, surely not for everybody though. 😂 I was walking to dinner one night and accidentally dropped the key to my room. It went right between the cracks on the wooden path. So I used my flash light to check for any creepy crawlers in the grass, looked clear to me so I hopped down. I’m shining my flashlight under the pathway and spot the key..... about 5 inches from the key I see little eyes looking at me. It was a TARANTULA!!!!!! 🕷Obviously I got back up on the path pretty quickly 😂. I grabbed a stick and successfully fished the key away without bothering the spider luckily. So basically I’m like Indiana Jones you could say.... BUT anyways BTS from this shoot will be on my site soon!! Link in bio if you’d like to join. The full photo set is already on there as well! 💕

1 month ago

Bout to rob a train on red dead after I make this post 📸 @michaeldelpriore

1 month ago

Burn me down ‘til there’s nothing left 📸 @michaeldelpriore .....also thanks for 600k ❤️😭

1 month ago

Someone invited us to a BBQ right after this 😂 📸: @michaeldelpriore

1 month ago

Full clip on my site link in bio ❤️ @pedrorollejr 📷

1 month ago

Did a lot of shooting and exercises in between laps at the field 💪🏼 I’ve been switching it up everyday this week so I don’t get bored. DOWN 8 POUNDS from cutting out snacking, eating late, and having sweets... 🙌🏽 (just trying to tone up)

1 month ago

I was so relieved to be in the shade for this shoot @pedrorollejr 📸 😂 full photo set on my site 🔥 link in bio