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@officialkrissytaylor  I scrap book....I love Jane Goodall.... Ohio🏠@sweetsweat / @cutebootylounge discount code: KT10

3 days ago

🔹HOME WORKOUT: I haven’t really been working out the past couple months. I’ve been so unmotivated. BUT I’ve been forcing myself to workout everyday the past week because I’m ready to reform my habits😂...I’ve been preferring workouts at home so here are a few things I did today! 💦 Each work out I did 4/5 sets for 10-15 reps. The first one I did 10/10 of each movement so 20 reps all together for each set. I was dead by the time I finished that alone so I shortened it for the sake of getting to the point. (Plus I really almost fell over trying to do extra after finishing 4 sets). Also in the second vid I’m holding a pillow over my head to keep my arms straight for the lunges to isolate my legs more! 💲DISCOUNT 💲- KT10 for @sweetsweat 💦 💦

6 days ago

I wish people didn’t dehumanize each other so often. We all are here for whatever reason at this moment. How you choose to spend your time is all up to you. All I ever ask from anyone is to just simply let me be. 😛

2 weeks ago

She’s got lips that taste like......corn seasoning.

2 weeks ago

📸 Bts with @pedrorollejr right before getting in the hammock and totally wrecking myself 😂. Link in bio

2 weeks ago

Can’t wait to get back home and play around again, it’s been so long 😭⚽️ song: Small Worlds by Mac Miller

3 weeks ago

Maybe I’ll just miss my flight back tomorrow 🙃

3 weeks ago

Got my first tattoo yesterday. You think you can guess what it is ? 🙃Also happy birthday to the talented @michaeldelpriore_photography 📸

4 weeks ago

You don’t mess with the Juice. 📸 @pedrorollejr check out the rest of the pics from this shoot on my site! 🍑 vid coming soon as well. Link in bio

1 month ago

I want the truth but it’s dangerous

1 month ago

Miami tomorrow with @pedrorollejr all the behind the scenes and photo shoots/videos will be on my site!! 🔥 So excited 🔥 (link in bio)This was from my first shoot with @pedrorollejr 😭😂 the rest are also on my site!

1 month ago

Just might slip into the sea 🏊🏼‍♀️