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@oddlyyvie See full size profile   Denver’s Commodity of Drag Oddity Official oddball of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 ⬇️⬇️New video for “WEIRDO” out now⬇️⬇️

7 hours ago

She’s got her day beat on and she’s ready for day 1 of @rupaulsdragcon !!! Come say howdy-oooh to me and the #oddsquad at booth 1825 Werq The World Way!

1 week ago

“Yvolved Queen” 👁👁👁 My journey to the finals of @rupaulsdragrace has been an odd one. I don’t represent perfection...my missteps have been plentiful I don’t represent polish...I find beauty and authenticity in the rougher edges I don’t represent politeness or poise...I’d rather express what I’m feeling WHILE I feel it and then resolve it. But what I do represent is America’s Next Drag Superstar! I represent an eclectic culmination of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. I represent the grit of those who have to fight every day against their demons, their bodies, their peers, and the world at large. I represent that perseverance. I represent the undefined, the unafraid, and the unashamed. I’m here to remind people why we took back the word QUEER and why our biggest strength is our ability to truthfully live our unique lives in the face of adversity. And if if that’s not what #dragrace is about, then I don’t know what is. 👁👁👁 #teamyvie #queerart #oddbless

1 week ago

She’s 1...2...3 times a lady!!! 👁👁👁 The final photos in my runway series shot by @isthatjupiter ! 👁👁👁 👗 by @evelynevermoore with symbols of love and luck stoned by the whole #OddSquad Jewelry from one of my bigges t mentors in drag @mariah_spanic (Shoutout to @theelectradupri , Denver’s OG triple tit queen—for inspiring this train of triple thot thought) 👁👁👁 I’m so incredibly thankful for every person who shaped me along the journey of becoming who I am today. It’s one thing for little twinky me to believe that someday I’d be standing in the finals of @rupaulsdragrace but it is a blessing to have a strong knit community of family, friends, lovers, and strangers who believe it too. I love you all so much! 👁👁👁 P.s. EVERY single shoot we did in this series was in the FREEZING Colorado winter so thank you to everyone involved in this shoot for making hypothermia art 🥰 #ittakesavillagetoraiseaQUEEN @rupaulsdragrace @vh1 @worldofwonder #yvieoddly #teamyvie #dragrace #oddbless

1 week ago

Category is! Drag Family Values👖💙 ‪ Yvie Oddly - The Odd Tribe - Makeover Challenge. ‬ Art and design connect us all through an invisible thread. The Odd Tribe is a tapestry woven of odd creators.‬ ‪♥️📸♥️ @isthatjupiter @rupaulsdragrace @worldofwonder @vh1 #DragRace #OddSquad #OddFam #OddTribe #OddBless #TeamYvie ‬ It was an honor to have @scarletenvy my kindred spirit sister to be my partner for this challenge. We’ll have to do a separate photoshoot sometime♥️

2 weeks ago

“Mystical Monk” 📿 When preparing for the Caftan runway I fell in love with the delicately beautiful, understated, and natural way that they seemed to glide understated through their environments. So to highlight the essence of that beauty I wanted to pay homage to some of my favorite eastern concepts/ideals, specifically Wabi-Sabi. 🏵 Wabi-Sabi celebrates the acceptance of impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness as the purest form of expression. I knew I wanted semi-deconstruct and alternative material, so I found this yellow Italian crochet and asked one of my favorite deconstruction designers @tomvslopez to work his magic with it before stoning every “hole” to highlight its beauty. 📿 📿 📿 #yvieoddly #dragrace #art #queerart #wabisabi #monk #teamyvie #oddbless