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@ochifc  ATX 💛

2 hours ago

We didn’t even plan this matching! 🤪 (excuse Bon’s inside out ear. Haha) 4 years of loving this beautiful baby. 💛

3 weeks ago

Brb, moving into this sweater. #vsco

4 weeks ago

5k tingz 🦃 proud of all you little turkies (one of these days I’ll place first overall not just in women’s lol)

4 weeks ago

Properly proper

1 month ago

But this one gon’ last

2 months ago

Running in 80 degree muggy Texas weather makes me miss the 50-60 degree days in Seattle🗻 #vsco #vscocam

2 months ago

Good to get away from the day to day in Texas with A 💖 #vsco #vscocam

3 months ago


3 months ago

Only 500 a piece

6 months ago

Because sometimes you have to go 3x beyond your budget for the day and just TREAT YO SELF. I spoil myself just fine, je n’ai besoin d’auncun homme. 💆🏾‍♀️ #meday #vscocam #vsco #treatyoself

6 months ago

Deux poulets sur le ville 🐥🐥

6 months ago

MIS BBS, mis primisss💛 Y’all never fail me in the happiness department. • • #vsco #vscocam

6 months ago

I guess you could say I’m pretty badass. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ran my first 10k and I didn’t pace as good as I could have but I’m still proud I smashed this goal, countless HILLS AND ALL. I got 2nd place in female and 8th place overall with a time of 48:55. Next goal is to place in a half marathon! I’m not gonna lie, I was dying on the last two miles but this running obsession is for life. 💛 #badasstexas #badassbrazos #10k #vsco #vscocam

6 months ago

Surround yourself with people that make you smile so exuberantly that your cheekbones exhaust themselves by drink 2. 💛 #vsco #vscocam

6 months ago

As it breaks, the summer awaits. But the winter washed away what’s left of the taste...but the winter craved what’s lost.

8 months ago

Come over here and sit next to me, we could see where things go naturally 🤤 (me to my cotton candy fro-yo) #vscocam #vsco #afterlight