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2 weeks ago

When documenting the journey up #Everest with the Nikon #ZSeries , #NikonAmbassadors @CoryRichards and Keith @Ladzinski are drawing inspiration from the five Tibetan prayer flags strung among the peaks. Each color holds a unique meaning and is guiding Cory’s expedition as he forges a new path up the mountain. The first is the red flag, symbolizing fire and Cory’s arrival and anxiety about the trip: “The only tool I have to bring me back to the present is to focus on what’s directly in front of my eyes.” Click the link in our bio to get a look into the beginning of the #NikonEverest journey, and stay tuned to see how they are putting the Nikon Z series through the rigors of extreme use in the world’s harshest environments. #CaptureTomorrow #NikonZ

2 weeks ago

From #Nikon photographer @paulschmitphotography , shot with the #D810 : “And now for something a little different. I canceled an astro shoot this Saturday and went storm chasing instead with @enchanted_wx and @tim_baca_photography. We witnessed the most beautiful supercell storm structure I’ve ever seen in my life right along the NM-TX border. This shot was captured outside of Denver City, TX, as the storm was twisting and writhing into its most photogenic state of the day. We sat in a patch of wildflowers and gazed upon it as it dropped a deluge of golf balls on the landscape to our north. A scene I’ll never forget!” #LandscapePhotography #ExtremeWeather #WeatherPhotography #StormChasing #Cloudscapes

2 weeks ago

Gearing up for Mother's Day by sharing some of our best portrait tips: Sometimes you can express more feeling when you capture a moment like this mother-daughter photo shot by Melanie Acevedo with the D3500: What are your tips for creating great portraits? #FamilyPortrait #PortraitPhotography #PhotoTip #MothersDay

3 weeks ago

From #Nikon photographer @katsutanakaphoto with the #Z7 , AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED and Mount Adapter FTZ: “After Easter Island, we headed to the southern tip of Chile to visit a photographer’s dream destination, ‪Torres del Paine National Park‬ in Patagonia. The unusually calm weather and lack of wind during our sunrise shoot allowed us to capture an incredible reflection of the mountains. What an amazing way to begin this part of our program! . . . Image by Nikon Z 7 and AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G ED #NikonNoFilter #LandscapePhotography

3 weeks ago

Stars, meteors, the Milky Way - there's so much to capture when photographing the night sky! This May, we're challenging you to share your best #astrophotography with us using #NikonNoFilter. All month long, we'll be featuring some of your work on our page! Photo by @AWoodworthPhoto with the Z 6, Mount Adapter FTZ and the AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED.. Tap the link in bio to see the gear he used to take this shot. #NikonLove #Astro #NightSky