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So schöne Tage in Berlin mit @visitx_net und meiner Lieblings Patty verbracht. Aber jetzt geht's nach Hause 💕 #dankeberlin

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I have the best followers in the world. I get mails every day proving that even slutty little camgirls like me have a positive impact in people's lives other than an orgasm 😍 I don't have any socially accepted talents to become another YouTube star and the trans community avoids and never mentions women like me, so we always stay in the background. But you know what? Fuck them! I am proud of what I'm doing. And I'll always be a sexpositive person! #transandproud #sexpositive

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"Let them eat cake" Want some? #eatcake

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Mancher Augenblick ist nur einen Wimpernschlag lang. #wimpernschlag #wimpernspitze #lashes #lashlace #lace #zaful #lingerie

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March 31. International Transgender Day of Visibility So here's to the visible trans women. To the post & the pre. To the politicians. To the models. To the activists. To the actresses. To the sexworkers. To the regular job working. To the (great-/grand-) mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend. #stopthestigma #stopthehate #stopthekilling #blacktranslivesmatter #internationaltransgenderdayofvisibility

2 months ago

Fucking yes!!!! Society builds a lot of pressure on all of us due to ideological "beautystandards". Yet trans people face it the most. I've been constantly corrected after I came out. Corrected by people who should follow their own advice. They always used the same argument "well if you do 'this' you should do it right!" Excuse me? Being trans doesn't automatically commit me to be a perfect version of the opposite gender. I don't have to be the whole 💯 feminine package. I burp, fart, speak with a deep voice just like my mom, my sister and any other woman in my family. STOP overthinking the gender debate, see us like we want you to see us and for the most: fucking respect our fucking choice! #fuckthestandard #transisbeautiful #transandproud ♀♂⚧=human

3 months ago

+50lbs More to come 😏 #igotitfrommymomma

3 months ago

My legs are far longer than my patience for your jokes about my height. 😜 #longlegs #legsfordays #beautifullegs #legs #gazellelegs

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"Don't be like the rest of them darling." - Coco Chanel #sensual #portrait #bedtime #blonde #blueeyes