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1 week ago

Happy Mutt Mom Monday ~ 🐶 . . It’s been nearly 11 years with this sweet nugget. We think she was 2 when we brought her home from an @homewardboundrescue event, Oct. 18, 2008. . . I wasn’t ready to love again after losing Maggie that June. But my husband told me, “we’re dog people; Maggie would want us to pass on all that she taught us, all the love we have.” . . He was right. . . And now, as Nelli’s health succumbs to old age, arthritis and a neurological issue with her spine, I’m bracing myself. . . But at the same time, soaking in each and every moment we have. She has been nothing but pure joy....If I could grab back these past 11years, I would. Their time is so fleeting.... . . Hold them tight, Mutt Mamas❤️ . . #muttmom #muttmomma #mommas ❤️ #lablove #spring2019 #rollinthegrass #doglovergifts #doglife #lifeworthwaggingabout

1 month ago

It’s April. And Snow is falling. I refuse to give into the feeling of winter again. . . . For me, right now, right here it is about the pastels and bright colors of spring. The freshness of the gold vase brightened by the blooms of pinks and corals. The fragrance of fresh grass billowing from my candle as I daydream out the window and see Nelli rolling in the grass, belly up and wiggling with shear delight. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the brightness of a blue sky. . . . This snow is just an illusion that will only make Spring feel that much sweeter. . . . It’s April. It may be a veil of white snow. But all I see and smell is sweet green grass. . . . #springcolors #bloomsofcolor #springscents #smellofspring #candlescents #freshcutgrass #brightgreengrass #wiggle #sheardelight #rollingingrass #springdreamin #springworthwaggingabout

1 month ago

We haven’t posted in a long while and frankly, you’re to blame. . . Not that we’re complaining! We have just been up to our ears with orders since last October. But we are finally catching up and ready to enjoy Spring! . . It’s time to roll in the grass, find that perfect big stick, take a dive into a lake, and feel that warmth on our bellys...... . . As soon as the mailman moves these boxes outta the way....I’m springing into Spring! . . #spring2019 #giftcandles #candlelover #candlelover #dogcandles #catcandles #doglovergifts #dogloverhomedecor #catlovergifts #rollinthegrass #rollinthegrasstime #bigstick #wetdog #springworthwaggingabout

3 months ago

Perfect view on a snowy day... . . Thank you @sarahbethphotography for this beautiful moment you captured last summer. It means the world to me to have this memory of Nelli’s huge love & affection. . . And it’s memories such as this that carry us forward; that push us on in honor of those we love. . . It’s the memories of Maggie and these moments with Nelli that push me. They are both the reminder that inspire me to create candles for others grieving a loss or celebrating the joy their bond brings. Memories of Maggie does this for me.....and these moments with Nelli...keep going.... . . And keep candles burning...each and every (snowy) day....❄️❤️🐶 . . #snow &candlightwarmth #dogsupport #supportdogs #emotionalsupportdogs #purejoy #doglove #doglover 🐕 #candlelighters #giftcandles #candlelover #memorylove #momentsoflove #momentsworthwaggingabout.

3 months ago

Still feeling the Valentine Vibe❤️ . . This one steals my heart everyday....I couldn’t ask for a better biz partner and office mate. There’s something so calming about her presence ~ dogs do that....just having her next to my desk each day; her snoring and how her dreams come to life with paws running and tail wagging. The way she adores her hippo toy and the softness of her blankets. There’s a warmth about her that makes me just want to curl up in her bed with her. . . She makes everyday Valentines Day ❤️ . . #dogloves #dogsnugglesallday #alwaysvalentinesday #sweetdreams #dogdreams #dreamsworthwaggingabout

3 months ago

This is Home. This is Love ❤️ . . After a week of travel, where I missed this one sooooo much, all I wanted was a night to hold her. And it seems I was not alone in this “want”....we both needed it, in fact. . . Nelli hasn’t been feeling the best lately; so leaving her was hard ~ but Tom, who couldn’t love her more, was home with her. . . I don’t profess to know much about Love. I know it comes is all forms; and our deepest Loves can hurt, but they also comfort. Leaving this nugget always hurts...such a heartbreaker; especially when she struggling. . . So on Tuesday night, my husband, who seems to know what I Love and what I needed most, had the couch ready, dinner ordered from our favorite Italian joint and a glass of wine all waiting. But it was the wag, kisses and nuzzling into my lap that made my homecoming. Yes...Home is where your Dog is. . . And This is Home. This is Love ❤️. . . Happy Valentines Day to you & your best snuggler. 🐶 🐱 . . #dogloverforever #deepestlove #lovedeeply #dogsarehome #dogsmakethehome #loveher ❤️ #thisislove #thisishome #loveworthwaggingabout

4 months ago

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting @bryanpiatt of @kare11 in our studio for a little “candle chat”. . . We had a great time - and even greater conversation about dogs, life, business and how it all comes to mean so much to all of us. And our dogs tend to rise to number 1 on the list of what brings us some of our greatest joys ~ and hurts so incredibly when we must say goodbye. . . Which is why I started NelliDesigns. I understand the deep bond and consequently the deep grief that follows. As Bryan and I talked, it’s really more than the candle ~ we’re offering a space and a ritual for grief. A way to express it and comfort it. . . The common comment I receive back from anyone who receives a candle is that it’s not the candle, but how it made them feel. I hear that, and I know I’m doing the right thing. . . you get chance, check out the segment.....we’ll be here pouring..... . . And if you ever get the chance to chat it up with Bryan, jump at it! He’s so great and easy to talk with ~ just wish his Cooper could have joined us 🐶 . . KARE 11 Wednesday Women Crushing It . . #petmemorials #petmemorialgifts #petlosssupport #memorialsupport #griefsupport #hereforyou

4 months ago

“If you have to be the biggest deal out there, no one will come.” - - John Mellencamp . . Welcome to my small little indoor garden. . . Some of my favorite days are here....”tending to my garden”; so to speak. I’ve been working on growing this biz for a long time. And after a hiatus of sorts 4 years ago (thank you f-cancer), I learned the importance of being truly authentic to myself and my brand. (As an ex-marketing exec, you would think I know this...but it’s truly harder, and that’s for another day....) . . John Mellencamp repeated this advice he was given in a recent interview, and I love this!! We don’t give this concept much thought. We all are out to grow our gardens into farms. When maybe that’s not what is best for our brand. . . After an attempt to grow - too fast - I pulled back. I took a step back and looked in the mirror; looked at my customers’ notes to me - the “why” behind choosing us for their pet memorial gift. This pause in action has been the best thing I ever did. I feel more true to myself. My personal mission to be of service on a truly personal level. As a result, I feel a stronger connection to NelliDesigns and our mission to provide space and ritual around the passing of our pets. . . I was asked recently about my businesses growth. And I thought about this quote from Mellencamp and my reply was that my growth in sales is one thing, but my brand’s growth with our customers is a much greater accomplishment. . . So, thank you @johnmellencamp rock on, paint on....

4 months ago

I’m a day late on this.....which is sooo me. But, on Monday, I had the honor of being featured on @kare11 (big thank you to @bryanpiatt ). . . I was asked what advice I would give to someone starting a new day. And this was the first thought I had. . . A friend had given me a T-shirt four years ago as I recovered from surgery to remove a tumor from inside my spinal cord. I literally relearned how to walk, dress, to live again. I had to learn how to move forward again. At my own pace. . . Yes. Forward is a Pace. . . While these words helped to move me forward in the years that followed during my recovery - which is in continuous motion - it came to mean much more as I started to look at new how to get back to work on NelliDesigns again. . . Why am I posting this? A post that is not about dogs or candles....Because Forward is a Pace for you, too. No matter what goal you have - business, personal - take it day by day; at your own pace, do something everyday to get yourself closer to that goal. . . It took 3years, but I’m back pouring in my studio again. Because I moved forward at my own pace. . . #forwardisapace #yourgoal #doittoday #movelifeforward #movingonwithlife #yourlifeyourgoalsyourway #livealifeworthwaggingabout

4 months ago

Wag on.....our 2019 motto. . . We are back in the studio after a much needed break in the action. We needed to fall back (onto our couch) and reflect on the outstandingly supportive customers, vendors, fellow entrepreneurs, friends and it goes without saying ~ my husband and family. 2018 was a year we took a step back a bit to re-examine ourselves, our mission and what we really want to put out there ~ we asked the question: what is that you really need from us? . . You need to feel less alone - know you’re feelings, your grief is understood in your darkest hour as a pet owner. You need to feel warmth you once felt ~ you need to know how to Wag On without the one who taught you. We understand the feelings of loss, of feeling a large hole in your everyday schedule. The grief is more overwhelming than one can comprehend. . . So we’re here for you. . . We’re back to our roots; back to bring you tools to help you - help you Wag On once again. . . #griefshare #griefsupport #griefandloss #petlosssupport #petlosshurts #petlossgrief #petlossgifts #memorialsupport #petmemorials #petmemorialgifts #WagOn #

4 months ago

And that’s a wrap! . . 2018 was a year of shifting our focus; of looking at what we’re really about and how to communicate that focus better. . . We are still about living a life worth wagging about. Life should always be celebrated and honored - no matter if you’re a cat or dog. And with so many rescue centers filled with pooches and Kit Kat’s looking for love, we will be looking at new ways to raise even more dollars to benefit as many as we can. This means pairing down our gift candle collection, and adding new products that will both celebrate and honor your best friend. . . And we’re excited about 2019 and the plans we can’t wait to share! Because, whether it’s a candle in your home, or a leather keyfob to take with you ~ we want to be sure to give you ways to live a life worth wagging about. . . #houndholidays #poochonsofinstagram #2019goals #newyears2019 #newyearnewplansnewgoals #ayearworthwaggingabout

5 months ago

SOLD OUT! AGAIN!!! . . When you see something you love, you just have to have it. And you LOVE this candle! . . And we couldn’t be more floored by your response to this simple candle with such a simply true statement. So we are doing all that we can to get this back in stock for you. . . Please hang in there with us! We promise to deliver as soon as we can for your gift giving season. . . THANK YOU!! Couldn’t LOVE you all more! . . #doglovergiftideas #poochpassionate #poochlove ❤️ #poochloverforlife #poochpal #houndholiday #holidayhound #houndhome #homelife #lifeoflove #lifeworthwaggingabout

6 months ago

(Cyber Mutt Monday ~ deals online!) . We can’t always take them with us...which is just wrong, right?!? I mean, I miss Nelli EVERY time I have to leave her behind (and those brown eyes watching from the window...😢.) . . So we worked with the leather geniuses @leatherworksmn to create these custom leather key fobs. Made of genuine chocolate brown and red leather with your pet’s name stamped into the leather. . . The genuine leather feels sooooo good in your hand! And better yet -get softer like the fur on your best friend the longer you have them. . . So this holiday, gift yourself a custom red one, and pick up a chocolate brown version for that pet lover on your list. And feel their love wherever you go. . CyberMuttMonday25 ~ Shop out our deals online and save 25%..... . . #poochpal #giftcustom #customgiftforher #customgiftforyou #customgiftforme #giftsforhimandher #leathergiftsformen #redleathergift #brownleather #redleather #softleather #giftofmemories #poochpal #poochpalgifts #fortheloveofdogs #lifeoflove #lifeworthwaggingabout

6 months ago

It’s that time of the year.... . Time with loved ones who travel near & far to be with us all. . Time to share the warmth of our homes over homemade meals, sweet cookies and tasty eggnog. . Time to curl up with our best friends in front of the fire....of our favorite candle. . And Time to SAVE 20% during Black Lab Friday weekend ~ use code: BLACKLABFRIDAY20 now through Shop Small Saturday....Happy Hound Holidays!!. . . #homelife #houndhome #homeiswhereyourdogis #blacklabfriday #shopsmallsaturday #shopsmalllove #supportsmall #supportlocalbusinesses #loveyourhomeshow #lifeoflove #lifeworthwaggingabout