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@minyala.caldin See full size profile   Call me Miny. Model& Actress For bookings, test shoot or a TFP project ➡ DM/ contact@minyala.com 📩 #London based #Model #Photomodel #Shooting #Art

6 days ago

🔸 I'm tired of holding on . 🔸📸 @damien.dtlr

1 week ago

🔸This is how you remind me who I really am . 🔸📸 @aznarjeanmarc

4 weeks ago

🔸What does your reflection show you? What do you want to see? . 🔸📸 @drewbuckler 💕

1 month ago

🔸Lost . 🔸📸 @vin.gm

1 month ago

🔸T'as froid et faim? Mange un pull. . Vous me donnez vos avis ? 1,2 or 3? . . 🔸📸 @kungushots

1 month ago

🔸"Why won't you look at me I'm tryin' to make you see So turning back on this road to ruin" -Bet on You #themanwho . 🔸📸 @som_picture

1 month ago

🔸Flaws and scars . . 🔸📸 @jeypix_photography . . J'ai rien publié depuis un moment, moins présente, moins attachée au virtuel aussi. Ça me ferait plaisir d'apprendre qui vous êtes, découvrir votre travail, ce qui vous amène sur Instagram, j'ai envie de me rapprocher un peu de vous et apprendre a vous connaître. Laissez un commentaire pour que je vienne voir votre profil et donnez moi quelques infos sur vous! Vous faîtes quoi dans la vie? Vous touchez a l'art? Lequel?

1 month ago

🔸Acting like I'm heartless, I do it all the time That don't mean I'm scarless, that don't mean I'm fine But you'll see, when someone else makes you this way #Darkside . . 🔸📸 Film photography by @vin.gm . Which one do you prefer?! 1 or 2? Let me know it the comments 🤗

2 months ago

🔸"Waiting for hope babe, there's no more light in my sky See the pills in my hand, I'm running through your lies You've got nothing to say, 'til I'm crossing the line But you can't kill my name, demon's coming tonight" - Jabberwocky #photomaton . . 🔸📸 The creative @kungushots

2 months ago

🔸 My biggest failure isn't any of my mistakes, but it would be to give up on my dreams. . 🔸📸 Do you still need me to introduce him? @vin.gm master of b&w

2 months ago

🔸I knew I became an adult when I stopped to believe in fairytales and had to start believing in me. . . 🔸📸 The incredibly talented @robbiebannerman . I hope you like this one!