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1 week ago

A collage from the Gratitude series. Collages made for friends and dear people. I love the feeling of letting go something that I made and I like. At the beginning I think “not THIS one, give them an older one”, but then I feel great of giving them away. Silly stuff, I know 😜 #collage #maxomatic_art #contemporarycollage #maxomatic #paper

1 week ago

At Copa Domestika we got to talk with some of the people there (with wine softening the speech) about one of my historic and quite secret interests: ‘pataphysics. After that I realized that I hadn’t shared my latest ‘pataphysic related project: the italian chapter of the pataphysical college commissioned me a portrait of the main name related with this science: french author Alfred Jarry. As Jarry died in very early 20th century (1907), there are just a few images of how he looked. So, in a very pataphysical mood I made him an imaginary portrait. So much to talk about this, but instagram is certainly not the place to do it. We need some beers (or wine or...) and the will to have a good laugh. In the meantime, ask google :) . #copadmstk #pataphysics #alfredjarry #portrait #illustration #collage #maxomatic_illustration #literature

2 weeks ago

Preparing my conference for Copa Domestika I found this footage of the first day that I cut these weird shapes that turned into my temporary obsession. It was xmas. We were in a beautiful house in the mountains with dear friends. It was at night. I’m glad Luis had his camera in that moment to capture a simple but meaningful moment. #copadmstk #maxomatic_art #maxomatic #collage #contemporarycollage #cut #cutter #paper

2 weeks ago

Recién llegado de unos días increíbles en Costa Rica participando de la Copa Domestika. No hay espacio suficiente en un post de Instagram para decir lo buena que fue la experiencia. Millones de gracias a Alfredo Enciso ( @alfredoenciso ) y Domestika ( @domestika ) por invitarme, al resto de speakers/players por el super buen rollo y a toda la gente que vino por el afecto. Pura vida y hasta pronto! #costarica #copadmstk #maxomatic #puravida