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1 day ago

(🦋 more Alis’s lore bellow) ~ This weekend was filled with nature, mystery and peace! 🌿 We stayed in Sintra, visited a few gardens, an old palace and a few creepy places! I also got some time to draw this new piece using the new artist’s glove ! I loved it because it’s very soft, comfortable and prevents those annoying fingerprints in the screen! Anyone interested in buying the glove from them, can have a 10% discount by using the coupon “madiearts” on amazon! I totally recommend it 👌🏻 . . Related to the piece here is a bit more Alis’s lore 🦋 ~ Alis and Kori share a unique bond together! More than friends they became family. Alis found in Kori a loyal spirit that has always been there for her, and Kori found in Alis a kindred soul that loves him unconditionally! ~ In his long life of more than 1000 years, Kori has always been a deep woods creature that distrusted humans back in his world. However the single heroic act by a gentle boy that helped him escape the hunters and then teleported him to Alis’s world, softned his heart! Soon after, he met Alis, the beautiful wood elf that could hear his thoughts, and nurtured him back to health while filling his heart with ease, trust and love! ~ Kori will forever be grateful to these two kind souls, but in Alis he found the family he never knew he could have! Kori and Alis are inseparable 💖 . . #digitalart   #procreate   #procreateapp   #myart   #madiearts   #madie20k #artistsoninstagram   #illustragram   #digitalartists   #illustrationoftheday   #originalcharacter   #oc ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

4 days ago

✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ ~ So @stickerapp  sent me these beautiful stickers and I'm obsessed! They turned out great and the quality is amazing! Now to show my gratitude to all of you, I want to give to three of my followers a pack of 4 stickers 💖 ~ THE PACK INCLUDES: 🌿 1 holographic sticker of Alis 🌿 1 holographic sticker of Kori 🌿 1 matte sticker of Alis and Myra 🌿 1 clear sticker of a butterfly ~ 🦋 I will also send to the winners 1 MINI PRINT of Alis and Kori illustration I posted last Sunday! 🦋 ~ To enter you must: ✨ Follow my account ✨ Like this picture ✨ Comment and Tag someone ~ 🌈 And it's worldwide 🌈 Giveaway ends on July 30th. The winners will be announced the day after and will be picked randomly! ~ Good luck 🍀 . . @stickerappinspo ~ #giveaway #stickers   #digitalart   #procreate   #procreateapp   #myart   #madiearts   #madie20k #artistsoninstagram   #illustragram   #digitalartists   #illustrationoftheday   #originalcharacter   #oc

1 week ago

🌿 swipe for full image 🌿 ~ Like many of you have guessed I’ve been working on a new friend for Alis 🦊 His name is KORI, a magical fox from another world! ~ He was running away from some hunters back in his world and was rescued by someone on the other side that is still to be revealed. ~ While escaping he jumped into Alis’s world, but he was hurt and cried for help. Alis heard his cries from a distance while exploring the forest and ran to help! ~ Kori can talk like a human but only directly to people’s minds, so it came as a big surprise to Alis when she heard the beautiful fox voice in her head, since animals cannot talk in Alis world. It all came as a shock… Not only that Kori could speak, but that he also came from another world. ~ All this happen when Alis was just a young girl, and they became inseparable since then! ~ This piece is a few years after they met, with Alis and Kori resting a bit from magical training! 🦋 ~ Tell me in the comments below what you think of this duo! Hope you like it 💖 . . #digitalart   #procreate   #procreateapp   #myart   #madiearts #madie20k #artistsoninstagram   #illustragram   #digitalartists   #illustrationoftheday   #originalcharacter   #oc ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

2 weeks ago

✨ swipe for close-up + time-lapse ✨ ~ Hey everyone 💖 I found some time between commissions to do this #DTIYS by  @judyblu27 Hope you like it! ~ I'm still feeling a bit rusty after my vacations but I'm working on it! ✌🏻Also my Giveaway is almost ready, stay tuned for it! . . #procreate   #procreateapp   #draweveryday   #artistsoninstagram   #illustragram   #digitalartists   #onyxkawai   #characterdesign   #hisophiescribble   #madiearts #judyblu9k ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

3 weeks ago

🎀 swipe for close-up + time-lapse 🎀 ~ After one week without drawing I feel really rusty! But I'm back now 🥰 ~ One of the first things we did after Disneyland was to go watch the new Toy Story movie and I LOVED IT! So here is the awesome Bo Peep (and the adorable Officer Giggle McDimples) ~ Also thank you so much again for all your birthday wishes! It might take a while but I'm replying to your messages 💖 . . #toystory #toystory4 #bopeep #bopeepfanart #pixar   #disney   #disneyprincess   #disneyfanart   #fanart   #procreate   #procreateapp   #draweveryday   #artistsoninstagram   #illustragram   #onyxkawai   #madiearts ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

4 weeks ago

Hey everyone! Today is my birthday 🎉✨💗 I’m having so much fun on Disneyland Paris! Spending a birthday here is a dream come true for me 😍 This place is so magical, it’s great to just immerse myself on all the fantasy, beauty and creativity. I’m loving everything about it! ~ Here is a little piece I made with photos from last year in Orlando to celebrate this very special day 💗 ~ Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes 😍 I love you! ~ Eyeglasses: @tijneyewear / @tijnhomelife . . #digitalart #procreate #procreateapp   #myart #artistsoninstagram #illustragram #digitalartists #madiearts #tijneyewear #disney #disneyland #disneyprincess #disneylife #disneyart ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

1 month ago

🍁 swipe for close-up + time lapse 🍁 ~ Took a break to draw EXA, @limustrator oc! I hope you like her Lime ✨ ~ I’ve been really busy trying to finish some stuff for my giveaway before I go to Disneyland next Saturday! Can’t wait to show you 💗 . #drawthisinyourstyle #dtiys #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #oc #digitalart #procreate #procreateapp   #myart #artistsoninstagram #illustragram #digitalartists #madiearts #lime20k ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )

1 month ago

💗 swipe for close-up + time-lapse💗 ~ Mermay is over but I had to do this last one! This beautiful mermaid belongs to @odnatamyara 🧜🏻‍♀️ ~ Tell me if you like her in the comments below ✨ ~ #drawthisinyourstyle #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #digitalart #procreate #procreateapp   #myart #artistsoninstagram #illustragram #digitalartists #illustrationoftheday #madiearts #odnatamyara50k #mermayodnatamyara ( Do not trace my art / Do not repost it without credit/tag )